I experienced this recently and do experience it sometimes too. Thought posting the question here would be the right thing to do. I suddenly started feeling low and could not identify the reason. I was among so many friends talking, joking, watching TV but still felt I am lonely. I could not understand the reason. I called my friend online for a chat so may be I could feel better and he asked me for the reason and so I made up one. Then a next friend came online and he asked me again and I gave him another reason. Actually, none of them were the reasons. I am still feeling the same way.

Has anybody experienced such moments? Can anybody help me to know what this is and how does it impact my life?

asked 09 Jan '10, 19:34

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I haven't experienced this sort of thing for a number of years - but I used to experience it alot.

The following may (or may not) apply to your particular situation but I'll share it anyway because someone may find it useful. :)

I think these sorts of negative bursts of emotion happen during a time of transition in your life.

During these times, you sense glimpses of another world for yourself where you can experience joy, power and abundance but you are still living a physical reality where those things do not yet dominate your attention.

So you get reminded occasionally of where you are, rather than where you are heading, perhaps at a subliminal level, and it can knock you back a bit when you notice the difference.

And because your sensitivity is on the increase, it can feel more painful to look at where you are than it used to when it was your habitual thought pattern.

I think the solution is not to get too involved in where the feeling came from - because you'll just eventually drag yourself back there - but rather to keep bringing yourself back again to focusing on the joyous life ahead of you and all the good things you have in your life right now - even if you have to do that again, and again, and again...

Eventually, you will reach a tipping point where everything suddenly changes and these kinds of feelings just become things of the past and, even if they do recur, they will seem so alien to your new joyous life experience that they will fade as quickly as they arise without any conscious effort on your part.


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I think I understand what you mean Stingray. I am able to relate what you say with what was going on at the moment. Thanks!

(11 Jan '10, 09:28) Perfection

Just what I needed to hear today! :)

(29 Mar '11, 14:56) Nikki777

Glad it was helpful for you, Nikki777

(29 Mar '11, 21:52) Stingray

Great post. Really nice. I agree. I allow these types of thoughts to pass, and although I notice them, I don't give any power and they tend to move on. I find the less power you give to unwanted thoughts, the less they frequent your mind, so you can carry on with thinking about what you do want.

(27 Jun '13, 13:12) figure8shape

Good...enjoyed that one.

(05 Jul '13, 01:49) Monty Riviera
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Sometimes there are things that can happen in your environment that will trigger a latent engram -- a feeling about some painful memory in your past. The cause for the feeling is not always obvious, because all you get is the feeling...You don't always get the reason behind the feeling.

The trigger can be very innocuous...something like a smell or a sound.

If you want to know what's behind the feeling, you can try something like Eugene Gendlin's focusing method. This will allow you to put words to the feeling, and often you can get at the root cause. Once you know what is causing the feeling, you can often release it.


answered 09 Jan '10, 20:00

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Hello there:) whilst I cannot help you identify what it is and I feel there are people far knowledgeable than me to answer this part of your question, I can say that you are not alone.

All I can say is that, if it were me, which it isn’t [I dislike presuming over anything], I would think there are 2 things I can do with this thought. I can either think about it and try to find out what is causing it, like if it’s something important, or, I can flip from the unhappy scary terror feelings it’s giving me, to something positive instead. I would go on my own ‘gut instinct’ as to which of these it is.

Yes, I get these moments too, they are moments of absolute panic, fear and dread; it floods through me.. and feel inside that at any moment I am going to have some sort of panic attack. I tell myself “stop, it will pass”.

I feel inside that my moments like this are to do with the change in me, so I do not investigate them. Instead I have 2 or 3 mental prompts, visual pictures/ideas of things I want to achieve [goals] that are positive and I hold them in my mind for at least 30 seconds because by then the fear subsides and passes.. and is gone.

I am now going to look up Eugene’s focusing method because if there is one thing I have learned in this past month, it’s that this board is full of helpful people who have helpful information and are happy to pass it on. It also helps to stop me feeling that I am alone in all this. It’s like having your very own safety blanket online:) I count myself damn 'lucky' that I have this support.


answered 09 Jan '10, 22:32

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Thanks DivinHammer, good to know that i am not alone! But yes, thinking about what I want to acheive helps a lot. Finally on that day i started a CD of one of my role models and then I could sleep.. :)

(11 Jan '10, 09:29) Perfection

I get this feeling sometimes also. When I first noticed it happening a couple of years ago, before I found any of this metaphysical stuff, I would get this really bad feeling and then start adding worrying thoughts to it, compounding the situation. Since then, I have learned EFT- Emotional Freedom Technique. It is a fast, effective way to eliminate negative emotions, fears, obsessive thoughts, limiting beliefs, etc... I have been able to get relief from these thoughts that come up. I more recently learned FasterEFT. I also have noticed that I first get this feeling before I am aware of any accompanying thoughts or emotions, it's just a bad sensation in my body, especially my stomach and chest. So I now apply the FasterEFT at that moment, and I don't even have to label the feeling, I just have to let it go while tapping. Very fast, easy and effective. I am excited about my future and being able to release negative feelings, changing my future for the better. Peace and blessings,


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Fairy Princess

God Bless you for bumping this question up today! :)

(29 Mar '11, 14:56) Nikki777

I experienced something similar. I'm staying in Hostel.One day I was having food in mess with many around,suddenly some sort of feeling aroused in my mind.the last normal way i felt before the feeling arouse was when i noticed a group of boys laughing loudly---suddenly a feeling of sorrow,fear began to grow --feeling like something is going to happen...suddenly i heard a big sound..a boy who was among the laughing ones fell down as the chair he was sitting broke ...then again some dish(steel vessel) fell down with huge noise.


answered 05 Aug '13, 14:40

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Yes, negative vibrations are considered to be an attack of spiritual war fare, happening all around us, and your body was responding to the negative stimulation that you picked and was feeling, and experiencing! It is not uncommon, but it is not talked about a lot!


answered 02 Apr '11, 05:11

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