For a long time now I have felt the sensation known as getting chills when hearing a really amazing positive story or piece of news, which I can explain as a physical reaction I get because of how awesome the story was.
More recently though, I have noticed I sometimes get chills in the presence of people I don't even know and have no particular feeling toward. For example, sometimes a customer (or customers) browsing in my shop will give me that tingling feeling all over. It is a pleasant feeling and it will last the duration of their visit, whether they converse with me or not. This is not any concern to me, but I have noticed it and more out of curiousity I am asking what you think here. Perhaps I am encountering someone with an exact vibrational match when that happens? Is there something else this could mean?

asked 05 Jan '11, 18:32

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You are picking up strong vibrations from certain people. This is a development of higher communication not normally used. Acknowledge your talents and move on. Just know that you are progressing and try not to be to fixated on it.


answered 05 Jan '11, 23:04

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The Knights Alchemy

I'm accepting this answer because your comment "just know you are progressing and try not to be fixated on it" feels right to me. If this is some sort of sixth sense I want to keep recognizing and tapping into it. Maybe it's a "good person" radar ha,ha.

(06 Jan '11, 21:08) Earthlygoddess

yes @The Knights Alchemy, information in our environment is unconsciously allowed or disallowed by the cell wall of your aura, once it's within the aura this information is first detected by the physical skin the sense of touch ... so you could say @Earthlygoddess yes it's a "good person" radar :)

(25 Apr '14, 05:12) jaz

I get it too and my interpretation is that it's the raising of seomeones (or mine) vibration and exchange of information between our subconsciousnesses or superconsciousnesses or who the hell can tell what else.. x]


answered 05 Jan '11, 22:32

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What other emotions are you feeling when you are having these tingling sensations with these specific people?

If you believe it is a positive vibration match, then, what is it for specifically?

So perhaps, you need to look a little deeper into understanding why you are having this specific sensation ?


answered 06 Jan '11, 08:34

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Inactive User ♦♦

That's the thing Vee, Usually I'm feeling nuetral before it happens, then I feel a pleasant sensation that comes over me and it seems to be from the other person's energy in my vicinity. I've always been sensitive to other's..... It may not be anything. I'm just getting more curious about it with all this learning about vibrations.

(06 Jan '11, 20:51) Earthlygoddess

@ Earthlygoddess: well, it is good to keep an open mind at all times!

(07 Jan '11, 01:59) Inactive User ♦♦

I started getting this a couple of years ago, and I can especially sense people's emotions and what they seem to be thinking. Now I get it more and more frequently. I did a bit of research back then and discovered it was down to having a heightened sense of empathy- or being an 'Empath'.

Now, I'm not really sure but it's a nice feeling..


answered 09 Feb '11, 20:52

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I would agree if you said I am an empath. Can't say for sure if it is connected with the chills, but could be.

(09 Mar '11, 22:21) Earthlygoddess

most likely an exact as possible match of vibrations received to yours on that note of life experience, the spiritual connection


answered 10 Feb '11, 11:39

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I get it alot!!! tingles and chills im so happy to read everyone's post!!! like i noticed it when i was at a pep rally and everyone was cheering and it was so strong and if they got more excited it would grow its just a comforting buzz i love it and i wish it always stays with me <3 I think it makes me a better person it makes me happy and nicer. i hope that i can continue on and grow with it and make it mean more and i do sometimes feel it if i go to a church or when im talking to someone who is excited its so pleasant im young so im hoping to work with it and help it grow


answered 24 Nov '11, 01:28

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I don't think it has to do the your vibration or of other people's vibrations. I feel that tingling sensation all the time. I am alone in my room right now and when I read your post I felt that tingling sensation (like a cold/good tingling feeling of happiness) rush through my body. Thank you for that.



answered 01 Apr '12, 22:23

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I feel a rush down my spine when I seek guidance. I have been experiencing this for at least the last 10 years but I have not shared this with others (except here).

It happens when I am not sure if what I am about to do or the conclusion that I arrived at is correct, so I begin to ask my "self" for verification and this rush of energy comes through me as a confirmation.

It happens every time when I am not sure, and I am quite used to it now.


answered 02 Apr '12, 02:21

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The Traveller

edited 02 Apr '12, 02:32

I get it too. I have for as long as I remember. When I was in kidergarden or elementry school, I couldnt concentrate when my teacher would come over to help me. This is because just her touching my math book to show me a math problem and her talking would almost put me to sleep with the tingling sensation. It feels like an all over body massage, but there's no one touching me. I get it with a lot of people randomly, but certainly not all people. Like today I walked into the police station (for my work I have to work w/ them) and the couple that was in line before me gave me this feeling, and they were standing 4 feet away from me. Weird, but I like it.


answered 18 Mar '13, 16:41

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I honestly don't know, but as long as the feelings are positive all is well.


answered 05 Jan '11, 21:58

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I think your body/brain is releasing different chemicals based on your perception of the person.

See this (negative) example

In the attraction of sexes there are all sorts of chemicals and feeling involved.

Not sure what you full situation is....


answered 05 Jan '11, 22:42

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Good point b2b. We often look at things from purely an emotional and spiritual slant. We forget that we have one foot in a physical world,and chemicals DO effect us on that plane.

(06 Jan '11, 13:25) Monty Riviera

Well, I can't comment on the tinging sensation but on the chills I can. It could simply be the Spirit of Truth letting you know that what the other person or persons are saying are the truth. Pay attention and check it out I am talking about the chills that you referred too.

There may be a Spirit of Truth dwelling inside of you letting you know the truth when you hear it now not all of the time it will react but it chooses when it wants you to know this is the truth. Now it may not be this it may be something else. But as you pay attention to how and when you get these chills or sensations you will learn more.

By the way are they chills some times and sensations other times or is it both chills and sensations at the same times?

The Spirit of Truth comes from God who is in Heaven the That I Am God.


answered 07 Jan '11, 06:23

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I don't want to get too hung up on definitions - chills, a tingling sensation, it is hard for me to explain it. It just washes over me very quickly and must have to do with my intuition, some inner signal. Maybe as I become more aware and in tune with myself I'll be better at pinpointing the meaning of this.

(08 Jan '11, 22:56) Earthlygoddess

I have been wondering quite sometime about getting these similar chills. They tend to start in the middle of my back, below my shoulder blades and radiate out then around my arms toward the front of my body. Sometimes it is down the back of my legs. It happens frequently at night before I sleep but also at random times. I do think I am an empath and think it is somehow related. I thought it was a connection with one person I have a strong resonance with, like when they thought about or talked about me... Ooh just got a good strong shiver there.... Hmmm... I don't know what to think, but it is amazing to have such sensations, but they happen enough yet sporadically enough to wonder what it is telling me. Interpretation seems to be the hard part. Do you see repetitive numbers in digital clocks at all? Strange question, I know, but thought I should ask. While Writing this i have been experiencing major chills. Interesting. I'd love to know more


answered 10 Feb '11, 07:04

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many times i experience this tingling sensation when people talk about the goodness of God and sometimes when i try to help out with distressed people. I think this is God's way of encouraging us to move in the right direction. It is an applause from heaven! Enjoy it, it means the good Lord is pleased with you.


answered 16 Sep '11, 11:40

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The other day I was laying with my boyfriend and we both experienced this exact tingling sensation, almost as if our bodies were being tickled from the inside. We felt kind of like we were glowing and we both have never felt it before and felt it at the same time. It was an indescribable feeling, i felt invincible laying there looking at him. Whats this mean???


answered 08 Jan '14, 00:45

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Sounds like true love

(08 Jan '14, 03:51) ursixx
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