Hello all.

Currently I am in a job that I don't like. No need to go into detail; suffice it to say it is not the field which I desire to be in, and it has simply served as a means to pay my the bills during the last year.

Recently I have been doing the manifesting experiments on this site--#1 for the things I can forget about, and #2 for the things that I can't. I feel great about how things have been going with respect to these experiments.

However, the company that I work for is run by people who stress out all the time, and seem to feel that it is necessary to make the other people at the job feel stressed as well. In fact if you do not appear stressed, they begin to suspect that you are not doing your job! It is not a particularly healthy work environment. Every day I do my best to act like a zen master under these circumstances. Often I succeed. But let's just say...it is very difficult to succeed all the time.

During my lunch breaks, I play with the focus blocks. At night, I perform meditation, Manifestation Experiment #1, and other spiritual exercises. As you might well guess, some of my manifestation experiments are geared towards improving my work situation.

However, I am concerned that during my work hours, my vibration is lowered (from time to time) by the unhealthy atmosphere. Will this hold me back, or prevent my desired changes from manifesting? I would say that the majority of the time I feel positive and appreciative, but every once in a while (maybe one to three times per day), I become involved in some task or situation at work in which my emotional level is lowered.

Do I need to change my situation through action so that I can feel better more of the time? Or should I keep doing my best with the approaches I have described?

Does anyone have any advice for me?

Many thanks for taking the time to consider my question.

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The reality that manifests around you (is reflected to you) is a representation of your dominant thoughts, not what you think once in a while, or even a few times a day.

So, if as you say, "Every day I do my best to act like a zen master under these circumstances. Often I succeed.", it sounds like you are doing tremendously well already :) You give the impression of already clearly understanding these ideas.

There can be, and often is, a bit of a time "lag" between the vibrational realities we create in our manifesting experiments and the physical realities that condense around them. This is because lower vibrational frequencies travel through time slower than higher vibrational frequencies.

How we allow our physical reality to transform to match our vibrational reality seems, from my experience, to be related to our beliefs about our current situation and how flexible they are.

In my own life when there has been a clear vibrational difference between my physical environment and my vibrational reality, then if my current beliefs clearly show me a way to reconcile the two (and it feels good to go that way), I will take the physical action towards that way...feeling the inspired desire to take physical action is just as much a manifestation as something physically solid.

If I cannot see an action-based way forward to reconcile the two realities, I will continue to still work vibrationally on my "allowing" without taking any physical action. Occasionally this can result in a clattering-type experience but more often things just gently transform if I try not to give too much attention to the contradictory physical reality (i.e. "push against" it) and keep bringing my attention back to feeling good in whatever way I can.

It may well be that your work environment is unpleasant but it's still your choice about whether to let that affect your thoughts. There is a gap between a physical event that occurs in your reality and your reaction to it...and that gap is always completely under your own control.

Ultimately, I think you have to go with your own feelings about whether physical action to change your circumstances is appropriate or not (for example, getting a new job) but something to bear in mind is that, even if you move elsewhere, you will still take your existing vibrational attitude towards work with you.

So if you physically left an existing job to "escape" what you were manifesting there, you would probably find the same situations recurring in the new job, just with different people.

It's always best to find a way to make peace with your existing circumstances first before making decisions about taking physical action. But, when you truly have made peace with your circumstances, you might not then feel the need to leave :)


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@stingray you put it very clear and simply :-)

(20 Jun '12, 06:56) streetsanto

@stingray - Thanks so much for this extremely helpful response! Sounds like I should just keep doing what I'm doing, and do my best to stay positive no matter what occurs in the workplace. I also read the two threads you linked to (which I had not read before--thanks for those), and BOY, has the clattering phenomenon happened to me! Perhaps that is happening now with my environment, or a set of individuals within that environment.

Many thanks again for your very clear and practical insight.

(21 Jun '12, 02:40) lozenge123

You're both very welcome :)

(22 Jun '12, 05:22) Stingray
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Have Early Dinner with Abraham

These companies abuse the best and brightest
These kind of companies abuse the best and brightest people, and make you feel like you're letting down the team. If you don't act panic-stricken, or work massive overtime, they feel robbed of their power to control everyone else. Nothing good can come out of this kind of environment.

Early Dinner
I'd leave ON TIME, and have an early dinner with Abraham. Find a nice bistro, and just chill. Think about how silly and misguided your colleagues are. If you're got an mp3 player, listen to one of Abraham's seminars and "contrast" that with the sublime feeling you have knowing you can get into The Vortex. They're probally still at their desk, and you're "in", or close to "being in" The Vortex. Breath out, while smiling at the world.

"I've caused enough trouble today." I offer my comments as perspective, not as advice. It sounds like you'll be manifesting the opportunities you need very soon.

All the Best,


answered 26 Jun '12, 14:57

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@AlicianFields, Great advice. The more Abraham videos I'm watching, the better I'm feeling. Great way to "detox" after work.

(26 Jun '12, 15:12) Grace

@AlicianFields, Thanks for the advice and encouragment...sounds like you definitely understand the situation I have been in. Many thanks and all best.

(29 Jun '12, 01:09) lozenge123

I just wanted to encourage you to stick with it. I work in a similar environment, and I know what you're doing, I do it too. Keep it up. I've worked in this toxic environment for many years, and it really is true what Wayne Dyer says (quotes?) that "When you change the way you look at things, the things that you look at change".

At my office, serenity and good humor were viewed as weakness, and kindness was mistaken for lack of intelligence. The latter has always seemed particularly odd to me, as I have never mistaken unkindness for the presence of it. :)

The tipping point came for me when I realized that I could actually assist other people, just by being a living example of peace, that this may be my real purpose there. A Christian friend told me "Don't you dare quit, you are the only light in the building!"

It took months, but holding on to my peace paid off. I now affect them with love much more than they affect me with their hate. Their anger and hatered turned out to be nothing but fear, of course. The people I work with are gradually now coming to me for comfort and advice, as they can sense I've got something they need. Its still hard sometimes, especially when I'm not at my best, but it usually now is kinda fun at my work.

Good luck! Hang in there. I'm holding good thoughts for you, of encouragement and peace.


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@Grace - Thanks so much for sharing your story...I am applying all of these lessons. Also, many thanks for holding good thoughts for me...I will send good vibes back your way! Thanks again.

(25 Jun '12, 00:32) lozenge123

assess your situation
for action and success
reflect if too selfcentered
then develop the plan

you are responsible
for your choices so
how is it that you seek
ever inward reflection


answered 28 Jun '12, 18:28

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Beautiful! Thanks, Fred 1!

(29 Jun '12, 01:06) lozenge123

I only want to add a small observation to the already wonderful answers that are here.

Realize that your current situation is a catalyst for your desire to change.

Likewise, at every stage of change you will exist within the situation that you no longer prefer to experience.

Therefore, basically, this discomfort is a constant companion once you identify that you need to change something within your current abundance and preference.


answered 29 Jun '12, 02:02

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The Traveller

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