...and those around you? What spiritual techniques have you practiced to accomplish these changes? Please be specific.

asked 22 Oct '09, 04:31

Vesuvius's gravatar image


it mainly led me to realize how i had held a great mass of ideas, assertions, beliefs, and assumptions sacred, full of meaning and truth, and valuable to keep remembering. i have done the radical undoing breathing and exercises for the past 6 or so years now. the past few weeks have led most of my beliefs to collapse and fall away. it feels raw and exposed on an internal level. everything is as it appears to be.


answered 07 Dec '10, 09:29

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In the past few weeks you say? You must still be assimilating the new experience..............

(07 Dec '10, 19:13) daniele

less self-righteous, less anger, changed diet, greater enjoyment of nature, and wishing all will be that that they can be.


answered 08 Dec '10, 00:50

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I have less & less concern for the silliness I once believed important (most everything), and I trust more & more my sense of the eternal gift (this present).

Acknowledging my feelings of discomfort, fear, anger, hatred, desire, want, sadness, pain, suffering, ... ; diving in to experience them fully; taking power back from these attachments; and appreciating the divine dreamer (and the Great Dream) that is I AM.

From there, it's just a matter of doing whatever seems perfect in the moment.

Nothing and no one has changed, though. This is just another journey from expanded to contracted to expanding to expanded ...


answered 08 Dec '10, 05:19

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Hu Ra

it seems rather obvious how the so-called negative emotions chain people to a belief that the dream is real somehow. what about feelings like happiness, excitement, and bliss?

(09 Dec '10, 03:35) mr.g

Same deal. Emotions change and therefore must be regarded as impermanent as everything else. Not to be sought, not to be avoided, just enjoyed.

(09 Dec '10, 21:03) Hu Ra

I am a christian and i know that spirituality is all about faith. You've got to believe in something you cannot see but you worship. 'God' is a spiritual being and you need to have a way of connecting to the spirit before you can fully feel his existence. This is why various religions have developed various ways of connecting to that being called GOD. In my own personal experience, i have always felt an inner peace deep down in my soul every time i worship God. This is how i know that he actually exists even if i cannot see him.


answered 22 Oct '09, 14:06

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how does feeling a sense of inner peace equate with the knowledge that there is a god independent of you that exists somewhere? i have felt a deep sense of inner peace when listening to a nice song or watching a good movie. i never felt like that meant there was a god. what if 'god' and religion are what keep us from experiencing the truth?

(09 Dec '10, 03:32) mr.g
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