Now my fear is I'll be a victim of a natural calamity, as it's the only area where I feel powerless. How should I build trust that mother earth will always take care of me?

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Barry Allen ♦♦

The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events, pp. 31-32

You are never victims of natural disasters, though it may seem that you are, for you have your hand in forming them. You are creatively involved in the earth's cycles. No one can be born for you, or die for you, and yet no birth or death is really an isolated event, but one in which the entire planet participates. In personal terms, again, each species is concerned not only with survival but with the quality of its life and experience.

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This should give you some faith (the mother nature part, anyway):

On a practical level, I would say, eliminate your fear of the "danger" of mother nature. Raise your vibration on that subject by using the Focus Blocks Method.

Then, the Universe will keep you safe.

Whatever happens, the Universe will steer you away from any natural disasters so that you will never rendezvous with them, and you will maintain a feeling of invincibility.

The way you maintain this feeling of invincibility (and hence keep safe from danger) is by staying in the Vortex.

Hope this helps!


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This is a good question for me. My family was hit by a tornado on Palm Sunday, 1965, and I went through Katrina in 2005. Yet, I still feel mostly trusting of good ol' Mother Nature, even though I have been hit by the bullet twice.

I try to picture all the many times I was at peace within Mother nature...The times I walked through forest paths; the times I played in fields; the times I sat outside late at night and watched heat lightning on the horizon. It's a trick you have to do in your head. You have to "think the Good thought" as Abraham suggests. This will bring to you more good things than dwelling on the bad.



alt text

I used to see this every day when I lived in Mississippi...


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