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Two years ago, this is the biggest ecological event.


What is your opinion about the effectiveness of a such large collecive manifestation?

asked 27 Mar '10, 18:39

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edited 28 Mar '10, 02:06

I guess it will be at a different time for each of us, depending on where we live - not here for another 5 hrs- 8.30pm - 9.30pm

(27 Mar '10, 19:30) Michaela

You are right, Michaela. Thank you the correction.

(27 Mar '10, 22:10) Gleam

You're very welcome :-)

(28 Mar '10, 02:09) Michaela
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In my little town we have a concert with local performers that is totally is a great time to see and feel that we are being aware to the earth condition

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answered 28 Mar '10, 06:10

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