What is hyper-inflation going to do to the world economy as a whole ultimately.

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Darrell Trombley

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I've put the body of your question into the title to make it more relevant to this spirituality-based website

(11 Jan '11, 06:39) Barry Allen ♦♦

Moneys spiritual and so is every atom of matter on this planet.

The world wasnt made of things that do appear ( roughly quoting the apostle Paul )

All money and things money can buy are intimately spiritual.

I dont believe in hyper inflation or recession. I dont like the concepts,i dont want the concepts and i wont spend time dwelling on them.

Source isnt in a recession,Source isnt worried about financial matters, Source knows there will always be enough, Source will create the enough. Its what God does. Its his thing.

Who am i to argue?



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Monty Riviera

Money is a measure of the value you provide other people in the marketplace of ideas.

Hyperinflation is generally caused by governments printing money in an attempt to pay off their debts, with predictable consequences. Assuming you are referring to a first-world economy like America, hyperinflation should not ever be a problem, provided we stop printing money indiscriminately.

Money is only worth what people think it is worth anyway. Check out this story about how Brazil stopped its hyperinflation problem by simply issuing a new currency. Everyone believed that the old currency was worthless and the new currency had worth, so hyperinflation stopped.


answered 11 Jan '11, 05:28

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Money, things and really anything can be spiritual if you give them spirit through your own belief. Money I do not believe is needed it is only there to play along with all of the other players. As long as people give it the attention of lack then it will most definitely become scarce to those who lack it.

Now that I do not care about money, I seem to have enough and my enough will be different than your enough.

To me money is as spiritual as a remote control, it's there when I need it. Oh wait, I do not watch TV, well you get my drift :)

Michael "Moneybags"


answered 11 Jan '11, 14:50

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jim 10

Everything is spiritual including money. Everything is manifested in spirit form, as a thought, before it becomes physical - including money.

It is really just an exchange of energy and is no more or less spiritual than anything else on the planet. It is how we perceive it, and what we do with it, that really matters.

Those who enjoy what it provides for them but use it, predominantly, for the benefit of others, open a clear channel to allow money to flow into their experience.


answered 11 Jan '11, 16:43

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Vesuvius has answered your question eloquently, but I would also like to answer this part: Is money spiritual? Well I never considered money to be spiritual, since history tells us that there was an exchange of merchandises between the two parties in the past, until someone created the paper money to be used for purchasing goods, and services and to do business in general.

But on the contrary, one could consider money to be spiritual, since money is considered to be the root of every evil! And it gives power, and control to the wealthy, and many such individuals have considered themselves to be blessed after attaining great wealth!


answered 11 Jan '11, 06:19

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