Is prayer made up of God-energy? It has been proven that prayer works. So, it stands to reason that it must be a form of energy of some sort. What do you think? Will we ever be able to measure or discover this energy in the physical world?

Here's a link to a place that talks about science proving that prayer works

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By way of answering your question, let me make some observations about some of the science that has studied the "vibrations" of our world.

The first is called the "double-slit" experiment. In this experiment, a light source shines on two slits in the side of a darkened box. Because of the way the light sources from the two slits interfere with each other, a light and dark pattern of bands appears on the inner wall of the box across from the slits.

The interesting thing about this experiment is that you can dim the light source to a point in which only one photon (a single quantum particle of light) enters the box at any given moment. You can put a photographic plate inside the box to record the photons striking the inner wall of the box.

Because only one photon can enter the box at any given moment, you would assume that there would be no interference with other light entering the box. But that's not what happens. If you let the experiment run for awhile, and then develop the photographic plate, what you discover is exactly the same pattern of light and dark bands as in the first experiment.

What does this mean? From our perspective, when a new photon enters the box, it either must be entering both slits at the same time, or each photon has knowledge of the photons preceding it!

The second experiment is called quantum entanglement. Entangled subatomic particles can be separated by a significant distance (let's say three feet. At the atomic level that distance is astronomical). If you then change the spin one of the particles (using a magnet), the other particle will simultaneously and instantaneously spin in the opposite direction.

From our perspective there is nothing that connects the particles together, nor is there anything transmitted between the particles, since such a transmission would suggest a propagation delay (due to the speed of light), and there is no such measurable delay in these types of experiments.

So what I am saying is that, in both experiments, there is an underlying structure that we cannot measure using physical tools. Prayer is the same.


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For the first time in my life, I am glad I took College Physics! I love your response as it gets down to that level of the world where I believe we come close to God. It is as if there is a web of plasma connecting all of existence, both in this plane and outside of it. This web is not particle or wave-more like a fluid, perhaps. If you want to put that web under a microscope (if you could), then you would see Spirit- maybe. This is really juicy stuff. I wish we could have a bull-session on just this topic! Thanks much! Jai

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I believe that when we think, God thinks with us. When we believe, God believes with us. When we pray, God prays with us. So the energy at work when we pray (because we do it with faith), is no different from the energy of fear that we will absolutely get a particular disease. Our confidence in the expected outcome is the same power as faith.

So, is there some spiritual energy that we cannot measure when we pray? the answer is yes. Is this energy different from thinking or believing or worrying or fearing something? I think not. I believe they are one and the same. Why? because God's power of creation flows through us in the form of "Ask and it is given"

And with every movement of our consciousness we are asking.


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I believe prayer to be a way of intensified focused thought, this thought is backed up by belief that this prayer is being done. This could be inward or outward directed, as we change experience outward we change experience inward, as we change experience inward we change experience outward. This is why something like Ho'Oponopono works outside of us while we are correcting what is inside of us. I have seen it said in A Course In Miracles that all that is outside of us is a reflection of all that is inside of us. If we look at Hermetic Law is states that which is above is like that which is below and so on same as what is inside is like what is outside so interestingly if the inside is the template and the outside is the projection we find something amazing! All exterior problems could be healed inside of us thus healing the exterior problem. If we find this and that everything is truly a projection we will likely find any miracle is easy being we only have to change our thoughts of what IS because it is all a projection of thought in the first place.

With all of this said the point of the prayer being energy it self causing an outside effect seems now that what appears to take a tremendous amount of energy to accomplish really doesn't. Like if Jesus said crack that mountain in two with your thought. You said that mountain is huge I can't affect that, he keeps reducing it until you try something like breaking a tooth pick with your mind. Then he explains it is not there it is in your mind and you go ahhh and break it, then he points to the mountain and says this is just as much in your mind as that tooth pick, both are thoughts of how things are, there is not one stronger or weaker one harder and easier except what you believe there are.

I think that even when we do healing for people and we let lots of energy flow through us could that really be an outward expression of the work in our minds rearranging what IS to a new reality of health. It does fit with how Jesus told us to pray, believe it has been done and it will be done.


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Sometimes we have to start with tooth picks to build up our faith and belief that we can do it and also see it for our selves. For some faith and prayer as to be proven before anyone believes but that is just the opposite of what faith and prayer really is you have to believe and have faith before they work. So, the tooth pick is an good of place to start as any. Great answer Wade Casaldi.

(06 Dec '09, 09:51) flowingwater

Thank you yes exactly I was trying to think of something tinny that maybe someone could have enough faith in to say I'll try that maybe that is possible for me to do, but I really believe to Jesus there were no big miracles and small miracles, just miracles.

(06 Dec '09, 10:21) Wade Casaldi

Not sure if this helps, but here it goes. We have measured brain or thought waves. Alpha, Beta, Theta. etc. Prayer being a thought and thought being an electrical impulse in our brains where we know electrical impulses radiate outward in all directions. Reason will deduce that waves must travel through, on, in, something of substance. However, as soon as we describe anything, we have limited it to it's definition. Therefore, it is not god-energy. Being that God is omniscient, omnipotent, omnipresent. Maybe its more of a condition than something that can be measured. Can you measure Love?


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