Human beings - as a race- spend so much energy (and time) running in circles for what we want to manifest instead of experiencing what we have, I wonder, why doesn't the Universe/Source/God just get rid of all the resistance and let everyone have what they want in the NOW?

The 'getting rid of resistance' seems to be the condition(al) to manifesting!

It seems an unnecessary hardship considering we already have everything we would ever need:) but the experiencing of it will escape 99% of the humans (I am guessing) and it always seems to be:

  • Do this to get that
  • Ah, but not that way, you've to do it this way
  • Oh, you did it right, but for those limiting beilief's.
  • Good, you got rid of the limiting belief's now you need to 'allow'
  • Yes, but did you 'allow' it all the time?
  • You did? But did you peek in the box?

You know... I am trying to understand why it should be like jumping through the hoops. Repeatedly:)

There's always something in the way...seems a system designed not to reach there:)

I understand how this works spiritually, but, from the Universe' point of view, it'd be much more satisfying to let everyone have whatever they want now! The Universe will get more data this way:))

By 'resistance' I mean all the things (negative energy, not being in the vortex, not in the 'now' etc.) that stands in between manifestations (including non-material like love etc.)

I am not asking what and how to get rid of the resistance, also not questioning whether LOA works or not, I know it does! This is simply to understand why so and for sake of the discussion lets avoid extreme examples like 'then there would be killings, murders, World domination' and such:)

Btw, the question came to mind after watching this Bashar video:

asked 18 Jul '12, 01:22

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My understanding of how why the universe is designed the way it is has been explained very well here in this answer provided by Stingray:

(18 Jul '12, 02:26) Pink Diamond

@Pink Diamond, thank you for the link. Fascinating stuff, I was wondering why anyone else hasn't thought of this question:) Thanks again

(18 Jul '12, 08:34) Xoomaville

@Xoomaville, LOL! Don't worry, I didn't even catch that connection, and I asked that other question!

Your Bashar clip is perfect. Anyone learning delberate manifestation needs to hear it, I think.

(18 Jul '12, 11:38) Grace

@Grace :))

(19 Jul '12, 00:04) Xoomaville
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it'd be much more satisfying to let everyone have whatever they want now! The Universe will get more data this way:))

Not sure that I would agree with that.

You are already a multi-dimensional consciousness that can "have" everything it wants.

That's old's've been there, done that, got the T-shirt :)

"Data" for the Universe comes about from experiencing different perspectives.

So you are now experiencing the perspective of limitation and it's of great value to "All That Is" even if from a purely physical point of view, you can't comprehend completely what the value is.

The important quality of unlimitedness is the ability to limit itself! Do you see? Only that which is unlimited may limit itself. If it could not limit itself, it would be limited in nature! Without limits there is no existence and without existence there is no experience. Experience is the only reason for the creation of a universe.

The Guys - from Why have we accepted limitations on our existence?

Your physical reward for playing in this limited perspective is that you get the chance to experience joy from the physical perspective...a delicious experience that simply cannot be experienced in any non-physical dimension.

And joy is a by-product of natural expansion caused by new desire being launched.

Resistance only comes about from your own unwillingness to go along with the expansion.

So if you are experiencing "resistance" that makes you feel life is "unnecessary hardship" instead of an endless series of joyful moments, it's really not the Universe's fault at's yours :)


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''s really not the Universe's fault at's yours':( and I thought you were my well wisher @Stingray?...just kidding. I gotta read that link about The usual you may have thrown a short, crisp and bright light on one of many mysteries of the Universe...will report back after reading The Guys:)

(18 Jul '12, 09:24) Xoomaville

@Xoomaville - I don't mean You as in Xoomaville, I mean the generic "You" as in the entire human race, of course :) Interesting that I could actually clearly feel your emotional reaction to that (unintentional) statement after posting it :) IQ is an interesting place.

(18 Jul '12, 09:30) Stingray

@Stingray, ha ha ha I was kidding, okay maybe that was my knee-jerk reaction:) It's a revelation for me that there are many entities like Abraham, Bashar and now The Guys:) I thought Abraham was pretty much it. (my first exposure was them so maybe that's why) thanks for the link...

On the side note, a very boring, planet earth question is how are you getting the bold and italics in your comments?:)

(18 Jul '12, 09:44) Xoomaville

@Stingray, nice, I feel like being on a highway of the universe's knowledge. I just wrote that in comments, hit the refresh button, see your post, bang. Instant clarification of what I said. lol. I find it fascinating, apart from believing there is a specific purpose for such a fast clarification of my own beliefs. I can feel something's ahead of me and the universe doesn't want me to slow down right now. ;-)

(18 Jul '12, 09:47) CalonLan

..I am absolutely fascinated by discoveries going down this rabbit hole:) It's addictive!!

(18 Jul '12, 09:47) Xoomaville

@Xoomaville, same as you do in your post. Use * for italic and ** for bold right in front and right after a word or a sentence that you want to enhance with it ;)

(18 Jul '12, 09:49) CalonLan

@Xoomaville - There are many, many "entities" and more all the time. I started putting together a list here: Does anyone have a complete or comprehensive list of entities that are rumored to exist in this world? You have to pick and choose what resonates with you and ditch the rest. Different entities address different belief systems so there's no point trying to decipher teachings that don't fit in with yours.

(18 Jul '12, 09:51) Stingray

@Xoomaville - For bold, surround the word with two asterisks. For italics, surround the word with one asterisk.

(18 Jul '12, 09:52) Stingray

@Stingray, You have an answer (and a list!) for everything, amazing:) Thanks for that list and the tip....wonderful rabbit hole as I said:)

(18 Jul '12, 10:00) Xoomaville

@Xoomaville, isn't it though? I think the very best part may be that it just never ends. We can go on like this indefinitely. Love that. :)

(18 Jul '12, 11:19) Grace

@Grace, indeed, it may never end as its supposed to or not to:) But in my little life this is a great great time as I am here on IQ discussing, dissecting, asking, answering and still be able to play the 'game' in the physical World:) It doesn't matter what we believe from what we read from here, it's an experience in itself:)...hope you're enjoying the ride as well:)

(18 Jul '12, 11:41) Xoomaville

@Xoomaville, I certainly am. This is actually one of the best times I can remember in my life.

(18 Jul '12, 11:56) Grace

... And it's getting better and better. ;) I think I may finally be learning to let go. My revelation the other morning seems to have broken off some lock or barrier in me. I look in the mirror, and honestly, sounds silly, but my eyes look different. I feel different. Good. I feel really, really good. But more a peaceful, satisfied good rather than ecstatically excited good, you know?

(18 Jul '12, 12:10) Grace

Although, I have been very excited about some things recently. I was saying to CalonLan this morning, I have begun to really experience the journey being the true destination. Its as liberating as heck, and I'm happy. :)

(18 Jul '12, 12:10) Grace

@grace, soo happy to see you positive and happy:) I feed off on this positivity you know, that's my little secret:) Doesn't reading/hearing others happy make you feel good? It just makes my day:)

(19 Jul '12, 00:52) Xoomaville

@Xoomaville - Thank you, and the same to you, my high-flying, happy blip. ;)

Yes, this kind of comment hurls me into the vortex, regardless of where I was when I logged in. And I do know your little secret, so I will now tell you one of mine... I hoard these posts like a miser in an email file called IQ. I open them up and pour over them when I have need. So thanks for adding in to my precious stash. My Xoomaville pile is getting bigger....heh heh heh...

(19 Jul '12, 12:00) Grace

@Grace, collective positive consciousness brigade:))

(19 Jul '12, 15:27) Xoomaville

@Xoomaville - That works. Lets run with that. :)


(19 Jul '12, 15:47) Grace

well stingray resistance can come from the out side from other people choice. but you are not responsible of their choice they are responsible. your only responsability is how you let it affect you. make the choice to learn from it to better your self. and be the light that you can be. experience and enjoy.

(20 Jul '12, 19:31) white tiger
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Because the universe gives you options and opportunities. But it's your responsibility to take action on them. There would be no point in living, if universe would live your life for you.

Assume following - god gave you TV. And he provided you with option of watching up to 500 channels on it, he even gave you a remote control so that you don't have to stand up from your couch. Now if you are watching a channel you don't enjoy, why would you assume the universe will switch the channel for you? It's your responsibility to take the action and press the button. You already have the options and opportunities to LIVE without RESISTANCE NOW. Just press the button and manifest the channel that plays what you desire, will you?

Because it's the same thing with manifestation, it's already there. You just don't see it. 'Cause you're stuck on a wrong channel. So take your remote control and do your job. Maybe you'll have to search a bit through channels (finding limiting beliefs, getting rid of them, allowing) before you find the one that you feel great about. But that's the journey throughout which you'll see the world and experience a lot of stuff.

Each time we choose to do something different from what we usually do and don't find satisfying, we are pressing the button on the remote control and tuning into a different channel! :)

P.S.: the universe receives 'data' from any experience, bad or good. It's not a biased entity that would prefer one over another. So he's there pretty neutral. It's your choice what kind of data will you provide back to the universe.


answered 18 Jul '12, 02:23

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edited 18 Jul '12, 02:58

@CalonLan, Agree with what you are saying. And very nice use of TV remote for illustration:) Maybe I did not articulate my question clear enough... I am much more talking to about the human beings, universally, since the time memorial, struggling with some basic things like grief, hatred, power, jealousy, money etc. seeking love, peace etc., It would make sense to just deliver that...

(18 Jul '12, 09:09) Xoomaville

...I understand its not a question of good or bad. What I am trying to understand is that, if we are getting all these messages for LOA, Vortex would've been simple (in human language) to just give us that alignment (I know wishful thinking but) these are universal, across the time periods. Like Happiness, peaceful mind, positivity etc. (even if we disregard material manifestations) is desired by everyone:)

(18 Jul '12, 09:14) Xoomaville

..I also understand the argument that for example if there was no sadness, we would not appreciate happiness, if there was no negativity, we would not appreciate positivity etc. But, if we were just given these good (for lack of better word) things by default, we wouldn't have any need to compare, we wouldn't have an alternative to compare it know what I mean...I hope I am not confusing the whole thing:)

(18 Jul '12, 09:16) Xoomaville

@Xoomaville, it's a world of dualities. If you were just given happiness, how would you know it if you have never experienced sadness? If someone loved you, you won't value it until you know what's it's like to be hated. Thanks to war you can see value of peace, thanks to materialism you can see value of spirituality and other way around. You need one to recognize the other. And in the process of recognition, you become aware. You're not blind and ignorant anymore. If you don't learn, you'll...

(18 Jul '12, 09:21) CalonLan

...arrive at the same place over and over again in life. Until you open your eyes and realizes what life was trying to teach you all the time. It's like the universe telling you. Hey man, you've arrived at 'sadness', happiness is the other way. The universe gives you all the signs, they are at every turn and crossroad in life. But we ignore them. Still the God gives you options, which turn you take is your decision. By putting us into uncomfortable state of being, the universe forces us to...

(18 Jul '12, 09:24) CalonLan

...learn from them and thus to improve and grow. And as we grow, we become greater and greater and life in return becomes easier and easier to go through and enjoy. You can go from life full of 'bad sh*t' happening to you, to all the great stuff you'd never imagine. But you gotta learn those lessons bad things are teaching. Don't ignore the lessons, learn and grow to awesome life. :)

(18 Jul '12, 09:29) CalonLan

@Xoomaville, thought only the first paragraph was all you wrote, my bad, so I reacted on the thing you have highlighted in following ones. Anyway, you might have heard saying 'the grass is always greener on the other side'.. I think it has something to do with curiosity within us. If you look throughout history, people seem just so sparked up to find out if things can be better, faster, stronger. I mean that's how we evolve. We don't settle and stagnate, maybe because stagnation is source...

(18 Jul '12, 09:34) CalonLan

...of frustration we want to avoid it. And if we were stuck in happy state and be OK with it, never wondering if we could ever be happier. (Actually even being happy could be put on scale from mild happiness to like crazy-crazy-happiness) we would never evolve. And because we'd never evolve, we'd never experience anything new. And if we didn't experience....what would the point of living in the first place be? ... It's when you stop, you die... So I see these bad and good sides, as walls off...

(18 Jul '12, 09:36) CalonLan

...which we can bounce, ever ensuring an act of moving..forward, backward, sideways...doesn't matter, but we are still living thanks to all these dualities and experiencing life fuller than we experienced it yesterday...or emptier, but then we know one day was better than the other, so we learn from it and ensure tomorrow's gonna be the best one so far.

(18 Jul '12, 09:40) CalonLan

@CalonLan, very well said my friend:) stuck in happy state and be OK with it, never wondering if we could ever be happier. I would have been the first to question that, like is that it with the Happiness?:) Makes sense now:) Also thanks for the tip with italics.

(18 Jul '12, 09:58) Xoomaville

My thought too, would there be any point to physically manifesting ourselves if we had nothing different to experience ?

(18 Jul '12, 10:57) Starlight

@Starlight, although I know what you are saying, but just for racking our brains, think, if we did not have anything different to experience, if there was no alternative, no options ever (meaning we did NOT EVEN KNOW), there would be no need for any manifestations. Level playing field! Everything would be equal! You may think that'd be boring because you now have a privilege of knowing there are alternatives. But if those were removed? See where I am coming from..a different angle:)

(18 Jul '12, 11:47) Xoomaville

Xooma , lol, that is exactly what i meant , though , seems I either wrote it the wrong way , or tongue in cheek ;-), you read it the wrong way xxxx

(18 Jul '12, 12:02) Starlight

@Satrlight, oops, you know for a moment I thought you are seeing it my way too, but I had to take it the other bad:)

(19 Jul '12, 00:49) Xoomaville
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Maybe a few years ago I would have totally agreed with the point you are trying to make because It took me quite a while to understand the purpose of being alive and existence in general. The easiest possible way is always the best. But sometimes there are different perspectives to the word easy or even to the words resistance free.

Your question is coming from a human perspective, and in the broad scope of things, this particular perspective can be very limiting and the focus on being human and only human can blur what the bigger picture of the universe has in mind.

The universe wants expansion and growth. If there were no resistance to work through then there would be no growth. We chose to come into this illusionary 3-D existence to sift and sort through the contrast so that we can expand our consciousness.

If deliberate creation or manifestation eludes 99% of the people on this planet, then it is each and every one of those human beings choice to create that scenario into their experience. The key word in all of this comes down to a "choice." We freely have the choice to create the world we decide to live in. We all chose to come to earth at this timing for a particular reason. If we wanted a resistance free planet to incarnate on, I gather that there are probably an infinite number of destinations we could have decided upon.

Whoever is on this green and blue sphere right now decided to be here for a reason. We wanted the contrast and resistance. We wanted the drama and conflict. We wanted the pain and suffering. Some of us may have even wanted the easy way of a resistance free life. It really was just a choice. Resistance is a choice, and so it is a part of the whole.

Here's a spur of the moment example just to make my point...

Let's say that the majority of my current life has been a struggle in all aspects. Let's also say that I had a previous incarnation where I was extremely wealthy, completely healthy, and everything in my life was perfect and resistance free.

So now in this life I want to start off early with limiting beliefs, resistance to allowing, and being a snoop looking inside of boxes that I know are not allowed. I go on doing this for years and years until the contrast and resistance pushes me to a breaking point. I either have a choice of continuing down this ugly path or taking the other fork in the road.

I decide on the other more positive and uplifting fork. Things start getting better and better in my life. I'm getting things I want more often because this thing we make a big hairy deal out of called resistance isn't all that hard to get rid of if we just start focusing on how we feel in this very moment at all times.

Now I feel great because I did this all on my own. I didn't need the resistance free automatic pilot switch to be set since that's not what this planet called earth is about for a lot of beings who chose to incarnate here. I realize that it feels so good to have overcome so many things and to be living my fun filled life in the now moment.

I am so very appreciative and it's all that much sweeter because I know how my life started, and look how much it's changed because of my focus on my feeling place.

That's the best example I can give on how the perspective of resistance can be viewed as a good thing if it is turned upside down and you allow your energy to flow. I personally would prefer to work through the resistance and come out on top with the feeling of exhilarating accomplishment then to be handed everything all wrapped up with a nice shiny bow.

Maybe I feel this way because my story above is somewhat similar to my real life and I can appreciate the resistance in my past because it has completely shot me into so many unexpected directions of excitement and passion. It's really fun to have a choice in life!


answered 20 Jul '12, 03:24

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with out obstacle you could not learn and progress and grow. i totally agree put you to the test.experience and enjoy.

(20 Jul '12, 19:26) white tiger

@Cory, thanks for very uplifting (to me) answer. ...only human can blur what the bigger picture of the universe has in mind. - A great reminder! Your story makes perfect sense:)

(21 Jul '12, 01:38) Xoomaville

i will give you a simple answer duality. you could not experience one with out the other. as for the system part the human specie created this system. every thing you see made by human is human choice. what you do not like is the error the imbalence and the lack of cooperation to solve problem in this world. but many make the choice to compete and to step on anny one standing on their way and they do not care about their action and what it is causing. what they care about is money,power,pleasure. eventually things will change.this specie will evolve. i know you will say why not now. well do not ask God.God as given us free will and we are all responsible of our own free will. ask the people in power in this world. they are the one that affect the majority. but you know what those people in power are doing that to have what they want now. so try to fix this you will need a very good plan to make every one cooperate to get what they all want now. at the human personnal level it might be more easy for people that are content with little and are more responsible. but not as much for people in power that need a castle,10 cars, airplane,boat,helicopter,big bank account etc. annyway experience and enjoy.


answered 19 Jul '12, 00:47

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white tiger

edited 19 Jul '12, 00:57


@white tiger, you are absolutely correct and I agree. Hopefully, as you say, our species will change and change for good:) Thanks WT, your answers are always insightful.

(19 Jul '12, 00:56) Xoomaville

According to the Bible, there is nothing new under the sun. So everything is/was all at once. We are experiencing it linearly through time and space in our physical bodies. At any moment along the timeline, in our physical bodies, we only have Now. The past and future are with us only in our minds.

However, when we recreate the past and precreate the future in our minds, our bodies have the physical reaction as if it were happening. So if it is a stressful event, our bodies go into fight, flight or freeze. If it is an exciting event, our body creates adreneline, and other responses. If it is joyful, our body created endorphins, and other responses. So we get to choose which physical responses we have by what types of stimulus we give our bodies by way of our thoughts.

Each different 'state' that we are in, also gives us different 'lenses' to see through. When we are wearing fight flight or freeze glasses, what we see and what is available to us is different in that moment than if we were wearing the happy glasses. These different lenses allow us to see completely different 'worlds' than someone next to us wearing different lenses. Like when you wear 3D glasses in a 3D movie, it looks way different than to the one next to them with no 3D glasses.

Everything is already there waiting for us to put on the right glasses to be able to see it and have access to it. Like the light spectrum, there is a range that we can see, but that doesn't mean the other light frequencies don't exist.

For example, some kids are playing in the woods. The sticks and stones they find become a playhouse and whatever play things they can imagine wearing those lenses. Then they decide they want some action, so the sticks and stones become action toys like imaginary guns and radios and whatever their imagination comes up with wearing those lenses. Then along comes a cougar! Those sticks go up in the air to make them bigger. The rocks become weapons of deffense against the attacker, whatever they can imagine wearing those glasses. These same sticks and rocks were seen differently while wearing different glasses. Now instead of the cougar, a tall gnarly looking man walks up to the kids playing with their sticks and rocks in the woods. This man is a perceived threat to some of the kids who begin a fight, flight or freeze response and want to hit the man with the sticks and rocks, but the kid who knows this man as Dad doesn't have the same reaction. She runs up joyfully and shows off her AK37 that looks like a stick to her dad. So in this situation, the same kids, the same sticks and rocks, the same man, but different lenses, different reaction, different experiences.

So really, the only resistance is perceived mentally, a hollogram. To change what we have access to, we need to change our lenses. Our lenses are made of our beliefs and our emotions and beliefs about our beliefs.


answered 20 Jul '12, 10:56

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Fairy Princess

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@Fairy Princess, great example of sticks and rocks. This helps me to hold the premise of ' the only resistance is perceived mentally, a hollogram' in my mind consciously:) Thank you

(21 Jul '12, 01:35) Xoomaville

@Xoomaville Glad it helped.

(21 Jul '12, 08:43) Fairy Princess
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