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Is hyper-inflation inevitable?

asked 11 Jan '11, 03:41

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Darrell Trombley

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Barry Allen ♦♦

I've put the body of your question into the title to make it more relevant to this spirituality-based website

(11 Jan '11, 06:38) Barry Allen ♦♦

Not in the current money system because it is a pyramid scheme.

The bank doesn't lend you real money. The only real money that exists is the one you deposited from your own effort of labor.

Based on what you deposit, the bank lends out more non-existent money on a (what used to be) 9 to 1 ratio, where 1 is your real money and 9 is the non-existent money that is backed up by your 1

For every dollar you deposit, they lend out 9 on paper

Whoever who receives the bank loan manufacturers the missing amount into existence through their effort of paying back the loan.

When a bank gives out the loan it records a negative balance until it is paid back with interest, so the banks income is only the interest.

So it is not a scam, it is the legally authorized system by all governments in the world.

The scam is that they never told you that the whole system runs on debt.

When the pyramid eventually topples they blame you for not paying your loan instead of blaming a system of lending out money that is completely non-existent.

How many Americans realize that the Federal Reserve is a consortium of foreign banking families that lend every dollar that is printed as a loan that must be paid back with interest?

All of those billions of bailout funds must eventually be paid back with interest to foreign lending institutions (of non-existent money).

And if you can't pay it the resources of the nation maybe used as collateral to the lending interests.

As to the real answer to your question "Is there enough for everyone", the answer is YES, because we possess what is of real value and that is labor.

Without our labor nothing comes into existence.

We just have been hoodwinked into selling our labor in exchange for worthless paper whose artificial value is enforced by law.

Hopefully we can all survive the changes that are creeping upon us.

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answered 11 Jan '11, 05:52

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The Traveller

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Another great answer Traveller, very educational!

(11 Jan '11, 06:28) Inactive User ♦♦

Thanks Vee. I was trying hard to stay away from all the un-necessary details.

(11 Jan '11, 14:03) The Traveller

Anybody wanna trade / barter? :)

(11 Jan '11, 14:37) all2gethernow

Yes all2gethernow. I have a few promissory notes with pictures of prime-ministers on them. But they are getting worthless by the day! Can I exchange them for your gold?

(11 Jan '11, 15:15) The Traveller

Very diffreent way of looking at this. Food for thought.

(11 Jan '11, 20:15) Monty Riviera
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Is Hyper- inflation inevitable? In my opinion, yes, and no, and the reason being it is the responsibility of good Government, and good governing to avoid inflation in general, otherwise, any country could experience Hyper-inflation. The root cause being the massive and rapid increase in the amount of money not supported by the corresponding growth in the output of goods and services.

In the case of Wars and their aftermath currency meltdown, political, or social upheaval, a country could experience Hyper- inflation, the lack of paper money to do business, and may have revert back to hard money to do business!

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answered 11 Jan '11, 05:39

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Inactive User ♦♦

I think if you added up every countrys net worth and came to a total figure....this figure to include land,houses,businesses,intellectual property rights,cars,art works and so on, you would come to a truely massive figure ie the worlds worth under current financial system.

Then if you divided that figure by approx 6500 million ( the worlds population) you would come up with a figure per person.

I would like to bet that there wouldnt be a person on this website who wouldnt be happy with that figure of money in their bank account. I would also like to bet that the total world worth EVEN divided by a massive 6.5 billion would still run into multiplied millions of pounds.

Theres always been enough net worth on this planet,there always will be.

Is it all fairly divvied up ? now thats another question.


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answered 11 Jan '11, 10:59

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Monty Riviera

No. The condition of existence demands life/death. The food chain will always be a battle for life. Nothing in existence desires to die. Even at the point of acceptance of death there is a struggle to maintain life. Farming is a modest attempt to maintain life, but is not the means for enough. The means for enough lies within. Acceptance is the key to enough.

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answered 11 Jan '11, 19:28

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No, there is not enough of everything for everyone...

And I feel that we are approaching an over-population status right now, that will eventually, if the problem is not mitigated, necessitate rationing of nearly every resource that God has given us.

But I don't feel that overpopulation is inevitable -- it's a choice we make.

It's a finite world... Big problems are made worse as the area of productive land per person is reduced beyond a particular point... And when that critical ratio is reached, scarcity problems will be inclined to escalate very rapidly.

Now, I feel that the question really is: who is responsible for making the rules here on the real world... you, me, God, or the government?

How much do we expect God to do for us?

While I wouldn't be surprised if God (or one of His messengers) sooner or later comes down to our planet to apprise us of our situation -- I believe that He will still expect us to do the dirty work... If we don't, He'll probably let us die... After all, we go to Him eventually anyway don't we?

The earth is only one planet of many... Why shouldn't we be the problem that God uses to warn every other world who dares to presume what He will or will not do for us?

Hyperinflation, I feel, is a natural consequence of the same problem.

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answered 11 Jan '11, 18:00

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The Prophet

Would that be the perspective at the 33rd degree and above?

(12 Jan '11, 02:39) The Traveller

Traveller, I'm not sure I understand the question... Are you referring to the masonic order? Please explain.

(12 Jan '11, 11:17) The Prophet

I have no idea, Perhaps it was a Freudian slip on my part.

(12 Jan '11, 14:13) The Traveller
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