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Is it right to be open to understand me even if I come off improper due to immaturity? I was appearently in a unique frame of mind when I asked my previous questions ...Please forgive me my intent was not self-serving but I believe if I state my questions differently you may begin to know.

asked 04 Jan '11, 08:00

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Darrell Trombley

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Barry Allen ♦♦

Welcome friend, there is great love for you here.

(04 Jan '11, 09:49) Brian

Ill be honest Darrell,your questions are a bit hard for me to understand.BUT a lof stuffs hard for me to understand sometimes.Dont worry about immaturity Darrell,no one on this site will hold that against you.We may learn more from you than you do from us.

(04 Jan '11, 11:24) Monty Riviera

There are some pretty decent instructions on how to best use this website here:

(04 Jan '11, 15:37) Vesuvius

okay thanks you seem really genuine.

(11 Jan '11, 03:32) Darrell Trombley
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I don't think you need to ask forgiveness from anyone for anything you've done.

You've asked one question regarding Crystal Meth, which some here appear to have objections to, but I certainly don't. People utilize all kinds of substances and ideas in order to achieve altered states. While I am not personally in favor of the usage of narcotics for myself, I think it is the right of each individual to decide what aspects of this physical reality they wish to explore and how they do it. And asking for information regarding a particular substance is certainly nothing to be criticized my humble opinion :)

Regarding your second question, that's simply a case of an unclear question. Just by editing that question to make it clearer, it will be possible for others to provide you with whatever answer you are looking for.

As I said, nothing to apologize for.

Welcome to Inward Quest, Darrell :)

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answered 04 Jan '11, 10:56

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@Stingray - Well put :)

(04 Jan '11, 12:18) Eddie

Thanks Eddie :)

(04 Jan '11, 12:44) Stingray

Yes, well said :)

(04 Jan '11, 19:34) Michaela

nice is the first though going through my head.

(11 Jan '11, 03:33) Darrell Trombley
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HI Darrell. Welcome to this oasis for consciousness.

You overcame the biggest obstacle for most people.

And that is to have the courage to post something and risk your private and personal intuitions be judged by, "what you may believe", others who seem to know what they are talking about.

At the time of this answer there are already 36 views and only 2 answers posted. That tells you that approximately 34 people simply looked and didn't make the effort to share an opinion.

Most of the time, it may have been because they are looking for a question that awakens a response, but let us not forget, it takes some courage to start posting your ideas on this forum.


Because we are dealing with things that people consider fundamental to their soul and the very core of their being. Most people are afraid to first examine it, and secondly share it with others at the risk of being scrutinized by so called "those who may know more that you".

The truth is none of this is true except in the mind of the self appointed expert. You know enough to lead yourself towards your awakening, for the advice you receive from within you is first hand knowledge. When you ask someone else "What do you think? Am I right or wrong?” that is second hand knowledge from the very same source that is guiding you from within you.

The best way to start is to "screw up" first (though this is only your perception)

Now you no longer have to worry about doing that any more, because, as you can see, we are all rolling out the welcome mat for you.

As you ask and answer questions here, you will discover to your surprise, that there is more wisdom within you that you have ever given credit for.

So Welcome, Darrell, make yourself at home and....and ask away!

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answered 04 Jan '11, 15:27

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The Traveller

you are awesome.

(11 Jan '11, 03:34) Darrell Trombley

Darrell! (place yells like crowd in "Cheers" Tv show as Darrell walks into room)

Anyway, so glad you are here. And you can come here and come off anyway you like. A lot of us can not be offended (I mean it is actually impossible to do so).

I for one see all things and events as gifts. Your presence more so because your questions were for lack of better phrasing "different" (I love different). I for one have experimented with all kinds of substances and my one answer to the Meth question was more of a motherly "Be careful" cause that stuff can lead to very dark places that are very close to the light....which leads me to your second question that I thought about for most of the day yesterday. It brought me on another InwardQuest to ponder the power of light as you can se by my recent question and I thank you for inspiring me.

I hope you stay here and look around, ask more questions and give some answers alike. You are obviously here for a reason, for the greater good!

Thank You Darrell :)

Much Love


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answered 04 Jan '11, 12:48

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jim 10

edited 04 Jan '11, 13:50

You are absolutely correct .

(11 Jan '11, 03:35) Darrell Trombley

Darrell as you must have realized by all the replies there is no need to apologize to this community for being who you are at any given point in time. In fact the reason most of us are here is because we know we are not being judged. I didn't find your Crystal Meth question objectionable at all in fact I'm glad you asked, you satisfied your curiosity through discussion and talking about it. If most people started discussing about such things less people would actually turn towards the real stuff to find out themselves.

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answered 04 Jan '11, 19:58

I%20Think%20Therefore%20I%20Am's gravatar image

I Think Therefore I Am

Well Darrell, youve gone from minus 5 votes for your first question, to plus 5 for this one.

Hope this encourages you to stick with us .


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answered 04 Jan '11, 22:46

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Monty Riviera

it may be a good idea to think about the push/motive, or the interior need to express or fulfill in such a manner, particularly, if reactions were/are as emotional. sometimes the level of tension we send out is what we receive. it is your decision to participate and at what level

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answered 05 Jan '11, 01:54

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we can't not participate , we're all swimming in the same natural energy simply because we are alive .

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answered 05 Jan '11, 15:33

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blubird two

so what does a fish know about the water it swims in, or have you given up your mind to be in the control of others

(05 Jan '11, 23:50) fred
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