For a long time I was feeling pretty good. I recently got into a verbal fight with a complicated relative who I try to stay away from. I usually don't vent. However I tried going outside for a long run to burn it off. I even used some energy releasing methods while out and about

While on my run I was experiencing some negative emotions that were so far down the emotional scale that I lost my cool.I usually don't swear but I went into a place in the woods and I just let it all out.

Now I'm afraid that there will be consequences for the bad things I do. I don't know if this is a negative belief or if it's bad karma or what it is. I haven't experienced this kind of anger since before I knew about the law of attraction and spirituality. I tried following my gut from a good feeling place but somehow it led to a very negative outcome. I don't know what any of this means but I would like to somehow clear all of the negativity I experience form others as well as the negativity I put out.

I'm just afraid of being punished. I feel horrible for spreading so much negativity into the outside world.

Thank You

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Now I'm afraid that there will be consequences for the bad things I do. I don't know if this is a negative belief or if it's bad karma or what it is...[snip]...I'm just afraid of being punished.

It's all nonsense.

There is nothing and no-one punishing you Ever for anything you do...except your belief that such a thing is happening to you.

Your Heaven and Hell are always in the moment of the action.

The joy of doing something that brings emotional alignment is Heaven-ly and the pain of doing something that brings a negative emotion is Hell-ish...but that's as far as it goes, and it changes in an instant as you think different thoughts.

If being angry brought punishment then I don't know a single child in the history of Planet Earth that isn't going to be up for some very severe punishment :) Does punishing children make sense? :)

If you examine where your beliefs about this "punishment" came from, and keep tracing it further back and further back until you reach a specific person or group of people (even a philosophy/teaching/religion starts with a person or group of people), you'll find that person or people had an agenda for making you believe in that idea.

If you then examine closely what that agenda is about, it might lead to some interesting insights for you.

alt text

I haven't rolled out my anti-Karma "Spaghetti Warehouse" posting on Inward Quest for a while - and since I'm in the mood for a bowl of pasta - here it is for good measure :) Reincarnation: Has it always to be Karmic?

Bottom Line: If doing something makes you feel better, it's Good :)


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Enlightened One, You should not feel bad at all for "venting and letting it all out", in the context of what you did. It is normal for people to have disagreements and arguments and to then be upset by that interaction; as I tell my daughter, "it is how you deal with it afterwards, that is important" To go into the woods and let it all out in my opinion is a much healthier thing for your mind and body as it is releasing pent up tension and negative emotion that can be detrimental to the health of your overall self. You did it in an environment, (the woods) that is grounding in nature; pun not intended but I will take humor anywhere. You did it with no one around so was not "directed" at someone, i.e.. the person you were upset with. You did it as a natural way to heal yourself, you were listening to your body/mind, and it said it needed to vent. No harm no foul. As far as thinking that you will have negative things happen to you because of this one time venting, fear not. The universe is more kind than that. If it was continued, and dwelt on to the point of being in your thoughts all the time with no release, then in terms of Law of Attraction it would become your reality. In the book by Dan Millman "The Way of the Warrior" the character he writes about has a philosophy of getting angry, experience the effect it has on you, then LET IT GO. Be happy that you vented to the great outdoors and not at the person you were upset at. Peace to you


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PC Blue

in the process of knowing
who we are it often takes
an imbalance to catch our

most thought forms are already
out there and one was found that
has awakened you


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