Is it the same as self love?

How does one show self respect without showing self love?

Inspired by Neil :)

Buddy Christ ;)

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The first thought that came to my mind was honor. Then an interesting thought popped in my mind about honor, from a human or world point of view honor has no point other than to have others think well of you. Now from a Christian point of view honor is more it is doing what is right because doing what is wrong makes things worse and harms. Simply put it is like realizing when I hit my self with a hammer it hurts so why would I want to hit someone else with a hammer? It is doing and being good without recognition from others being in the equation because we want to be happy and we know anything negative leads to unhappiness.

A respect of the self is not as much effort as it is awareness of consequences. When you are aware of the results of the choices, you are aware enough to make the best choices.

To someone unaware it seems like you have incredible restraint, "How can you resist this alcohol, these drugs, these cigarettes, look at all this money you can steal, etc...." It is not resistance but knowledge of the consequences, when I look at the consequences I say "I'd be unhappy with the results of any of this. So why would I want it?"

So I believe self respect and honor is an effort to many that want to try to be good or their best. To those aware it is just the natural choice of what would be the best choice for the self happiness to be maintained.


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Wade Casaldi

Well said and well said!

(15 Jan '11, 20:36) The Prophet

To me they are one and the same. True self love is respecting every aspect of my being, ensuring that I treat my physical body, my mental faculties and my spiritual growth with the respect or deference that they deserve. This is to be differentiated from self love of the ego, which is really only arrogance, where we become so self absorbed that it's all about me ( the egoic me ).

When we realize true self love or self respect, we will treat ourself with the deference we deserve and in turn will treat others the same because we are no longer operating from a small minded perspective.


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For you and I Dude, the values of self-love and self-respect would probably be exactly the same.

But for the many, many folks who have unfortunately been over-educated and/or tend to think too much of themselves (who me?), semantics is a big problem that will confound their solution, until they've worked it out on that basis.

Dude, not everyone is as evolved and Christ-like (are you sure you wanted to say that?) as we are ;-) Over-education is, in my view, a big probllem, especially when you're dealing with people who have too much theoritical education and thereby have too much power and influence over the likes of us...

So, in my work with trying to convert the eggheads, I've had to very often get down and go back to strict word meanings, to get them up to speed.

You and I, and most of the IQ group are more interested in true VALUES.

Good question...


answered 15 Jan '11, 15:13

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The Prophet

I see Self Respect as an unselfish act and it is an act of knowing when to take the Bull by its horn, and to run with it. And who would you do that for, if not out of principle for a calling to serve society, and for the ones you love, and cares for!


answered 16 Jan '11, 07:43

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