When books speak of going through an inner journey into the self to find the answers to the nature of reality or to move the consciousness inward within the non-physical interior of the universe...what does it mean? what are the steps to do it?

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Going inward simply means taking the path of introspection or self contemplation. We can never change anyone else so it is futile to try. The only person we have the power to change is ourself. By beginning a journey of introspection we begin to see how we operate on this physical plane and what is working in our life and what isn't.

We can't change something until we become aware of it, so the greatest gift we can give ourself is to create more self awareness. The best way I have found to do this is to quiet the egoic mind by meditating. By doing this you will get to observe the thoughts that come in and out of your consciousness and will eventually start to let go of the ones that do not serve you.

Mindful meditation can also be practiced in waking moments. Carefully watch how you interact and react in your daily interactions with others. Try to do this from a totally unbias perspective - in other words don't judge yourself when you make a mistake or don't like what you're doing ( This does take quite a bit of practice but does become easier over time ). You will reach a point where you realize at a deep level that your usual reaction does not serve you well and you will begin to respond from a different perspective.It almost seems like the dysfunctional behaviour falls away by itself as opposed to you trying to get rid of it.

This is a process that does take time to master, the key is not to judge yourself along the way and forgive yourself when you slip up.

Forgiveness is one of the greatest gifts we can give ourself and can only be done by taking that journey inward. We are able to free ourself from past constraints and finally step into living in the present to begin creating a future that we want.


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Michaela, What a Fantastic Answer! Thank you for sharing your deep understanding. Your description through the word "introspection" is perfect. Love the point "the dysfunctional behavior falls away by itself" (actually in every sentence, you make a great point!)

(08 Jan '11, 16:33) The Traveller

Thanks Traveller for the uplifting feedback and you're very welcome :)

(08 Jan '11, 21:25) Michaela

Yes Michaela, a very nice and accurate discription. You rock :)

(09 Jan '11, 13:09) Eddie

Thank you Eddie :)

(10 Jan '11, 19:26) Michaela
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it's an emotional journey , often snagged by resistances but also by the pleasure of the release of energy when you finally "understand=feel " the answers , a bit like living a psycho-analysis .

a problem can be compared with a large knotted piece of string that once untied allows the energy to flow freely .


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blubird two

The secret of the inner journey rest within you, and it is your own personal journey that only you and you alone can experience from within, since no one else can have your inner journey but you! Therefore the inner journey is a very spiritual and individual thing, and it is a unique experience for everyone!

The inner journey can both be outwards, and inwards, and this is how we know when something is working or not. The Non-physical aspects of things are spiritual, and we cannot see it physically, but we are aware that it exists spiritually. So the work done by the non-physical entity is usually communicate through a physical being a person, to get the message out to the people.

Learn to quiet your mind, and focus your thoughts on the things that you desire, and meditate on it, be still and be one with the one consciousness. If you listen to your inner consciousness you can never go wrong, but if you choose to listen to ego you might be led astray!


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TA, in practice, we don't just go inward -- we also go UPWARD -- ever improving and becoming closer to who we truly are, and what we are best qualified to do in our long and glorious universe career... The long journey not only brings us closer to God, but also makes us stronger and more REAL in the character and personality that He gave us to BE... God did these things for us, so that we could live in and with Him and progressively reveal our true self to His other children along the way.

But, as wonderfully enlightening and exciting as the growth process is, don't expect it to be easy...

God designed the process to be difficult, so that we would be constantly challenged to be our BEST, at what he uniquely and individually designed us to be... Never forget...! This world is just the first rung, of an incomprehensibly long ladder, that brings us from this relatively squalid human condition, to the inexhaustible beauty and truth of everlasting life.

That's why we start our journey by living this difficult human life, on this difficult to improve physical planet... That's why there is no growth without conflict... As you may have already experienced -- this ego-centric human-animal does not like to change... Thus our loyalties will not be exercised on behalf of the great, the good, the true and the noble without a fight.

Fight for this goal TA...! Just making the courageous and wholehearted decision to start now, will put you well on your way to understanding and actually experiencing the eternal-supernal joy of living....

Start NOW!


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The Prophet

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There are different steps for going inwards. For me, meditation in conjunction with mental yoga proved helpful. The thing is, you have to be ready first, and then, you'll figure out or stumble upon what suits you best. It could happen through/while chanting, dansing, listening to drum beats.........

Thank you, namaste


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