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Consider: And how do you set about taking the action to achieve your goals? What type of manifesting tools do you need etc?

asked 01 Jan '11, 07:28

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I will write down my ideal, and sometimes include a photo. This is called my "wish book" and I have been keeping one for many years now! It's kind of legendary in my family! Underneath the written goal, I will often write many of the little steps involved with making this happen. When I look at this daily, it sinks into my subconscious, and I begin planning to have it in my life soon. Some days I will take one of those little steps and other days I will just visualize or mentally plan. The project gains momentum and often I have the ideal long before all of the little steps are even taken. It's a combination of action, thought and imagination.

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answered 01 Jan '11, 14:26

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LeeAnn 1

I like this LeeAnn :)

(01 Jan '11, 21:44) Michaela

A very constructive work plan and I truly enjoyed reading it. Thank you.

(02 Jan '11, 01:11) Inactive User ♦♦

Best wishes, all of you, for making your ideals truly YOURS TO LIVE AND ENJOY in 2011.

(02 Jan '11, 16:43) LeeAnn 1
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I try to keep calendar and clock commitments to a minimum. The better I take care of now (which of course is a now in the future) the imaginary future takes care of itself.


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answered 01 Jan '11, 15:30

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The now is the key to everything, I agree. Thank you.

(02 Jan '11, 01:14) Inactive User ♦♦

@Wandering Dude, and Vee, I am going with a plan but one day at a time. I don't know but only a few of the little steps. So yes, Now.

(02 Jan '11, 02:29) Tom

I like this question Vee. I need to start applying all the spiritual knowledge that I have instead of talking about. I find that I talk much more than I apply when it comes spirituality. This maybe true for others as well.

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answered 01 Jan '11, 23:34

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I can appreciate where you are coming from, and I agree this might be a weakness for many others. Thank you.

(02 Jan '11, 01:17) Inactive User ♦♦
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