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Normally we just add new features quietly to Inward Quest and let you discover them. This one is probably quite easy to miss unless you know about it, so I thought I would let you know here.

If you click on the questions list at the place shown in the picture below, you will be taken directly to the relevant user's recent activity page. From there, you can click any of the links to go directly to the answers/comments they've written (though you may still have to expand the comments).

This should save you quite a bit of time in hunting through a long question thread to find out what has just been added.


alt text

asked 07 Jun '13, 17:23

Simon%20Templeton's gravatar image

Simon Templeton ♦♦


Excellent! IQ keeps on getting better. Thank you Simon

(07 Jun '13, 18:17) Wade Casaldi

That's really helpful! And you're right, I noticed the "Asked by" was added, but I would not have thought to click on the date/time. Thanks, @Simon Templeton. :)

(07 Jun '13, 18:31) Grace

so much easier to stalk @ele ;) thanks Simon

(08 Jun '13, 01:04) ursixx

Nice! thanks!

(08 Jun '13, 11:09) Fairy Princess

I wish you could hear me laughing @ursixx - too funny. No matter, still not going to Friend you on FB. Now who voted your post up? Look's like there are a couple users watching you stalk me.

(09 Jun '13, 20:22) ele
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