Hi everybody I'm new here and needing some help and fast. At the beginning of the year I lost my job, got behind on the rent. I started receiving unemployment, which I was truly grateful for. I thanked God and the universe everyday for it. I also met this amazing guy. Everything was going well, then he suddenly didn't want to see me anymore. This put me in a devastating funk! I managed to pull myself out of it after a few months. That's when I finally starting really getting it together for myself. I started several websites, I started a ribbon business and I was really feeling happy and fulfilled.

Then the unemployment ran out and I had no idea that was going to happen. Now my rent hasn't been paid and I'm facing eviction! I'm scared, upset, wondering what happened, when I was finally get things together for myself. There's no working things out with my landlord either.

I envisioned money coming to me and putting a cashiers check in a Fedex envelope and sending it to my landlord quickly. I really want to make this happen. Need some insights please!

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Here is some guidance on manifesting things in a hurry: What does 'detachment' truly mean in Law of Attraction?

But I have to say that if you are a newcomer to these manifesting ideas then attempting this sort of thing under pressure is like starting to learn to play piano today in order to give a concert performance at a major musical event next week.

The one thing that must be a priority for you to deal with right now is this state of mind...

I'm scared, upset, wondering what happened

From a position of fear, it's going to be difficult for you to receive any inspiration or inner guidance as to what your best course of action is. If you have no other method for dealing with and neutralizing these emotions, check out EFT which is referred to in the link at the start of this answer.


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Thank you so much for replying. I'm new to this site but not the law of attraction. However, attracting money is sometimes difficult. I feel as though the universe gave me the tools but I couldn't get it together fast enough before the unemployment ran out. I will check out that link!

(08 Nov '14, 16:09) angelicpresence

Oh Angelicpresence, how many of us can relate to your story. Many of our desires aren't pure desires, but asking a solution for a problem, while completely focussing on the problem. The solution and the problem are two completely different frequencies. As you reread your thread, you may find, that in formulating your problem very colourful, you also try to bring forward a solution in the form of money. Creating starts in your emotions. It's creating an atmosphere in which beautiful things can come to you. However your emotions are very understandable, they stand far from a solution, but rather enhance the problem. You mention you are scared, uspet and wondering what happened. You are worthy of a perfectly fitting solution, but in order to recieve answers, you need to focus in direction of the solution by describing how it would feel and truly feeling these emotions. Creating isn't like waving a magic wand and bring forth the results your mind can conceive, but rather what your heart can feel. In reality your problem isn't the lack of money, but the feeling it gives. You could do some clearing with EFT as Stingray mentioned. It is truly like the falling out of the airplane and wondering what to do know. Know in your heart, that the best option you have here, is to release all attachement to the stuff you might be loosing. Stay centered in yourself and do some fibrational management. Be open to any solution. Notice how you feel considering a perfect solution. This too will pass.


answered 10 Nov '14, 04:32

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Hi Tim H and thank you for responding. I don't always use the law of attraction properly. Yes, my emotions come out. I am feeling very hopeful now that solutions are starting to form. I'm more than willing to re-group my endeavors and just pick up work for a while. My endeavors will still be there. God and the angels are leading me right now and will continue to guide.

(10 Nov '14, 16:02) angelicpresence

The Methods offered by Stingray are great, but what I would say is to practice those while seeking out and taking advantage of those manifestations already in your sphere: financial help from friends, family, and the world around you. Not sure where you are located, but each state has a legal aid/services office, so check with your local office to see if there is an eviction prevention service available in your area. You may be able to receive a one-time payment to help with the rent that is currently due or on-going assistance. The Salvation Army and local churches, Catholic Charities, local government offices are also resources. In most states, a landlord cannot evict you without taking you to court, so make sure you go to your hearing and tell the judge your circumstances; the judge may refer you to an agency that can help. Your local department of social services should also be contacted. Please don't let pride stand in your way. So many folks are having financial problems. While you are focusing on your long-term goals, you can find short-term relief by using resources already available to you. The business idea is great, so stay with it. Spirit always provides!


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Thank you for your insights Herculean. Those are all things I haven't thought of. I'm also doing the manifesting experiment 4 that has really helped me alot. Instead of being in a panic I am at peace at the moment and hopeful about my circumstances. I tried to award points to you and vote on your answer but I'm still too new of a member. lol

(09 Nov '14, 23:06) angelicpresence
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