And why is it illegal?

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Darrell Trombley

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Barry Allen ♦♦

@Barry Allen:) Your formulation ia somewhat unprecisa: "the illegality of certain drugs is BEYOND (hided ?) the scope of" this site, or is OUT? Please, could you re-formulate the assertion without ambiguity?

(03 Jan '11, 12:22) Gleam

he just means that if you are trying to ask why certain drugs are made illegal, you have come to the wrong place...

(03 Jan '11, 16:49) kakaboo

Darrell must feel about as popular as a fart in a spacesuit. Stick with us all Darrell.Your questions rubbed a few people up the wrong way im afraid ( me a bit too ) BUT its a free world..more or less..and your views and questions are as valid as mine or anyone elses. Even if they piss us off a bit!

(03 Jan '11, 18:46) Monty Riviera

Fully agree Graham - We're not here to be a judge or jury, or try to prove our own selfrighteousness :)

(03 Jan '11, 20:14) Michaela

Darrell, you might want to check out the writings of Carlos Castaneda where he writes about expanding his awareness with 'power plants' and much more. Mind-bending read x]

On a personla note.. I have had an 'episode' with smoking mararjuana on almost everyday basis for over two years and it made my awakening possible. I just put me 'on the spot' for either changing or becoming a moron who forgets what he said five minutes before.

Don't worry if other people who didn't choose this way don't respond faverily. If you're here you're doing just fine mate, just fine..

(05 Jan '11, 16:51) wildlife
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I asked a question about another substance ormus along a similar line of thought. Stingray had quite a good answer.
And just a quick look at the downside of Meth

Long-term effects Methamphetamine use has a high association with depression and suicide as well as serious heart disease, amphetamine psychosis, anxiety and violent behaviors.
Methamphetamine also has a very high addiction risk. Methamphetamine also is neurotoxic and is associated with an increased risk of parkinson's disease. Meth-amphetamine abuse can cause neurotoxicity which is believed to be responsible for causing persisting cognitive deficits, such as memory, impaired attention and executive function. Over 20 percent of people addicted to methamphetamine develop a long-lasting psychosis resembling schizophrenia after stopping methamphetamine which persists for longer than 6 months and is often treatment resistant.

would be reason enough to make the substance illegal.


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If you ever loose anyone in your life due to a drug overdose you would be able to answer your own question.

My sisters youngest son died from a heroin overdose 10 weeks ago.

We dont have to ask why certain drugs are illegal Darrell.

We know why they are.


answered 03 Jan '11, 12:07

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Monty Riviera

@Graham sympathies mate

(03 Jan '11, 15:52) ursixx

Thanks ursixx. It aint Darells fault thou...when i was younger i had the same attitude...why are things i could enjoy illegal. Why do the powers that be decide this and that should or shouldnt be done. Only experience gives you those answers.And that takes time and a bit of pain.

(03 Jan '11, 16:12) Monty Riviera

I don't know vey much about crystal meth but I do know that when our awareness is expanded we become aware of those parts of our being that don't serve us too well and as a result those dysfunctional behaviours no longer seem so appealing. If crystal meth users claim to have an expanded awareness, then why would they continue to use something that is so detrimental to their mind and body? I have a feeling the expanded awareness is either very fleeting or just an illusion.


answered 03 Jan '11, 20:12

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You may be voted off the site, your question not part of what we are about. Ursixx gave you a down vote. Dude it's made with battery acid. I am giving your question a down vote as well.


answered 03 Jan '11, 08:43

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@Tom I didn't give it adown vote .I thought my answer was enough of a down vote

(03 Jan '11, 15:50) ursixx
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