Spiritual war was going on in heaven. Do you think there are spiritual wars still going on now down on this Earth?

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I think within each one of us there is sometimes a spiritual war going on, hence the need to awaken.


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Yes thank you Michaela

(17 Feb '10, 20:06) flowingwater

There is a school of thought that says that Heaven and Hell wage a battle on earth for the minds and hearts of people, and that the battle takes place in people's own minds (kind of like the angel on one shoulder and the devil on the other thing).

I was never very fond of that model of human behavior. There are plenty of false prophets (profits?) and powerful self-interests that can influence people, without the need for angel and devil personalities living in one's own head.

If there is such a battle going on, it is taking place in the minds of people who should otherwise know better, people who could take responsibility for their lives, but blame their lot in life on angels and devils instead.


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What about the spiritual war that was done in heaven when satan try to overtake God and his angels and was thrown down to earth. I believe there is an physical battle and a spiritual battle going on for the human mind and the human soul they both need to be guard well. All power is given unto God and Jesus Christ.

(21 Nov '09, 02:53) flowingwater

If you have a biblical reference for the battle that goes on in our minds, I'd love to hear it. I've got my King James right here. :)

(21 Nov '09, 06:19) Vesuvius

The bible tells us about demon possessions. When I say an battle that goes on to destroy your human mind where you can't think to call upon the Lord Jesus Christ for help to guide and protect you. Also if holy angels can talk to you don't you think the demons can do as well. Providing you think the holy angels can talk to you directly. The bible is an resourse and a reference to God and his holy words but once you have read it than you learn how to develope an personal relationship with God/Jesus than they will reveil things to you. Like he did to moses and others. Of course you know this.

(22 Nov '09, 05:01) flowingwater

Chapter and verse, please.

(22 Nov '09, 07:27) Vesuvius

Sorry, I am just now getting back and looking over questions and answers here again. Matthew 8C and V28, Matthew 12 C and 22V, Matthew 12 and 43-45V, Mark 1C and 32-34V. If this is not enought of the devils taking over men/women and needing to be cast out. Than later I will give you more when I come back by checking Vesuvius.

(02 Dec '09, 11:19) flowingwater
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I presume that your referring to the "Battle of the Mind" referred to by Joyce Meyer and others, where angels and demons compete for our mental attention, and seek to influence us with their powers.

Personally, I've never put much stock in this. Here's the reason: By personifying our mental struggles (assigning bad thoughts to the devil and good thoughts to the angels), we abdicate responsibility for our own thinking, and diminish our own power by handing it over to other forces. This allows us to blame where we are on someone or something else, the whole "Devil made me do it" thing.

It's the same problem as having limiting beliefs. By believing in a "battle in your mind," you create that battle in your own mind. You are, in effect, waging a war against yourself. If, instead, you choose to believe that you have true free will, that is the ability to think for yourself and make your own decisions, you free your mind to work in the way God intended, and you release all of that mental energy for productive use.

It is distressing to think that, not only do people agonize over their own thoughts, but that they also agonize over the idea that those thoughts may be influenced by outside entities. It is the quintessential definition of anxiety, of worrying about being worried, and a complete waste of energy. If there is such a thing as angels and demons influencing us, the surest way to invite those influences into your life is by believing that they have power over you.

People don't need to have faith to have free will. They just need to summon the courage and strength to make their own decisions.


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Don't you think Stingray that we are influenced by people and things, family, entities as to try and show us how to use our free will? I think a lot of things are out there battling to help influence our choices we make each and everyday. It is up to us to choose by the information we have obtained throughout our lives concerning free will but don't you think others are out there trying to influence us as well? Everyone one and every entity has a agenda and some of those agendas are hidden for they are deceiving us with lies and half truths. For humans were not the only things God created.

(07 Feb '10, 07:10) flowingwater

Personally speaking I totally agree with Vesuvius. But coming from a biblical perspective then of course I cannot. My own personal opinion and belief would be the same as what Vesuvius has stated, that is the true definition of free will if you may. Plus if we are truly made in God’s image then again we must resemble him in ALL aspects including the power of the mind. And since God is the almighty and has no equals then we as humans being made in his image to a point are also almighty and have no equals. Therefore that totally disqualifies the whole concept of demons being able to tempt us and angels being the ones who guide us. Only WE can guide ourselves, everything else has absolutely no power over us 4 we in a sense once again ARE the creator, if this makes sense.

Only thing other then what Vesuvius has stated that I do believe in IS the divinity of Jesus Christ and that angels CAN help you IF you need them to, and that would be through prayer. But you have to remember you as a human being made in gods image have the power YOURSELF to do it, everything else can be used as a temporary solution to solve a certain problem for the moment if you some how are not capable of yourself. Hence that relying on your mind state and what level you’re on in terms of your spirituality. -Mebb


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I think the wars in the heavens were actual events that were described as best they could be by those that witnessed them, or by those to whom the stories were passed down, word of mouth.

See the marvellous book by Emanuel Velikovsy - Worlds in Collision See the marvellous book by Zachariah Sitchin - The Twelth Planet See all the marvellous Internet sites discussing the electrical nature of the Universe .. check our diagrams of experiments to do with electricity :)

Take another look at a diagram of the Solar system... take special note of which way-s the planets rotate and the differences in the inclinations on the axis... and when you do this most definately to no overlook the planet space that we now refer to as the asteroid belt. What would the skies have looked like when that disaster happened?!


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Spiritual Wars?

I'm not sure on that question. It seems to me that the light does attract the darkness, we do like to cut down tall poppies as a rule, and what happens on the outside is a reflection of what is happening on the inside.

Good question ... thought provoking.


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Thanks Lorraine

(17 Feb '10, 20:03) flowingwater
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