Do we grow old only because of our belief system?

In other words, we believe that everybody grows old as that is what we have observed all our life or is there an element of resistance (us not following our feelings and emotions) that beats us down?

What are your thoughts?

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Pink Diamond

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Barry Allen ♦♦


This question is particularly important because there are countless "old" people who make the claim that they still feel exactly the same inside, it's just the outside (and their functional abilities) that is different (for those people).

(07 Apr '13, 15:40) flowsurfer
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Life and death are part of the natural order. It is nature's way of maintaining balance.

The organs in our bodies are designed to last forever, but there are genes in our body that assert biochemical changes that manifest themselves in the aging process. These changes begin to assert themselves after our child-bearing years; our bodies begin to break down. In essence, we have fulfilled our purpose by having children, and nature doesn't need us anymore.

I realize that sounds a bit depressing, but think what would happen if every living creature on the planet was immortal. The only way to maintain balance would be if living things no longer reproduced.

Interestingly, as societies become more modern (and medical care improves), the birth rate drops. Coincidence?


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You are saying that ageing has nothing to do with our belief system or whether we are following our emotional guidance system?

(26 Oct '09, 21:39) Pink Diamond

The mind greatly influences the body. If you can lower your level of "bad stress," you can potentially live a little longer and have a healthier and happier life overall. But the aging process itself is wired into your body. Aging is not caused by your belief that you will age.

(26 Oct '09, 23:58) Vesuvius

It is destiny of the living to die. As it is destiny of the dead to come alive. All I can tell you is - circle.

(09 Apr '13, 08:26) CalonLan
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Existence within any field of reality necessitates intensive focus within that field. It involves the most intense self-hypnotic trance, where attention becomes riveted and focused along certain lines while other realities are of necessity closed out of one’s perception and comprehension for a certain while.

But no play can go on forever. Individual focus cannot be intensely maintained indefinitely. Energy cannot be imprisoned for long within one form. The individual whole self, by its very nature, will not restrain indefinitely to the particular set of necessities and perceptions necessary for survival within any one given field of reality. It changes its focus, grows restive, adopts new forms in line with existence necessities that exit within other fields.

There is nothing inherent within the composition of matter as you conceive of matter to bring about a natural downfall, or natural inevitable disintegration. Since matter does disintegrate, or seems to, you take it for granted that this dissolution is inherent within it, but this is not the case. The focus of energy that organizes the physical body weakens, strays; the trance state, strongest in what you call early adulthood, begins to lose its hold even as in childhood it has not yet attained its full depth. By adulthood the trance, the intense focus, is most strongly upon him. It is after this period that the trance little by little weakens its hold.

By the period you call old age the inner attention is already escaping. The strong focus of psychic energy needed to maintain the splendid physical image-organization is no longer given. During that period you refer to as old age, once again emotionally and psychologically the individual is less bound by physical time. He no longer, that is the whole self no longer, makes available sufficient psychic energy however for the maintenance of the physical organism. This accounts for the disintegration.

The main focus of the whole self has already begun to stray, and the energies used in necessary pattern organization for the physical plane are already being returned, taken from their attention to physical matters , and becoming more attuned to the whole self from which they were originally delegated.

Source: The Early Sessions (Book 3)


answered 06 Nov '09, 23:58

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There were legends about a fountain of youth, but somebody must have stolen it.

I bet you, if one of us were to install a fountain in a private garden, put a stone next to it with a lovely poem about its magical properties, and create an infomercial with some desperate B-list celebrities willing to endorse the magical properties of it's re-generative qualities, even those who are sceptics will purchase a bottle of this magical water from your fountain of youth.

And then you won't need this law of attraction stuff to be abundantly wealthy, deception will work just as well.

I have heard that the human form is capable of living for approximately 250 years. But nobody is living long enough to prove that point. Oh...well, maybe next lifetime.


answered 24 Feb '10, 02:40

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The Traveller

It is a flaw in our gene system that scientist have been working on correcting, they are very close to correcting this flaw with the map of the human G-nome system.

I believe our genes can be changed though through other ways than microscopic as by our will or music we can change them i have seen research into this as well. ...


answered 24 Feb '10, 06:42

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Wade Casaldi

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Spoiler alert, nobody must grow old.

We age for a few reasons, some internal some external (which depending on your viewpoint on reality could just all ne internal.)

I am typing on a cell at the moment and a bit cramped for time, so I will stick with the abridged version. Want to live forever (read: remain youthful for longer than "normal" people think is possible), it isn't that hard.

Internal stuff: obvious point, feeling youthful. I am going to bypass the obvious question and retort here, and say that this part you should be able to figure out on your own. If you have trouble I like to suggest looking up the Korean word aegyo. Though the actions or behaviors this word describes aren't the point here, the feeling and comfort in acting young in letting your OWN goofy / childish side free is.

Keep your mind engaged, challenged, and entertained. When your consciousness begins to grow bored of this 'go around' it starts to look for a way out.

Keep your body engaged, challenged, and entertained. Same point as above. And same goes for spirit as well.

'External'. Every relationship and encounter we have creates a bond, a connection and flow of energy. Energy can have a.charge or be neutral. Negative energy from any source, be it internal or 'external' must be either redirected elsewhere, reshaped into positive energy, avoided entirely, or met head on. You can spend your whole life letting that energy just hit you in the face, but I would advise training the other aspects as well in order to give yourself a chance to recover from the impact. You can also take the nomadic route and try to avoid it always alltogether, but I wonder if perhaps this will lead to frailty? I am not going to draw a conclusion on that point myself, simply that I personally find value in diversity, and variety is the spice of life after all.

And of course.. choose to remain young. Simple enough I think.

I hear tale that there are a few very old beings walking around still, I imagine if you truly desired to remain young and were dedicated to it you may end up being fortunate enough to cross paths with one. "When the student is ready the master will appear."

There are spritual and scientific methods of prolonging life, I figure my personal best bet is to embrace all of the methods simultaneously and hope for the best, but I am always prepared for the [not] 'worst', which is death, which just gives me another adventure to quest on. Don't try to reject the idea of death, nor fear it. Personal advice I try to live by, hopefully it will help.

Also, try to live each day, each moment, to the fullest you can. The longer and more whole heartedly you embrace life I imagine will help your odds. This doesn't mean you must be a crazy person who is always unbreakably happy, simply that you embrace any hardships as a positive source of learning rather than a negative source of vile intent from life / yourself / god, etc.

Good luck on your journey to eternal youth. Hope to see all of you in a few hundred years still going strong.


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Love your thoughts & your wisdom @Snow

(09 Apr '13, 05:52) ele

Thanks for the kind words, but pretty much everything I said was a repeat of information that is readily available to find, even on this site more than once. I may phrase it a bit prettier, but the message originates from individuals who are as wise as I aspire to be some day. ;)

(09 Apr '13, 12:47) Snow

snow, one may stay forever young yet gracefully decay as does all material form. it is part of the nature of 'things'

(09 Apr '13, 18:53) fred

Absolutely, that is one way.

But one can maintain an absence of decay, or even reverse the effects; proven by stories like one nearing a century of age deciding it was their time to train for marathons.

Humans lived for hundreds, even thousands of years once. We never lost that ability, nor many other amazing abilities our vessels are capable of. We simply forgot. We are amazing pieces of biomachinery capable of things we can only begin to fathom. ^_^y

(09 Apr '13, 20:06) Snow

@Snow By freak accident, I happened upon this guy: He looks pretty good for a 93 year old.

(09 Apr '13, 20:32) flowsurfer
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Growing old is part of the plan... we need to leave the low vaults of past..

Build thee more stately mansions, O my soul, As the swift seasons roll! Leave thy low-vaulted past! Let each new temple, nobler than the last, Shut thee from heaven with a dome more vast, Till thou at length art free, Leaving thine outgrown shell by life's unresting sea!

See here for the whole poem.


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I guess the question is 'why do we grow old?' but not 'why don't we live forever?'.

The answer is down to oxygen and free radicals. They have revolutionized life but have a serious side effect....destruction of cells which eventually leads to death.


answered 04 Oct '13, 15:55

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