I would like to open a retreat center.

This is my end goal. Should I be praying that God grant me the Center all at once, or would it be better to try and work towards that goal in small steps? I am very interested in knowing what all of you think about this.

Blessings, and Happy Fourth of July to the Americans! Love Jai

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I thought I would update all of you- I found it amusing and delightful to have set this prayer in motion back last July 3rd 2010, and now I am in the process of heading towards the first step of the Retreat Center. I have been asked by my neurologist to lead a Migraine Support Group at a local hospital. This is wonderful for me. I will be doing what I have always wanted to do-help other people- and also, helping myself towards my goal. I am so excited!

I want you all to know that praying-or manifesting (it goes by both names)- is an actual, real process with end result that you can see. The first step towards that Retreat Center is getting my name out there, and it is happening.

I am very excited, and am glad we have this site.

Thanks and blessings, Jai

(27 Feb '11, 02:25) Jaianniah

@Jaianniah hows this going? or have you changed your goal?

(23 Jan '13, 06:48) ursixx
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This must be built as a picture puzzle, yes see the whole puzzle complete but as well you must see the individual pieces that make up the whole picture puzzle.

Example of this process, this will be a whole new way of thinking for most now.

Let's say my picture puzzle is to have the first man to travel to another galaxy, easy enough to picture that but now I have to see what takes him there, how does he live to make it there, now I start seeing things more clearly our present rocket technology will not cut it to make it there so we need work at finding and building better ships that can travel and have their own gravitational field so that there is no inertia on board the ship. Okay now even if we had the technology to fly that fast with a self contained gravity system this man would die long before making it so here is another piece of the puzzle to cure aging and death is very essential or the whole trip is pointless. I have to think what else would it take maybe an ability to withstand high levels of radiation?

The more I think on it the more is revealed to me, the steps become apparent as you let your self wonder what if? Don't think on limitation instead think on what would this take and how to achieve this, everything unfolds before you and you will know what needs worked on and what you can do right now. The greatest thinkers used this thinking process without knowing that was what they were doing.

ADDED NEW example pertaining to the retreat.

See in your head the retreat is finished, everything is perfect. While in this perfect place, notice the rooms what do they look like, notice details about this place as you want it to be not as it may look presently we are working on a blueprint here of something that doesn't exist yet.

How large is the place, where is the parking, is there any problems with the parking you want to change? What does the surrounding area look like? Was this place built from the ground up or a place re-purposed into this retreat? Go through all the floors and all areas if it has a tennis court out back go and see the court, what is it made of what is it facing? Do you see other recreational areas, what about meditation areas and gardens? Do these areas have maybe streams maybe pools and waterfalls?

When you are done walking through the whole place you must as well see the guest and the guest speakers, who will be there? Now we have gone forward enough now it is time to go backwards now you are looking at the last improvement to the place, is it big or small , maybe landscaping or maybe a new entire addition to the building, maybe more parking? Go back farther see what was done go all the way back until you see the place as it may look now at this present time. Now continue with seeing how the finance came for this place how the plans where drawn up you are now very close to what you can work with.

When you come out of your thinking write down all the pieces of the puzzle you saw that made your dream come true. Now think what puzzle piece can I get started on now that I saw in my vision. If you apply this simple formula based on some of Neo-Thinking, you can build piece by piece until the whole puzzle is together.

The first story is much more than a fantasy it is a real picture puzzle being worked on every day.


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Wade Casaldi

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Thanks Jai, I am glad to give my best answer. I had long forgotten this.

Love you much. Wade

(24 Jan '13, 21:06) Wade Casaldi

Hi Jai, the only problem with trying to go for it all is that your belief system may sabotage your efforts if your faith is even a little unwavering - it just leaves the door open for doubt to come creeping in.

I would suggest doing it in small believable steps while keeping your vision held firmly in your mind on the ultimate goal.

Imagine it, dream it and don't let go of your vision but take what little steps you can toward making it a reality and the Universe or God will meet you and turn those little steps into bigger ones until your dream becomes fully realized in physical reality.


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I agree with Michaela, that the best way is to combine vision and action, in easy steps, for a project so big. Things should fall into place nicely for you as you go along. Best wishes!


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LeeAnn 1

If the metaphor for the law attraction is a magnet, then the metaphor for the law of action is a magnet with legs running towards that which is the source of attraction. Meeting the universe half way was not intended to mean that your only responsibility was too have a vision. In fact your action confirms your intention

The action I speak of is a specific action and is fueled by your intentional vision.

This action is deliberate yet unattached, It is born out of a clear and concise vision and flows naturally and effortlessly. There is nothing in this action that has to do with “something I have to do”. If your intention is in line with a true calling then all the better.

The most natural and immediate direction to take is ALWAYS followed by your intentions. That direction is efficient, inspirational and perfect as it effortlessly causes you to act, to execute. The intention and the action that follows are both one in the same. Yet somehow the part which evolves natural action has been swept under the table. The manifestation of your intention is not only an intrinsic part of the actions you take but compounds your efficiency in that intent coming to you in the most rapid and purest form. In this way what you want is already here and the mechanics of it manifestation in the physical world match up directly in that very process you have sown consciously ( or unconsciously, which most do). Your actions are a living testimony, in fact absolute proof that what you intend for is instantly evolving in your physical life through your very actions.

That very action is the doing without the doingness. This action collateralizes, in fact solidifies that intention in the physical world and starts a great momentum which has no ceiling.

In the most elementary example:

Suppose you are in bed watching TV and become thirsty. You would like a nice cold glass of water, yet the kitchen is down staires and no one else is home. You can wait for 3 or 4 hours until someone else arrives and recognizes your universal intention (without you telling them you are thirsty)and recognizes that you are thirsty and offers you a nice cold drink.


You can get up, walk down and pour yourself that cold glass of water. I promise you that had been a suggestion from you consciousness as really an effortless and direct path to your intention was, but instead, you reasoned that would get in the way of the universe unfolding it for you...LOL. You action is an intrinsic part of the manifesting process. There is no difference from this example and the point here. They are both within the same formula and quality, just different degrees.

The funny thing is, once we confirm and solidify that intention by action, the universe refuses to play fair. That is, by taking a step, the universe will take 9 steps towards you. And the frequency and unwavering movement of those steps will be met by an exponential response by the universe. Things will come together, exact contacts will appear and opportunities to evolve will come into your life.

Here's one of my favorite quotes I had committed to memory some time ago:

"Until one is committed, there is hesitancy, the chance to draw back, always ineffectiveness. Concerning all acts of initiative (and creation), there is one elementary truth the ignorance of which kills countless ideas and splendid plans. The moment one definitely commits oneself, then providence moves too. All sorts of things occur to help one that would never otherwise have occurred. A whole stream of events issues from the decision, raising in one's favor all manner of unforeseen incidents and meetings and material assistance, which no man could have dreamed would have come his way. Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it. Begin it now." - Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe


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Good answer yes the law of attraction needs to be worked with, to work not just have it working for us and we do no action.

(27 Feb '11, 02:35) Wade Casaldi

Hi Jaianniah, Just allow yourself to have the feeling of having it. I suggest that you start a focus block and work on it until you get to the feeling of allowing. Good luck. You are on the right path. I believe you will get there.


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intention and action are one in the same....action confirms intention. We look at both as two separate events when they are a part of one stroke of a paint brush. Remove that perception and the stoke becomes effortless. Otherwise you are just a bystander with only the potential to manifest.

Do from where you are. Act from where you stand. Action is manifesting.


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I would visualise what you already have and as you achieve more towards that goal add it to your visualisation. That way you will start to see it begin to flow into your life. Remember what you focus on grows. Also good is Mark Forster's closed list system which relys on intuitive decision making in achieving your goals. But mainly use it as a route to self awareness, watch your thoughts and your feeling and be curious about them, anger, upset, joy and tears they are the route to understanding yourself and will give your goal an ultimate meaning.


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