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I have flashes of time when I fall back into old thinking and doubt God. Is this normal? Does everyone doubt God at times? Most of the time, I am fine. But stress and troubles sometimes make me backslide. Help me by sharing with me times you had doubt.

Thanks, Blessings, and Love,>>>>>>>Jai

EDIT December 5, 2013

This is a time in my life when I seem to be "standing still"- Whether that is In God or Not in God, I do not know. I thought that I would describe this time to you, and see if you could relate to this. I know that even Saints have had their moments. You can look this fact up yourself, I am sure. But I am no Saint. I am ordinary in every way. Inside me, though, God seems quiescent. Not gone, but not Ever-Present as He has been in the Past, at least, at times.

I believe that Feeling God-Within ebbs and flows like the Tide. Perhaps I am wrong. It would be a hard state to maintain in the face of difficulties such as dealing with my diabetes, which is acting up right now. I am worried and my life has been disrupted by drops in my sugar- drops below what is even close to safe. But I continue to try and have Faith, but am uninspired to read anything Spiritual at all. This distresses me...but I am trying to maintain my Faith despite this. I am sure the desire will return to me again. This is because I have come to know that Ebb and Flow, which I spoke of earlier.

I am happy to say that with time, I have grown in Faith, I guess. I do not doubt God anymore. It feels more like sometimes I am tuned into some other channel other than His on the great TV of the sky- or should I say, "Flat-Screen"??? (LOL!) But I know that others Doubt God, and some even say He is Not There At All- or worse, that God actually hates them!

So, please feel free to update, or respond to this important question. t is important because People from all over the World at times Doubt God, and I am sure would be interested in knowing how you handle this trying and troubling state.

Thanks, Blessings, and Love (again),

Jaianniah ♥♥♥

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I just realized that I posted this question on a Sunday morning...when a lot of people are at church! LOL :)

(20 Mar '11, 16:20) Jaianniah

Jai, I went to answer this, but don't know if you mean doubt God in that He doesn't exist, or that He won't or can't do something?

(21 Mar '11, 02:20) Fairy Princess

I know that God exists- I just sometimes wonder if He is with me or not...Does that help?

(21 Mar '11, 07:18) Jaianniah

good question........

(21 Mar '11, 19:28) Back2Basics
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Yes Jai, it is very normal and human to have doubt. Remember we only have access to a very small portion of our true self here on earth. So it can be difficult at times to understand some of the experiences we present ourselves with (by that I mean in our own little world and the bigger world around us). Hence, when we have difficulty understanding something, this can give rise to doubt. It’s all part of our growth.

Thankfully the God/Source that I know does not judge/blame us for our little setbacks.


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Susan 1

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Normally, with most people ,, there are too many thoughts when you hear the word God,, if you see him as I do it is impossible NOT to believe in him,, here is the best explanation of God I have ever heard.. this book is the ONLY other channeled material I ever listen to, I try not to read any other channellers stuff because I do not want it to interfere with my subconsciousness communication process that is involved with the channeling I do,,
I hope this helps
love n light,

"God is more than the sum of all the probable systems of reality he has created ,and yet he is within each one of these, without exception. He is therefore within each man and women , he is also within each spider, shadow and frog, and this is what man does not like to admit. God can only be experienced, and you experience him whether or not u realize it through your own existence. In the most inexpiable truth, he is not human in your terms at all, nor in your terms is he a personality. Your ideas of personality are too limited to contain the facets of his multidimensional existence,,"
................Seth Speaks, The Eternal Validity of the Soul......
Channeled by Jane Robberts
Recorded by Robert Butts
Material by Seth


answered 20 Mar '11, 21:40

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TReb Bor yit-NE

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Again brother @ursixx Thanks for the edit lol.

(02 Jun '13, 10:20) TReb Bor yit-NE

@Treb Bor yit-NE- A lovely definition/description of God..I hope this post finds you okay. I hope and pray your son improves. I miss you here, but certainly understand your moving onwards. Be at peace, be as happy as you can be. Wade and I are following you on FB. God bless!❤

(11 Dec '17, 20:15) Jaianniah

I think we all have times in our life Jai when we let doubt creep in. It seems it's always there lurking and ready to emerge when we're feeling vulnerable or under stress. The key is to be aware and refuse to give it the time of day.

It's how we react in those vulnerable times or in the face of adversity that determines how much and how fast we grow. When we can resist that voice of doubt and refuse to give it air time, our faith is strengthened. The more we can stay alert to Mr. doubtful, the less he will come calling... and eventually he'll crawl back into the hole he came from and stay there.

Awareness is the key... at least when you're aware that you're doubting, you're not fully caught up in it. And you have created a space to change your mind and not listen to the voice of doubt.The more you can practice becoming aware of it, in the moment, the less of a hold it will have on you... becoming that witness or observer really requires practice but is well worth the effort. Dysfunctional behaviours just seem to drop away... you can't do something that doesn't serve you and do it with awareness.


answered 20 Mar '11, 23:56

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Hello Jai, doubting "God" is doubting ourselves ...

have a great day


answered 03 Jan '12, 23:35

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blubird two

This is really a great answer blu ... We are all God...

(04 Jun '13, 01:31) ele

God is everywhere, therefore He is always with you. The Bible promises that He will never leave us. The Bible also says that God is love. Therefore God is always surrounding us with love. The only thing left to do, is accept it, feel it, embrace it. Let it wash over you, giving you a feeling of being in love, excitement, joy, peace.

Sometimes we attract things or people into our lives that seem unpleasant. It is an opportunity to look inside and see what it is that you must believe to be experience this right now. This feedback allows us to make adjustments to our thinking, beliefs that will allow us to get back into the feeling of the presence, the love of God. We can use EFT to eliminate the fears, limiting beliefs, negative emotions that are keeping us from feeling the love of God.

Every day decide to look for examples of God's love or God's greatness for miracles.

Love you Jai

Oh, and to answer your question, yes. That is how I discovered the answer.


answered 04 Jan '12, 00:43

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Fairy Princess

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Great answer, FP! I love you, too!

(31 May '13, 09:09) Jaianniah

when i see and hear what is happening in our world each day, it reinforces my belief in the misconception of the bibical god.
what troubles me most is the lack of responsibility most have with their conditioned responses to what ought to be acceptable.
and then the belief that this is all there is


answered 21 Mar '11, 00:13

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What is faith, if not tempered upon occasion by doubt. The mind is God's gift and at times it does think things which can be disturbing. But I believe there is plenty of evidence in the universe and nature, as well as the goodness in humanity, to eradicate my own doubts. But avoid feelings of guilt. Think of it as an intellectual experiment.


answered 12 Jun '13, 00:48

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Hello Jai , yes had several times when i questioned and doubted God and never found answers but since i was introduced to the law of attraction those moments have become scares. Best thing to do when flashes come back convince your mind that everything happens for a good reason then talk to God then end your prayer by thanking him and sending love to him n to the others; right after that repeat am fine many times then make the effort to : call a funny friend , do fun stuff,listen to cheerful music in order for those doubts to go away otherwise you will attract bad situations and negativeness.Been there but thank God am over and done with those useless doubts !!!. :-))) NB :excuse my English am more french educated


answered 20 Mar '11, 20:58

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Dalia Jabre Hachem

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Barry Allen ♦♦

Merci, Dalia! Je parles un peu francais...tres, tres peu! :)) Votre answer (responce?) was tres, tres bien. Je vais donner un "point" pour ta answer! Pardonnez ma terrible francais! J'ai grande affection pour toi. Bonsoir,>>>>>>>>>

(20 Mar '11, 21:34) Jaianniah

you're welcome ,sweet dreams :-)

(20 Mar '11, 22:01) Dalia Jabre Hachem

It is okay to doubt. It is allowed, and no guilt should be felt. Your freedom allows you to doubt, that is what makes you free. All levels must be represented to complete the circle.


answered 21 Mar '11, 00:35

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The Knights Alchemy

all those things stress things of the world etc. affect you only because you let it affect you! can you have enuff faith in god that if the world would go to hell the end of the world in the next second to just have faith in god and know that everything will be all right!

have faith i know that sometime you cannot understand why things are like they are. but has it is said: Romans 11:33-36 “The Impenetrable Mind of God”

33 Oh, the depth of the riches both of the wisdom and knowledge of God! How unsearchable are His judgments and His ways past finding out! 34 “For who has known the mind of the LORD? Or who has become His counselor?” 35 “Or who has first given to Him And it shall be repaid to him?” 36 For of Him and through Him and to Him are all things, to whom be glory forever. Amen

and learn from it you will see what happens eventually sometime it takes time but nothing happens with out a reason. experience and enjoy.


answered 06 Jun '11, 01:38

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white tiger

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The existence of God has no relation with our sadness, in the sense that whether we consider God is rude or God is unfair, or God is Fair ... Merciful ...Almighty Full with Goodness and so forth, but God still exist (if we believe it). Whether we like or we hate fire, but the fire still exists.

  • Since God is perfect then it confirms that the overall quality of God can actually be realized. "Suffering" whether we like it or not, can not be a reason to judge that God is not perfect or God doesn't exist. But rather confirms that God has qualities that could create a "suffering" (as part of perfection of God).

I am not perfect since i couldn't manifest all my possibilities. But we may be considered as perfect being in the sense that compared to another being, we can manifest God's qualities much much more than another kind of being. We have more chances than the others, and so forth. But it's perfect theoretically. In practice somehow we have limitation. But God? God is perfect.

  • If we try to look at a machine and its manual book and it was said there were 100 functions, but currently it's dropped to only 30 functions capable running, then we may say that this machine is not perfect as at the first time we found it.

When i believed in God existence for the first time, and after that ... somehow i got into trouble, and suddenly i felt whether there was God or not, and i was thinking hardly on this case but finally i came to the conclusion that no matter how hard i tried to eliminate (made denial of) the existence of God, still my logical thinking said that God still exist no matter what for my conditions.

So, perhaps people hate God, perhaps people love God, but never try to disbelieve God's existence once we found proof of God's existence. If we want to deny the existence of God, we just have to find another way rather than relating it to sadness or suffering as the reasons to disbelieve the existence of God.

  • That's the most important thing for us to know while we are in trouble. For what? It's for our goodness, so if someday we get trouble, still we have connection (believe in) to God. In other words, we may hate, we may love, we may doubt in God, but as long as we still believe in God existence, then we are not on a very lower level of condition to get help.

Do you ever have times when you doubt God? Yes, but i wasn't going to let myself disbelieve in God's existence. It's irrelevant, and it would make ourselves away from God, even worst.

  • So if we have doubt in God, then okay .. it is happening now, but since we still believe in God, then there is tiny goodness properly on ourselves as the reason for God to help us, whether through solving our trouble even if we still angry to God, or through ..., eventually our doubt will be banished slowly but sure, and that's the moment God gives us chance to pray and then getting help from God.

answered 05 Dec '13, 20:03

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@Seremonia- Yes, I agree, especially with your last portion- "eventually our doubt will be banished slowly but sure, and that's the moment God gives us a chance to pray and then getting help from God."...Nicely thought-out. Thank you! ♥

(05 Dec '13, 20:24) Jaianniah
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