As my previous question was posed incorrectly I have tried to re-word so as to hopefully read better and make a useful answer possible.

As I understand the process: According to the Abraham teachings, this process operates as follows:

  • Step 1: The question is asked (or desire is launched)
  • Step 2: The universe immediately responds with the creation of the vibrational potential that matches the desire or question
  • Step 3: In aligning our dominant focus regarding that topic with that of the vibrational potential that now exists as a result of the question being asked, we allow the answer to enter and manifest within our reality (i.e. we get our desire)

Another member ?Time Traveller? Sorry if I have the name wrong, spoke of carrying 2 different mindsets, one of “Yes, I have already achieved X” (his manifestation) and the other of “ok I am doing this (abc activity) until I achieve X”


  1. I have launched the desire, have the vision board (vision diary actually), I have also placed the written intention into a special box and locked it away.
  2. I rock around from day to day with my inner dialogue telling me I am financially free and working for myself (despite getting up before dawn to start the first of my 2 lowly jobs instead of walking through to my LOA home office in my LOA house.)

The situation I am encountering is my chequebook not having caught up with the “reality” in my head….the abundance all around me has not yet allowed itself into my bank account.

If my desire is achievable, meaning it’s not way out there like being the first person to walk on Saturn, then am I doing something wrong?

I had thought that if I bought a lottery ticket (taking action), that would make it easier for the LAO to facilitate my abundance into some sort of instrument recognizable by the bank. Not so it appears.

How can I meet Abundance half way? Or should I be sit tight and wait for the armored truck to crash in front of me, spilling bags of money?

Sorry for the attempt at humor there, but my non LOA bank requires tangible funds in order to cash my cheques, therefore I am loathe to quit my jobs just now and fall upon the mercy of LOA. It is hard for me to pull back from the mindset of “the harder you work the luckier you will get” type of thing I was told as a youngster.

*And for the benefit of white tiger or any of his ilk, no I am not sitting around smoking crack and collecting welfare, wondering why I am not a millionaire. And yes I am endeavoring to upgrade either or both jobs or even better, gain one job that would cover both salaries until I have the tangible funds to set up by myself.

What am I doing that is disallowing the LOA wealth that I obviously already have from showing up on my bank statement?

I have had specific amounts and dates written out – I have had to keep moving the date out. Is the is the correct approach when a date goes by without the tangible result occurring?

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Barry Allen ♦♦

Loved your question and the humor.

(29 Mar '12, 03:09) Paulina 1

Thanks everyone and I apologize once more for not explaining this in a manner easily understood.

When my bank manager can see that my account has caught up with my LOA account the only thing that will change is that I will work for myself. I will have the same friends, wear the same clothes, eat the same food, listen to the same music.

I don't know how else to rephrase this to sound like a non-negative statement to you, but in order to pay my Bank Manger Visible Bills is to make Bank Manager Visible Money which is why I work at the Bank Manger Visible Jobs.

I think stingray agreed that it would not be wise to resign from the jobs until the bank manager could see the LOA money in the account.

To physically "Be and live the reality I desire" would necessitate resigning my current positions.
Has anyone sucessfully taken this leap of faith?

Has anyone UNsuccessfully taken it? Or does it always work?

Sorry if I sound like a person who isn't giving things 100%, I just haven't learned the correct lingo to speak to you all yet.

Again, I do apologize if this is another communication blunder on my part.

(30 Mar '12, 08:30) smellingtheroses

hey, I see what you mean. but based on what and how you wrote (Love your style btw) I dont suggest you quitting the job. and hey, Im on a similar journey. another thing Bashar said, Dont jump off the cliff until youre sure you can fly. (something to that extend)

(30 Mar '12, 09:55) Imperfect

Thanks everyone for taking your time to assist.

Again I must apologise for my poor expression/explanations.

At the risk of another e-misunderstanding, let me try to explain another way (and yes, by now I have realised I should just ask one question and not try to give explanations!!)

My physical jobs are at best day to day propositions (my LOA job is working for myself and I no longer have those worries) so I have my LOA self telling my physical self that the physical jobs are of no consequence/they do not matter - my LOA self doesn't understand why I even attend the physical jobs because I am a person of ample means and my time could be better utilised at my LOA (real) job.

My physical self doesn't want to put my LOA self down and say "hey - stop talking like that", because my LOA self is just telling the story from my LOA reality. He does not have the financial obligations of my physical self.

Obviously the LOA reality is a far more pleasant place to live so my brain likes to hang out there as much as possible and only slip back to write cheques etc in order to keep the physical reality ticking over until we get it over the line into LOA territory.

I have no doubt someone will find fault with this description as well but so be it. Hopefully someone may have had a similar dialog running in their head and can advise if I am getting closer or further away from my goal.

And thanks The Traveller - I apologize for calling you the incorrect name! Yes, I have been working on this for sometime - if it only took a year it would have happened quite a few years ago! Well "it" has happened in my head - a long time ago, just waiting for the body arrive here!

(03 Apr '12, 08:00) smellingtheroses
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I have launched the desire, have the vision board (vision diary actually), I have also placed the written intention into a special box and locked it away. 1A.I rock around from day to day with my inner dialogue telling me I am financially free and working for myself (despite getting up before dawn to start the first of my 2 lowly jobs instead of walking through to my LOA home office in my LOA house.)

This is the main paragraph in your question that seems to give away where most of your problems may reside. In my opinion it is easy to see how you contradict yourself with certain statements, which means that you are probably keeping your manifestations away because of this.

I think the key to using the Manifesting Box exercise is that it allows for an easy way to put a desire out there, and let it go for the universe to work out. Forgetting about the desire releases inner resistance of noticing it is not yet here. When you can forget, you are essentially letting go and allowing what you want to come that much faster.

Which leads to my next point. If you also have a vision diary that you look at every day or maybe even very often, then you are essentially not using the box method in the most effective way. You are bringing the desire to your conscious awareness consistently, which pretty much cancels out the effectiveness of forgetting about it and letting it go.

I would suggest that you decide which process feels better to you and go with just one of them for the same particular desire you are asking for.

If you are going around day to day telling yourself that you are financially free and working for yourself, and you really truly feel good and believe that is who you really are, then that is great.

When the continuation of your sentence is, (despite getting up before dawn to start the first of my 2 lowly jobs instead of walking through to my LOA home office in my LOA house.)

The second part of your statement points to the empty and unemotional affirmation that was the first part of the statement. You cannot match the vibration of the reality that you desire when you consciously bring up the things that you don't want in very same sentence. With the second part of that statement you are giving out a vibration of yearning instead of having. You can't focus on what you don't want and receive what you do want at the same time.

To yearn is to wish for something that you don't truly believe you can have. When you have something, there is no doubt whatsoever that it exists right this very moment. No matter what you face in your day to day life, have it be bills, money, your job, or other people, you need to get in the feeling of having what you want right now and let go of focusing on what you dislike.

What you desire exists in a parallel reality right this very minute. When you are not vibrating in a high frequency (feeling good) you cannot match the parallel reality of the desire you want that felt good when it was launched. Two opposing frequencies will not come together when they are in two different places.

Be and live the reality that you desire. The circumstances that surround you in your life don't matter. They do no create physical matter. Only your inner state of being matters. Your inner state of being creates physical matter.

Step 3: In aligning our dominant focus regarding that topic with that of the vibrational potential that now exists as a result of the question being asked, we allow the answer to enter and manifest within our reality (i.e. we get our desire)

The desire is achieved by simply feeling good most of the time and allowing the universe to do it's job without worry or frustration.


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Love your answer Cory especially the "Be and live the reality that you desire" for there is gold in them words.

(29 Mar '12, 03:16) Paulina 1

Excellent answer ! @cory

(31 May '12, 10:05) streetsanto

I could attempt to write an answer in my own words, but then I would be only re-writing what has already been said. Allow me then to quote Bashar in all his straightforwardness and simplicity.

See, feel, and be. Everything we have said folds up into three steps. It’s that easy. See what you want. Feel it. Know it. Desire it. Then Be it. Act it. Do only that thing in the way that is representative of who you want to be. See it. Feel it. Be it…one, two, three.


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so a vote up for Bashar then ;)

(29 Mar '12, 05:13) ursixx

Your question regarding my comment about focusing in two different areas came from this answer and it’s follow up (part 2 of this answer); Both are posted below.

The part you are referring to is in my response to Michaela’s question in the comments section of the second answer, which I later moved to the bottom with the comment "added later"
It might be a good idea for you to read those answers first, because I have not elaborated on those ideas anywhere else.

And it’s continuation here

In my comments I mentioned that in the short term we must work on attracting our immediate goals and on the long term we must become the person who has already accomplished those goals (in our minds)
That long-term mind set must exist throughout the journey filled with small goals.

What I am referring to as, “To become the person who normally experiences that”, and Stingray’s, “put it into a box and forget about it”, is exactly the same principle.
They are just different ways of getting to the same concept.
What Stingray did was to follow his own intuition and inner being to develop his own understanding and way of explaining it.
He essentially developed his own technique and his own language to convey that technique.
I am sure it took him a long time to develop it.

This is what we encourage all of you to do.
Your normal state is to learn from your own experience and develop your own understanding of it.
You are supposed to write your own instruction book on how it works from your perspective.
When you are a third person judging our words you have no choice but to make comparisons between each person’s concepts. Remember that we developed our understanding for our own personal use, and not for teaching others.

This is why stingray is giving away his wisdom without charging a fee for it.
I am asking you to go on and develop your own technique on how the law of attraction works for you.

Finally, a fundamental concept in attraction is the understanding that “Now” is the only moment in which existence is possible.
This means that, all the envisioning and attracting is within NOW.
I had an entire answer regarding that part of the puzzle her.

What you are trying to accomplish is a goal that takes at least a year or more to complete. Meanwhile, you have to start with something small and insignificant just to prove to yourself that attraction with consciousness actually works.

Take a toothpick for example.
Imagine a toothpick appearing in front of you and hold on to this vision.

Now let us say the following three things happened over the next three days.
On the first day, you saw a movie on TV and one of the characters was using a toothpick.
On the second day, you were shopping and while you reached out to your item, you noticed that the shelf above had a sign for toothpicks but the shelf was empty.
On the third day, you bought a sandwich from a local vendor and there was a toothpick holding the sandwich together.

Now which example do you think was the proof that the Law of attraction works.
If you said it was the last example, you are wrong!

All of them were successful results of the Law of Attraction.
Now if you have a problem with that, then you still need to comprehend the fundamental principles behind the law of attraction.
Figuring that out took me many years.

We are not dealing with a “get rich quick” technique here.
We are dealing with why life is the way it is.

I have to constantly re-asses my understanding of this phenomenon when things do not work.
Most of the time things do not work.
I get stuck just like you got stuck and I also have to ask someone for help.
The difference is that, I reach towards my "SELF" for help.
That “self” makes me co-incidentally stumble on the solution. (Attraction at work)

The perfect teacher that can guide you is your “SELF”.
This is the one source that you will not second guess or analyze with questions.

Therefore, you can definitely attract the experience that you are envisioning right now.
That destination of your choice has thousands of steps between you and it.

While keeping your destination alive in your mind every time you think of it, you must also work on the next step towards it, which must also exist in your imagination as if you have already succeeded at it.

This is what I meant by keeping your focus alive in two different places at once.


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The Traveller

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Thanks Traveller you are right you need to keep the end goal in mind while working towards it. Never lose sight of the goal but take steps to get there. Love that.

(02 Apr '12, 19:53) Paulina 1

Just taking a moment to thank the Traveller again....I like to go back and read people's Q & A because I often find something I missed the first time.

Re: the SELF Help - for a while there I was struggling because I have always been the person that people (who I thought were friends) would come to for help....and to me, my friends were my family and I was always happy to help, whether it was physical assistance, a loan, moral support, just "being there" or whatever. And I used to love helping out and thought it was a nice compliment that people trusted me as a "go to" person when they were struggling.

So when the tables turned and I have asked someone (that I helped previously) for assistance that I know they can provide without causing a burden upon himself, I was shattered when he wasn't interested in doing anything to help.

I needed someone like ME to help. It was so frustrating because I can always come up with a solution for others but was unable to do that same thing for myself.

Hopefully having surrendered to Life in the Vortex I have found the best way to help myself. I can stop looking for myself. I am here.

Again, I apologise for rambling like a crazy person....anything to get those bad feelings out into the world and retain only the good stuff in here:)

(31 May '12, 07:57) smellingtheroses

@smellingtheroses, please use the comments sections to make comments rather than using answers. You can also edit your original question if you wish to add more information. The answers section should only be used for directly answering the original question. Thanks. I'm converting your "answers" into comments

(31 May '12, 08:31) Barry Allen ♦♦

Dear Smellingtheroses, Corys answer was very insightful and gives you the reason why you arn't manifesting that which you want. This happens to most of us normaly at times of pressing need which makes us anxious to manifest for we have to have that which we seek to be able to survive. Of course this pressing worry only takes things further away from us. Like Cory said you first have to get out of your own way and give the universe a chance.

His words "Be and live the reality you desire" is what will bring your cheque book much needed relief. To manifest money you not only have to become wealthy on the inside you have to feel it until you can project this wealth onto your outer world. The moment you can do this you shall attract wealth into your life.

Yes I know this isn't easy when one has pressing worry about finances and our mind keeps those nigling doubts in place for after all we are human and it is sometimes difficult to truly and authentically feel good when our physical reality is anything but.

You need a few tricks up your sleeve to make yourself feel good especialy before you go to speak with the bank manager. You need to lift your vibration and keep it that way for as long as possible. For me music does it every time. I put on a happy tune and dance arround the house while internaly feeling that I am that which I want and it works most of the time. No I'm not rich but if and when I have a financial need I do this and it works for me. Good luck.


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Paulina 1

Hi Its me again, To "be and live the reality you desire" was ment mentaly, inwardly and not physically. Only when you are full of wealth within will it start to reflect on your outer world and you will attract it to yourself. Become full of that which you want and you will eventually get it.

To become internaly full of wealth you have to see wealth everywhere you look. You have to hear,smell, touch, feel wealth by using your imagination. Do some mental shoping as if money wasn't an object. Deposit mental money into your checking account as if you had more than enough. See your bank manager smilling and shaking your hand. Once this comes easy and comfortable it is time for faith to take over. Stop all the mental worryng and thinking about what you want and simply "know" that what you want is already done. Thats right get out of your own way and have total faith and trust that what you want is yours. If you do this right than your financial situation will improve.

(31 Mar '12, 04:24) Paulina 1

Thanks Paulina1

Have a brilliant day

(01 Apr '12, 18:15) smellingtheroses
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