How to do a clearing of your aura? There are all unwanted negative and evil deposits that are there causing you harm keeping you from receiving the good and postive into your physical life.

Aura is an force they said surrounds all people an objects, discernible, often as an bright glow, seen by people of usual psychic sensitivity.

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Thank you all for your answers and please continue to leave answers to this question.

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'One' of the ways in which I clear my Aura is by sitting still in silence, I imagine a ball of light like the Sun above my head. I then vizualize this ball of light going through my chakras like a scanner from the top of my head slowly going down through the whole body to my feet, then back up again to my solar plexus, where I let it stay and let it radiate out like the sun throughout my body and through my skin and outwards. I imagine that when this ball of light is passing through it is lifting all my energies up and outwards like the rays of the sun. If this is done properly you will actually feel your energy inside lift and become clear and strong throughout your body and through to your outward energy field. This will also pick you up if you are feeling drained. When practicing on daily basis you will be able to do this anywhere to strengthen your Aura field.


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Thanks for your answer.

(10 Oct '09, 05:31) flowingwater

Can you tell me more about this do you continue to move the ball of light after you let itradiate outward at the solar plexus do you than move it on up and back through the top of your head and up imagining the ball of light above your head going on up with the negativity from the cleaning. This is so similar to what a lady told me see did to heal herself of an disease it was an ball of light over her head where she sent the disease until it was gone. N20

(13 Nov '09, 09:50) flowingwater

Actually, clearing the aura is a bit more complicated than just picturing a ball of light...sorry!

Your aura does collect negative energy- sometimes, this can make you sick. I am not kidding. So it is necessary to clear negative energy every so often, depending on just how many negative people you have endured, negative emotions you have felt, and so on.

There are a number of ways to clear the aura- real, concrete ways that really get that negative energy out and the positive flowing again.

Try these things:

A. Sea Salt Bath or Shower:You can get sea salt at any Health Food Store-hey, I even think you can buy it now at department stores! Anyway, if you bathe in it, use about a cup in your bath water. Soak for a while. Let the water out, and rinse if you please. For the shower, take the salt, and scrub it onto your skin (except for delicate places, of course). Rinse it off, and the negative energy goes right down the drain.

B. Ground yourself. Anything that grounds you thoroughly is good. Walking outside in bare feet is great. Walking at the beach on the sand in bare feet is perfect! (That's why we go to the Bahamas or Hawaii- to get grounded again-only we didn't know we were doing that...) Live in the cold areas? Can't walk barefooted? Just go barefoot around your house, especially if you have wood floors. (That oak is perfect...) Another thing- wear moccasins, not anything with plastic or rubber soles. The leather soles of the moccasins will release negative ions into your feet, which will also ground you AND clear your aura. Other grounding techniques: sit outside with your feet on the the sun...even if it is cold. Try hugging oak trees or pines trees if you cannot find oaks. Oak tress are wonderful. Sit at the base of an oak, and feel the age of the tree. Try to imagine the roots, and go down to them in your head. Now, this tip comes to me from an Indian named Black Rock who taught me Shamanism, so don't laugh. He was Sioux, and he knew nature. (See this question ( for more info about Black Rock...look for my answer.) Anyway, it will get you outside, which is a good grounder.

C. Try Reiki or Pranic Healing. Not to toot my own horn, but Reiki people know how to clear auras really well. They will show you how to do it yourself, and also clear your chakras, which is an added bonus. Pranic Healers will actually pull the negative energy right out of you. I learned Pranic Healing and I found out that negative energy is like thick, black goop. It actually can be pulled out by the hands, and is discarded into a bowl of salt water. Sounds crazy, but it is true! I am a Certified Pranic Healer; I was blown away when I was taught to see negative energy in people.

I hope these ideas help you all to get rid of your negative energy. These things really work! Try all or some.

Peace and Blessings and Happy Thanksgiving 2011,



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Wow, these all sound so good. I know this is an old post, but I just came across it, looking for help on a very negative day. Thank you!

(07 Jun '12, 17:02) Grace

Thanks, Grace! Glad it helped. <3

(12 Jun '12, 19:51) Jaianniah

Can we really get rid of negative energy through pranic healing?

(15 Jul '12, 14:43) insilentpain

@insilentpain- sorry I did not see your post sooner...Yes! Absolutely! In the Pranic Healing Course, you learn how to "pull" the "goop" right out of people. You might be especially gifted, and learn to see it, but you certainly can feel it with your hands...It is really icky, and find yourself glad you have that bowl of salt water to "throw out" the negativity. It feels great to have it done, especially when ill. :) Jai

(21 May '13, 11:30) Jaianniah

@Jaianniah Excellent answer! I'm off to buy some sea salt.

(21 May '13, 15:20) Catherine
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Your negative emotions are providing guidance. They are not caused by outer circumstances. They are there to tell you that what you are thinking right now is creating something you don't want. You can move up the emotional scale, one thought at a time. Find a better feeling thought and then find another. Whatever we focus our attention upon grows in our experience. If we focus on a better feeling thought it will attract more better feeling thoughts and soon we will have moved up the emotional scale. Its all an inside job and those negative emotions are there to let us know to make a change. In the same way that pain will cause us to pull our hand from a hot surface, the negative emotions are there to guide you to safety...better still...JOY! This understanding changes everything. We become grateful for the guidance and pick up on it sooner as we become conscious creators of our own experience. This is like being given the keys to the playground. Get in there and start using your imagination to create whatever you want. There are no limits, it doesn't cost a thing and it is fun! Look around for whatever feels good and go in that direction.


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I haven't thought of it in that manner. Thanks for your answer.

(13 Oct '09, 19:00) flowingwater

with positive thinking and love feelings


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You should try LBRP (lesser banishing ritual of the pentagram). It banishes all negative energies from you. There is a lot descriptions how to do it in the net, there is an example:


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Hello my friend ,

Well i honestly dont advise if you dont have a background in magic to practice any kind of ritual , when you enter the path of magic you already should have some background on shielding , grounding and banishing negative entities ,for what can i see you dont need to enter that path to achieve what you want . i have done some work on that matter and i can advise you some interesting materials that dont envolve any kind of magic but only work with yout subconscious and your awareness , some products are the Sedona Method (one of the best products on realeasing) , EFT and HPP subliminals this last beeing the most powerfull.

If you want more info on the programs let me know...



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user-69 (google)

Thanks I will take that into account. Thanks for your information.

(10 Oct '09, 05:29) flowingwater

Tell me more information on the programs you are talking about. That are not magical.

(13 Oct '09, 18:56) flowingwater

Thanks for the advice of you don't have an magical background and you gave some non magical things to try.

(09 Nov '09, 07:44) flowingwater
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You can clear negativity from your aura using the "Eliminateur de Rayonnements Nocifs"(eliminator of harmful vibrations). Here is the link,|GRAPHIQ44|%3CBIG%3EN(et)deg(pv)%2044%20-%20Eliminateur%20de%20rayonnements%20nocifs%3C/BIG%3E&query_ssp=XLGBZD_SSP.nla=1+

It is a radionic device designed to selectively eliminate from your aura all accumulated harmful energies of all origins. Just place your photo on the center of the graph for 24 hours, repeating the process after 10 days if necessary. It can be obtained from Editions Servranx e-mail

Another way of eliminating negativity is by simply listening to this video on energy body revitalization


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blubird two

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yes aura the different colours around people first the person double then the intertwine double set of different colors in between. then after a clear space a fee feet away then the last white space 15 to 30 feet away. is that what you define as aura. aura reflect your energy so annything negative you have to work on it. experience and enjoy.

well i hope you enjoy the links.


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For every thing there is a way to stop it and invite its opposite. And it is inviting the opposite you want to do and FOCUS on, not stopping the original.

There is a difference in understanding this concept and consequently asking the question which comes from this understanding.

Let me demonstrate with an example...imagine: There is dust (negativity) on your wardrobe and shelves and you wonder - How do I clear it? The answer would be - clean it with a duster.

But after a while, dust is back and you have to clean it again and again. Now see what happens when you focus on dust-free (positivity) environment. You ask - how do I create a dust-free environment? The answer might be - buy an an ionizer or an ozone generator.

And same with the aura, invite positivity into your life, instead of trying to stop negativity. And let positivity do its job and overtake negativity on its own.

Understand this difference, then go and live it. ;-)


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@CalonLan - Yes, it's your focus that makes the difference, isn't it? And rather than deny negativity, it is, more gently, an invitation to positivity. It's so simple, why does that seem so difficult for me to keep in mind? I am concerned about being negative, but that will never fix anything... As I've just been going on about to another worrier on another post. Why does it keep slipping away from my own mind? It's like nailing Jello to the wall!

(14 Jun '12, 12:47) Grace

That's why people pray and go to church every Sunday,confess their sins and all that,because when they do these things they feel cleansed.


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Love, love, love for if you live from the love in your heart no negativity will ever stick to you. Your aura will be like a shining beacon and you will be at peace.

I do believe that negetive emotions are the cause of our having to clear our aura. Weather they are our own or those of others doesn't matter. Learning to work through theese and going up the emotional scale will help abeit it will take time.

It is the reason that love is so powerful when doing any and all clearing and grounding work. When you live from the love in your heart you don't judge all negativety will drop from you and leave you clear and happy.


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Paulina 1

@flowingwater, Why would you (or anyone) need to clear negative energy? Energy is just energy...right? It's not positive or negative. It's only negative (or positive) if you see it that way. This is my take on energy :)


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The following short video should be helpful. Goto youtube, with the url watch?v=zv3BxAEov9I.



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