Jai has brought up similar topics before, though on a slightly different scale.

As far as I'm concerned and/or aware this is the largest grouping of what is likely to be the strongest manifestors there are to be found with very few exceptions (but something tells me they're already on board, along with countless others of varying degrees of influence).

In my opinion it is possible to create a world where any government & economic scenario functions effectively, due to proper implementation. In my world I know this to be true for a very simple reason, I already know ways for it to be built assuming one has appropriate direction. All that must be universal is a certain few unalienable rights: Life & liberty (at minimum to the extent of being allowed to leave to a more desired location). Happiness is a choice and a part of life, and assuming we were allowed liberty (at least to get away from a regime where our freedoms are restricted) then everyone could coexist and live how and where they want in the way suiting them most.

To me this seems like a relatively simple concept even without the use of the LoA, but since we happen to have it: Why haven't we created this yet?

Now, I'm going to bypass the obvious response of "everyone is responsible for their own destiny and we should let people go where they're going." How? Because, you believe that, not me, and since you believe that you can enjoy sitting there and letting me go where feels right for me, which is helping build a new and brighter future on this planet Earth, which I actually believe to be Eden. If you believe that then you're not involved in this process, you're a neutral observer who has no desire to have any impact on the goings-on around you, and so this entire scenario will be meaningless to you.

The favorite thing I've heard @Nikulas say was to this effect, though I'm gunna paraphrase dramatically and also reframe it to something a little more 'edgey': if you have power and don't use it, what good are you?

So to those of you who are still with me here.. Why hasn't this been created yet? And as an addendum, why is all we're doing sitting around and using the LoA to attract entertainment, skills, lovers, lump sums of money, all for ourselves?

asked 13 Apr '13, 06:13

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As you are well aware Snow,there are so many on this Planet doing some wonderful work.I have been privileged to work with "Children Of The Sun" for over two years now. https://www.childrenofthesun.org/index.php Just thought I would share.Love and Light.

(13 Apr '13, 08:41) Roy

I am aware and these people have my whole hearted support and blessings. I know and love that there are good people out there trying to make the world a better place. I am confused at the fact a group of people I respect greatly and believe have great potential often discourage others from trying to help anyone but themselves. I'm all fine with encouraging people to do what feels right for them, and THIS feels true to me. But discouraging it because they don't want to? This concerns me greatly..

(13 Apr '13, 08:47) Snow

Save the world from what? Achieve what?

You want to create a world where government functions perfectly. Such world has no government. A world where you have liberty. Such world has no rules to define what liberty is.

You won't create heaven using hell's fire.

(13 Apr '13, 08:52) CalonLan

Your last sentence reminds me of someone claiming one cannot create order from entropy. Not a belief that resonates with me.. at all.

And you are describing YOUR perfect world with YOUR perfect lack of government. I can create a world that is without your parameters with much more than what you describe.

It seems to me that one of us is locked in the idea there is only one correct solution or way to approach life and existence. The question is, which? (Oh, and I'm looking for Eden not Heaven)

(13 Apr '13, 08:58) Snow

By helping others you are truly helping your Self first :)

(13 Apr '13, 09:22) Roy

I concur, though I find for me it is valuable to go through phases of focus on one's self and one's not-self. But either way just having the intention of being a positive influence and leaving everywhere one travels slightly brighter than it was when they found it feels like it is useful to everyone.

Every square is a rectangle. Is every rectangle a square?

(13 Apr '13, 09:25) Snow

Its All One,so yes.

(13 Apr '13, 09:33) Roy

I don't know about right or wrong way... I know there's only one way.

(13 Apr '13, 14:05) CalonLan

@CalonLan: Well I'm glad you can admit your belief. =) You know there is only one way, and I know there are more ways than the count of beings who ever have or ever will live.

@Roy: When we cook a dinner is it equal to the sum of its parts, as well as equal to every individual ingredient that went into each course of the meal, as well as every combination of ingredients therein even if they weren't put together that way?

If this held truth in medicine we'd have some dangerous cocktails.

(13 Apr '13, 15:27) Snow

@CalonLan- Life in Cal's World: Cal owns a shiny new car. One day, a person comes up to Cal, and says, "I like your car. Give it to me." Cal says no, and then the guy pulls out an Ouzi. Cal hands cleverly hands the keys over, and the man drives off. Now Cal has a payment booklet and no car. There are no police, no FBI, no anyone to look for Cal's car. Poor Cal....Are you saying, @Cal, that you truly want no rules??? Hmmm...

(13 Apr '13, 16:11) Jaianniah

@CalonLan: Oh I forgot: how can you say "I don't know about or wrong".. Then follow up with saying there's only one way? Claiming there is only one option is by unmistakable inference implying that all other options are NOT the one 'only option'. One answer, many 'not-answers', you don't have to label it right or wrong but if it looks like a rose and it smells like a rose are you honestly going to convince yourself that it's a cloud or a shovel?

(13 Apr '13, 16:18) Snow

snow, it is not time yet, we give a toxic amount of power and control to our brain instead of knowing our mind. it appears it will take more time to reach the equivalent of the 100th monkey

(14 Apr '13, 11:04) fred


(14 Apr '13, 13:45) Jaianniah

Why havent we saved the world? It does not need saving.

(14 Apr '13, 17:41) Roy

Jai haha Your scenario makes no sense. Who is going to make Cal make payments on his car?

(14 Apr '13, 18:15) ele

To completely avoid the topic, Yes, Every rectangle IS a Square, but every square is not a rectangle... :) ;)

(14 Apr '13, 18:23) Dragonflybreeze

@Snow, I thought we were talking about life. Not our perceptions of it. Many paths, one way.

And you just proved my point with the example of rose.A rose is a rose,it's not a white daisy.Although you may convince yourself it's something else than a rose, it still be the rose.

Same goes for the saying so popular around here-"if that works for you ok, but it doesn't work for me".Things work in a certain way, one way.If it doesn't work for anyone,the problem they're having is them not the way.

(15 Apr '13, 03:25) CalonLan

@Jai, that'd be alright. I'd prolly rob a bank later that day or steal myself another car.

(15 Apr '13, 03:32) CalonLan

@Dragonfly: Oh! haha. I said those backwards.. whoops. ;) Same point.

@Calon: I believe there is only one way too, which is the one way meant for that individual, unique to them, chosen and made by them for them.. If this is your point then I must have misunderstood you. If this isn't your point, what is the one way you believe to be the only way?

(15 Apr '13, 03:36) Snow

@snow, the way is the essence of any path. Not something mind would quite find ways to describe, for then it'd be just the path.

(15 Apr '13, 03:51) CalonLan

Something weird is going on here, and I haven't been able to put my finger on it. Either:

  1. You all live on a completely different version of Earth than I do, devoid of the same physical experiences.

  2. You are all dreaming and/or out of your minds

  3. I am dreaming and/or out of my mind

  4. You have some kind of apathy that is dauntingly impressive, and that's coming from one of the most apathetic people I've ever encountered.. An 'accomplishment' of some kind if I've ever seen one..

  5. ?

(15 Apr '13, 04:47) Snow

Hey Snow - I apologize - I did NOT understand your question. Your 1st email was not clear. Now that I do, the answer is yes.

(15 Apr '13, 05:12) ele

@snow, 4 - apathy is just a state of mind, and as such is equal to any other state of mind, which - 2 & 3 - makes us all well, in our minds. The misunderstanding then is when one state of mind meets another. That's why I said there is no validity to "it works for you, but not for me" excuse people are using. For all states of mind work equally well.

And you could understand any state of mind if you wanted. But it means not being afraid to let go of the one you have right now.

(15 Apr '13, 05:28) CalonLan
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A Quote from Abraham - Hicks

Our Varied Behavior Adds to the Planet's Well-Being... When you remember that nothing can come into your experience without your Vibrational invitation of it, then you do the simple work of paying attention to your own Vibrational offering, and you save yourself the enormous and impossible task of controlling the behavior of others. When you remember that the varied behavior of others adds to the balance and the Well-Being of your planet even if they offer behavior that you do not approve of; and that you do not have to participate in the unwanted behavior, and will not - unless you give your attention to it - you become more willing to allow others to live as they choose.

--- Abraham

And J.Krishnamurti

The world accepts and follows the traditional approach. The primary cause of disorder in ourselves is the seeking of reality promised by another; we mechanically follow somebody who will assure us a comfortable spiritual life. It is a most extraordinary thing that although most of us are opposed to political tyranny and dictatorship, we inwardly accept the authority, the tyranny, of another to twist our minds and our way of life. So fl we completely reject, not intellectually but actually, all so-called spiritual authority, all ceremonies, rituals and dogmas, it means that we stand alone and are already in conflict with society; we cease to be respectable human beings. A respectable human being cannot possibly come near to that infinite, immeasurable, reality. - Freedom from the Known,11


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wikified 13 Apr '13, 06:53

The world is just a outer reflection of the collective consciousness. So in a way everything is happening exactly as it should be. Looking at the world by thinking it should be "saved" in other words "wrong" only helps to hold that vibration in place.

Peace, joy and love are vibrations that you feel. No one else can feel for you. Its best for people to work on themselves and lead by example. This will have the greatest impact and also help people hold a better vibration of the world as they would like to see it.


answered 13 Apr '13, 08:12

Satori's gravatar image



In a way you're welcome to sit back and let everything happen exactly as it should be. But as I said, what feels true and right for me is very clear, and that is helping to heal myself and others.

And you are the one who used the other words 'wrong', and you're the one who thinks that saving someone is somehow wrong. To me that is right, so very very right. I strongly advise you consider an alternative viewpoint if you ever seek occupation as a lifeguard, EMT, nurse, etc.. ;)

(13 Apr '13, 08:21) Snow

I can't imagine any of these nor any firefighter, officer, counselor, teacher, or a slew of other occupations would appreciate you telling them that what they're doing as their life's calling is 'wrong'. ^_^y

While I do get that it is not for you, and that is perfectly GOOD and FINE because we need not all walk the same path in life. There's nothing wrong with being an observer. Or a follower. Or experience-er of 'as it should be', or what have you. It just isn't right for me.

(13 Apr '13, 08:23) Snow

I was just thinking about how if we see the world as friendly, per Einstein's question, then we wouldn't feel the need to fix, save or change it.

(13 Apr '13, 08:23) Fairy Princess

Is not our purpose here to change the world? Maybe not for 'better' or for 'worse', even simply just to make our mark. Do you see the same world I do? Perhaps not, and perhaps it is simply I who needs to heal. If you do occupy the same reality and same planet and same world I do, then this event happened in your world too: I saw a crowd of people tonight gawking at the scene where a jumper hopped off of a casino parking garage. If this feels like a world you have no desire to fix, save, change~.

(13 Apr '13, 08:28) Snow

~ or influence, then that's absolutely fine: Don't! You don't have to! That's the beauty of it.

Like I said, I'm perfectly content with the roles anyone chooses here. Simply expressing that I'm very positive about the intent behind my own, and it doesn't need to be the same as yours or anyone else's. =)

I personally DO feel unwell when anyone is driven to suicide, mass murder, or any acts like that. Why? Even when I do not fear death for myself? My why is the reason I feel I know my direction.

(13 Apr '13, 08:30) Snow

In my answer im speaking in vibrational terms only. Being a service to others is something I believe in strongly as its in our very nature to be. We are all One. I hope you find an answer that conforms to your beliefs. Thanks

(13 Apr '13, 08:38) Satori

Then I'm afraid I'm confused and don't understand the relevance to my question.

I was speaking about the physical world, not another. When I shut out everyone around I am strongly comfortable with myself, feel happiness, and love. I wasn't asking about my internal world because I can already find happiness and contentment with or without life- by myself, or out with nature. Nature is great, I love it and it loves me.

Am I making any sense here? I wonder if I'm not articulating myself clearly.

(13 Apr '13, 08:55) Snow

Yes, "lead by example" is the "change" !

(14 Apr '13, 18:17) ele

Be the change you want to see in the world. Lead by example. You can't really save any one else. Salvation does not come from God or anyone else - it's within.

(15 Apr '13, 05:13) ele

satori , what the hell are you saying ,,the world is just a outer reflection of the collective consciousness!!! GENESIS 1:1 IN THE BEGINING GOD CREATED THE HEAVENS AND THE EARTH. There is your "outer reflection of the collective consciousness," your welcome .

(15 Apr '13, 21:01) Popi Bearcat Gibson
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i believe we haven't saved the world yet because Earth is a place of migrating souls from different kinds of consciousness or soul levels. What if all humans were once incarnated as predator / prey animals? And before that we were insects constantly in those cycles? Even before that aggressive bacteria?

I think our souls evolve like that of the human species its self. We may experience different forms of incarnation bodies, and those bodies can be evolving with us for a time being.. We could be a carnivorous animal one life time and a low IQ human next.. eventually a more evolved human in some cycles. then up and into Light as higher beings teach us to evolve our personal souls again gaining Light bodies and leaving the human mammal form (respectfully) behind. I personally have experienced higher being with both life saving gifts as well as instructions on how to evolve and improve up. With this being my thoughts I do now see material Earth as a giant school of many, many species getting learnings of all kinds, these learnings once well understood are never repeated in the same way we never stick our hands into light sockets after having tried it as kids (things like that).

I believe non physical energy forms(light beings) are associated to the Earth like homeopathic and flower essence supplements are associated to material items... in micro doses so small common people think it surly can't have any effect. These Light Being may be a next form of incarnation for some of us sooner than others, but perhaps all beings go this way once their souls are up to the refined tasks of these higher incarnations and our responsibilities. Therefore life is soul school and Earth a type of messy kindergartner class for our human family shows great ignorance of compassion to our own selves let alone others. I'm not disrespecting us, I'm pointing out our games of pain n learning.. are willingness to live great things true.. the complexity of human form and the myriad of learnings we must grow n go through in order to ascend our problems of old for new challenges of 'pleasures many tomorrows'..

When you're sick n tired of being sick n tired you'll either die or get extremely better! We've all lived this. We all know it is true on some level, but as a species us in human form barely know how to play the manifestation game and therefore hold onto "being ignorant" like a kid holding on to being "sick" as to avoid a bully, school or some task never realizing this obstacle will make him a superior soul or at least a more skilled and versatile young person. I think the humanity is currently playing hooky from its bigger opportunities of soulful evolution and needs a break through in both higher self interest(true work, true freedom, true pride or Dharma / Devine Vocation) and more rewarding compassion giving. Not self sacrifice but whole love n courage.

Recapping, earth is the half way house of lower souls tumultuously gaining favor into becoming higher souls and this is large reason as to why we humans(temporary form) are making a muck of things all the while our personal souls dance through and into higher plans of existence... Would a tiger incarnating into a human not be well suited to become a urban gangster? And would this not teach one to be more peaceful next life time as to become more materially or emotively stable? Would this not then lead one to want more true happiness rather than material mundane and emotionally mundane conformity? The cycle can only get more clear over generations of lifetimes and the prizes more special, yet always evolving.


answered 14 Apr '13, 07:12

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This is a question I myself struggled with as I had a deep desire to "save" the world. Until I realized that, what am I trying to save the world from? The answer is: from itself! So the focus shifted to saving myself from the world, which is what the "law", and only the law, can provide. The world can't be saved, in the sense that you mean, because the world doesn't want to be saved.

You can subjugate parts of the world but that requires quite a bit of energy and is it really what you want to be doing with your life? Moreover, do I want the responsibility of having to decide what is best for others? Even liberty is something that has to be clearly defined. For example, at what age should people be able to move freely? What if they are completely brainwashed? What if they are kidnapped, brainwashed and then decide they want to stay with the kidnapper?

There are a million little problems and for the most part, people already can move out of places they don't want to be in, they just can't move into where they want to go. And most important of all, if we can find freedom through the law, so can anybody else, so everyone is already free. And if we can't, then what is the point? Also, what is the point of trying to make the world in any sense perfect when we know our stay in it is temporary and in all likelihood, those that come after us will just dismantle whatever we built?

Ignore the world as an object and focus on building a life experience. That is what I have learned.


answered 15 Apr '13, 16:49

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edited 15 Apr '13, 16:55

"what is the point of trying to make the world in any sense perfect when we know our stay in it is temporary and in all likelihood, those that come after us will just dismantle whatever we built?" - that truly makes me sad... "perfect" in the world of illusions?

(15 Apr '13, 21:25) ele

@ele I don't believe so. What we know as our world is based in all the progress of past generations. If they thought why bother to make the world better? I couldn't be writing you on this cell phone if Edison had thought, "Why bother, the next generation won't appreciate it."

There is achievement after achievement built up. So it is creating value to create change.

(15 Apr '13, 23:31) Wade Casaldi

@wade I was NOT agreeing with flow's answer. It made me sad. Perfect in the world of illusions had NOTHING to do with progress or making the world a better place. I think we should all do our best to make the world a better place. (Perfection is an illusion)

(15 Apr '13, 23:53) ele

@ele Thanks for the clarification. I find it hard to say perfection doesn't exist, perfectionist me... lol

I drive Jai crazy sometimes with my perfectionism! lol

(16 Apr '13, 00:32) Wade Casaldi

haha @Wade I have a few quirks too - I can be anal with my work..

(16 Apr '13, 01:12) ele

It appears my comment didn't go through. I attempted to post earlier extolling you for what you wrote. One of the wisest and best written things I've seen from you. Not saying I agree with all of it, simply that I enjoy how far you seem to have come in such a short time. ^_^y

(Oh, and @Ele: Life and reality can be perfect in its imperfections, but that does NOT translate into 'anything goes')

(16 Apr '13, 02:03) Snow
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Where not here to save the world, na, ya cant do it. This world was is over ran by evil agendas. Life is to know Christ and enjoy God; we're still in the garden a better garden Christ.

Everyone is temped by their own desires, and whatever that may be is the ring and you become Smeagle when we hold on to that desire tighter than we hold God's hand. It is important to remember that God knew where Adam & Eve were in the garden, but intimately he asked them "where are you?,"

You never know yourself if you never know God, business isn't effectiveness. Christ lived, died, lives to show that love isn't weak... but is the only one that existed, lives, can died and lives and will forever live. Us save the the world......................


answered 14 Apr '13, 10:42

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Popi Bearcat Gibson

edited 14 Apr '13, 15:13

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Because we (the masses) think about it wrong.

The answer isn't in principles, effective government, or enlightenment (although it might help). It's about people changing on a personal level-from the inside out.

Your liberty is useless if people are still messed up inside.

Change yourself then change your world, lovingly.


answered 18 Apr '13, 13:14

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The S.O.S. tired to save it with the Twelve Visions Party and the Prime Law amendment to the constitution.

Unfortunately not enough voted for Jill Reed for president.


answered 13 Apr '13, 16:22

Wade%20Casaldi's gravatar image

Wade Casaldi


Our election system is rigged. Not necessarily in the conspiracy theory sort of way, but instead because some of the population is too apathetic to even vote. Follow this with some of the population is incapable of thinking outside of the duality, it makes it extremely difficult for a non affiliated candidate to make any headway. Don't worry though, independents will start to shine as my generation begins to take the reins. ^_^y

(13 Apr '13, 16:39) Snow

Yes perhaps your generation will.

My generation the baby boomers (Those born in the sixties and seventies) haven't so far. I guess you are in that new one the X generation? Your generation so far hasn't killed itself off yet! That is surprising with all the X-games. It seems like everyone wants to be like Evel Kenevil in his own way. How many ways to defy death, at first I thought insane now I think incredible! It is almost like your generation is saying humans are capable of so much more.

(13 Apr '13, 20:13) Wade Casaldi

At your last sentence.. That is exactly what my generation is saying. Humans, life, reality, the Verse. We're all capable of so much more. ;) We simply need to embrace it.

We are young and fool-hearty, we have our flaws, and nothing we (or anyone) creates will be perfect. But I'll be damned if we're not going to do our best to raise the bar higher than many people even dream.

It is going to be one hell of a ride to see what we build. One of the biggest things I look forward to. ^_^

(13 Apr '13, 21:55) Snow

It seems like something more, maybe evolution of humanity. After your generation raises the bar to levels my generation only dreamed of in comic books, it really makes one wonder, what will the next generation be able to do. :-)

(14 Apr '13, 08:55) Wade Casaldi

Dropping in to fact check. Wade, unless you were born prior to 1965, you are too young to be a baby boomer (1946 -1964). Snow is too young to be Generation X. His generation is referred to as the Me Generation, Millennials, Generation Y or my personal favorite, the Peter Pan Generation, meaning they live at home longer & delay ordinary/customary "rites of passage". Of course Snow's generation wants to change the world; it's in their DNA. They are the children of the Baby Boomers who ...

(14 Apr '13, 18:13) ele

... wanted to grow up too fast. The Peter Panner's want to take their time & tend to take longer figuring out what they want to do with their lives. If we didn't learn from our mistakes, they certainly did. Snow, I have faith in you & people your age. I want your generation to be the 'change' the world wants to see. The world does NOT need 'saving'.

(14 Apr '13, 18:14) ele

Wade I could have worded my comment better. It was not meant to be a criticism. You should be happy; you're not old enough to be a boomer. I don't like to admit being one cause I don't want to take credit for all the achievements & changes made when I was just a kid - civil rights being at the top of the list & even most of the women's lib work was done before I graduated HS.

(14 Apr '13, 23:36) ele

@ele Wow I am a generation X! I am surprised, I watched in the 90's this generation X stuff hit the news. Bungi jumping, riding a skateboard on hand rails, parkor, riding motorcycles off ramps while doing back flips! It seemed every week something different and dangerous I was seeing on tv. Now all this and more seems common today. I never got into any of that, maybe because I am early Generation X 1966?

(15 Apr '13, 23:53) Wade Casaldi

@Wade WoW is right. You are just a babe! I recall looking up info on Baby Boomers a few years ago & I recall the Boomers ended in 1960 & not 1964. I was very surprised to see 1964. I tool a quick look on the X's & one site says they started as early as 1961 - which would make what I researched a couple yrs ago correct. No matter, you'rejust youngin Wade! Enjoy!

(19 Apr '13, 02:23) ele
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I have to agree with some others here..The only belief system capable of saving the world is Christianity.

This is a bold statement, I know. But it is what it is. When Satan tempted Eve, God gave the World to Satan to rule, and then spent millenia trying to get Man to adhere to rules. Man is incapable of perfection, and thus, incapable of adhering to rules in a perfect manner.

Thus the need to reconcile Man with God again- to make a new and unbreakable Covenant. Thus cameth Jesus. He lived and died and lived again, as Papa Bearcat said. Satan may rule this world right now, but as a Christian, I am not bound by Satan's rule. I am bound by God's rule, and bound by Christ. Christ said, "Love thy neighbor as thyself." That means taking care of each other.....and that means saving the planet. Get it? Almost all religions say something about loving others more than yourself. So maybe this can work if we all start to LOVE EACH OTHER!!!

Love supersedes everything. It supersedes governments, it supersedes everything. Without Love, NOTHING WORKS. NOTHING. We can talk all day about how to think, but if you do not Love, YOU HAVE ACHIEVED NOTHING. "To love another person is to know God." from Les Miserables.



answered 14 Apr '13, 13:57

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I love a lot of what the Bible claims Jesus said, and I am absolutely positive in my heart that some of it is either misinterpreted or made up. Similarly, I believe Buddha, Jesus, and any other 'prophet' would either laugh or cry if they knew what has been done in their name.

This being said, I believe that Jesus himself would reject your claim that Christianity is the only way. In fact I believe he would be insulted at the idea anyone isn't equally 'loved' and entitled to heaven, in any path.

(14 Apr '13, 15:02) Snow

You cant be serious,Christianity cant save itself.Jai please get over this Satan crap,as you keep pointing out ,its all in your head.

(14 Apr '13, 17:45) Roy

I have to say that evangelical christianity in all its forms has had 2000 years to make a positive impact on this reality. Its failed miserably.I know dozens of well meaning christians whose god cant even look after their day to day basic needs. As for saving the world....no chance.Sorry Jai but ive seen and heard to much about a god who doesnt exist, a satan who never existed and the failure of this belief system.

(15 Apr '13, 17:13) Monty Riviera

what jaianniah said !! , you go girl !!! real talk, physical beauty is common but wisdom is priceless, I love it

(15 Apr '13, 17:38) Popi Bearcat Gibson
(19 Apr '13, 00:02) lozenge123
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@Ele & @Calon: Putting my email response here because I have zero interest in trying to separate it all into comments. I encourage you to respond or explain whatever it is you think you need to explain to me, and I will continue reading what is written here. This being said, this answer will be the last words I share in this thread, as I believe that we all appear to simply be talking to a wall.

You can explain all you want, there is no lack of comprehension here.

I completely understand what YOU all are saying. YOU all don't understand or see the same things I do.

Anyone with no 'powers' at all can make someone happy or sad with their actions or words (though both actions and words hold great power, that isn't the point here.) I am absolutely POSITIVE that people can straight up manipulate and control others, for better or for worse.

Nobody can 'force' what you are choosing (I believe foolishly) to call 'salvation' on anyone. However, thinking that we can't help other people is just a disgustingly weak and disempowering belief system that I have no clue why you people decided to shackle yourselves with.

You continue assuming that because I don't agree with you I must not understand. I must not have the whole picture. I must not know what you know. Because if I had all of the information you did, I would obviously be just as smart as you geniuses and I would come to the same conclusion, right? Makes sense, you should probably preach to me some more.

Regarding the comment that I could understand any mindset if I weren't afraid to let go of my own: Bit presumptuous, but that's OK, this happens a lot. I can embrace and experience all sorts of mindsets, no fear necessary or relevant to me. No matter what mindset I choose to 'simulate' this never stops me from knowing what my true feelings on the subject are. I can put myself into the mind of a monster, a saint, a sinner, or anywhere outside or in between. I regularly do as it is an excellent learning experience. It doesn't make me forget who I am or what I stand for.

What I am curious about is this.. Every time we make a judgement on a topic we put energy into it. I ask here why we haven't used our abilities to help heal the world, help it become all of the things it has the potential to be and so much more. For those of you whose responses are not "Good point, let's get on that," what side of the fence do you think you stand on? If you were neutral, you wouldn't have even bothered to reply to the topic. So.. I know what I stand for, what about you?

I guess I'm going to go and continue trying to heal and touch every life I encounter in the most positive and beneficial way I can. You are encouraged to do whatever it is your love tells you is the 'right' way to utilize your love.

Love & Light..

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Oh please, the very need to be positive or save anyone shows you the very nature of yourself which you don't want to see. All the good you do, is direct compensation of the invisible, ignored things within you that you labeled as bad. Always running, everyone is running from something.

You wanna save the world, because nobody saved you enough? So now you feel the world needs more saving. You wanna heal every life you encounter. That itself bears assumption everyone is hurt....

(15 Apr '13, 06:30) CalonLan

...while the only hurt person in that scenario is you. Thus the need to heal. After all, you see in the world, what's inside of you. The world's just a mirror to yourself.

People who are happy, don't need to share it or tell anyone about it for they are so happy, there is no more happiness in doing so.

(15 Apr '13, 06:32) CalonLan

"I guess I'm going to go and continue trying to heal and touch every life I encounter in the most positive and beneficial way I can." nothing wrong with that & I wish you much success & happiness! Love it!

(15 Apr '13, 21:31) ele

And just Btw - if "I can put myself into the mind of a monster, a saint, a sinner, or anywhere outside or in between." were true. You wouldn't need to ask anyone to explain themselves or anything.

Good burn Cal, good burn. Yes, I feel the urge to congratulate myself on making a perfect point, since I don't feel my rightful recognition will happen otherwise.

Maybe it's good, maybe it's bad to be alive, it certainly is fun sometimes. lolz

(16 Apr '13, 02:14) CalonLan

A perfect point would imply it wasn't easy to contradict, which it is: Embodying ideas and concepts of murderers for example is in no way the same as embodying ideas and concepts from a specific individual. The former can be framed from the starting point of 'What if I were X', as well as 'What is the generic / stereotypical X like, whereas understanding a real person? That's an entirely new and much deeper matter that requires understanding from their shoes. ^_^y

(16 Apr '13, 02:21) Snow

And don't worry, you get proper recognition from me all the time. Ele was worried that I was somehow bothered by what you guys had to say at one point or another. Had to explain that while I don't always agree with your standpoints I always value you them because both of you have earned my respect on more than one occasion. Just because I don't like what someone says or agree / follow it doesn't mean I don't value it, it simply means I like myself more. ^_^y

(16 Apr '13, 02:22) Snow

@snow, murderers are real people lol. And no real person that has become a murderer did it because of what was generally assumed idea of being a murderer, but because he had his individual reasons to become part of the category many so despise. When you try to embody ideas of a label, who do you really understand? Nobody.

You can't read the bible and say I understand christians. There are christians who have they own version of what christianity mean, versions that sometimes contradict the...

(16 Apr '13, 02:30) CalonLan

...bible itself.

So makes me wonder, what good is understanding nobody. Categories and labels, that's why e.g. studying psychology sucks. Better read some Osho. No nonsense labels and categories, just crystal clear understanding. ;)

(16 Apr '13, 02:34) CalonLan

Oh, you want me to teach we a bit about the benefits of forensic psychology. Oky! ^_^y

'Murderers' is a grouping of an idea [profile] comprised of 'real people'. A soldier is a murderer as much as a serial killer if the only information you're given is taking a life.

Understanding 'nobody' as you call it, or profiles, is useful when you have no face, name, or identity to put to a scenario. How would a detective be able to find anyone? Start with what you have, build on it till you find more.

(16 Apr '13, 03:41) Snow

Oh, and I googled Osho. Extremely compelling stuff. Thanks for sharing. ^_^y

(16 Apr '13, 03:56) Snow

I love Osho... I'm glad you are checking it out @Snow Good Stuff!

(16 Apr '13, 04:49) ele
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What are you trying to save it from?..................................................................


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