People often talk about asking spirit for help or a sign, if they work with it psychically or as a medium perhaps; particularly in mediumship I guess because they are communicating with people who have passed over 'into spirit'. But is it the same thing as Source, which is in all of us? One seems to be within and one outside us. Confused!

asked 11 Jan '11, 18:32

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aquamarine: If the conversation is about spirituality, Source and Spirit are indeed the same.

Psychics use the spiritual aspect of their own mind to communicate with the spirit aspect of others -- either living or dead.

All healthy minds posses this spirit (spiritual) faculty... And all of these spirits are derived form the same source -- God... Our individual ability to communicate with others using this spiritual gift, will depend upon how much we have been able to 'grow' into our natural ability to express ourselves spiritually.

This 'psychic' ability is actually more of a discipline -- in that its performance depends primarily on how successful we have been at distancing ourselves from purely human and self-centered habits.

The psychic discipline is simple to practice, but NOT easy to acquire. It is well-worth acquiring though, if you want to be successful in both this human life, and (so I have been told), successful in the life that comes just after and beyond this one.

Growing above and beyond this human condition, (so I have been told) is the key to endless adventure.


answered 11 Jan '11, 21:14

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The Prophet

Great answer Neil! I love your perspective. And the comment "The psychic discipline is simple to practice, but NOT easy to acquire" confirms that you do have a deep understanding from experience. Thanks for sharing. +1

(11 Jan '11, 21:27) The Traveller

Thanks Neil. So as I understand it basically when someone dies they pass into spirit which is also Source - back to where they came from if you like - and those who are able to communicate with them can do so because they have developed a particular sensitivity and nurtured it.

(12 Jan '11, 15:53) aquamarine

Yes, but the one who dies does not immediatly become pure spirit -- it's an on-going growth process... That's why a psychic has to learn discipline... He/she must learn to first balence and then tune their mind to resonate with the mind of the person they wish to contact.

(13 Jan '11, 13:44) The Prophet
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Source IS spirit.Gods not just A spirit he IS spirit.

Were all basically joined together,Jesus had the revelation that he and the Father were ONE.

Source is spirit,were spirit, were ( as humans) an extension of Source.

The bond between Source and extension of Source is so tight you cant see the join between the two. Because there isnt a join.

Were all ONE and were all Source.

By the way dont let anyone tell you you have to do this or that to be this. Your naturally already part of spirit and Source.



answered 11 Jan '11, 18:39

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Monty Riviera

Call it what you may, the Source, and the spirit are one and the same energy, since they are both from the same source.

Naturally, you cannot see the spiritual aspect of things, but you can feel it, you are aware of it, and of course you can see the physical aspect of things in the material world. Therefore, if you want to make some sort of distinction as to the role of the Source in respect to the role of the spirit to compare their spiritual attributes, frankly there is nothing to compare; it is both a part of the whole, because you cannot have the source without the spirit, or the spirit without the Source. It is all the same energy, Source, and spirit!


answered 12 Jan '11, 02:38

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