I read and re-read many Questions. Thinking about, it springs some new questions, which I will ask separately, they having some specificity.

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Is your question, "Can you be enlightened without faith and love?"

(23 Feb '10, 14:54) Vesuvius

Hi, Vesuvius =) Yes and Not. Yes because I refered to "without faith and love". Not: the faith to who or what? If not for Creator, or God, or Divine, or Supreme Mind, or how you want to name, than for who? for the Quantum Physics? For only the over 6 billions Eartly gods ? The "sky" is empty, like you sustine that it is the darkness? What is then our essence? To be seamingly one to other, multiplied with 6 billions? And loving the lucky randomed chances? Why enlightening? it's fun and modern? For shining by words? To dismiss the fear of 2012? Or, maybe, to touch the Christic consciousness?

(23 Feb '10, 18:12) Gleam
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You cannot have enlightenment without faith and love. Faith and love are the seeds to enlightenment.

It is said that faith without works is dead. I would say that works without faith are empty.


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Yes, I agree with you.

(24 Feb '10, 15:38) Gleam

I think I'm intepreting this differently from Vesuvius, so apologies if I am intepreting wrongly.I think you're asking - if we already have faith and love why would we seek enlightenment? - I think the search for enlightenment comes from a deep yearning within us to 'know' who we are on an experiential level. We may believe in God on an intellectual level and have a lot of love in our life, but if we don't 'feel' that connection to our Source we just feel as though there is something missing - hence that search for enlightenment.


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I would asking: If we have not true faith and love for Creator and His Creation, how and why enlightening. I,m sorry for complicated my ask, I wanted "to sweeten" a few the "we have not".

(24 Feb '10, 15:49) Gleam

Thanks for clarifying - I still think our search for enlightenment comes from that deep yearning within, so even though someone shows no apparent faith or love for their creator, sometimes a trauma can happen in their life to ignite that spark or search for enlightenment - the road to enlightenment is awakening and becoming aware of that faith and love.

(24 Feb '10, 16:43) Michaela

well for me enlightement was done with clean mind and hearth! with no fear of anything and with out believing in annything! i add enuff faith to have no fear! as for love and faith it is part of every one even if people don't manifest it! lets say that god prefer you to be simple and pure! making a show and saying i love every one and i have faith! does not impress him so much! to say something and to be something is 2 different things! and people can't hide that from god!


answered 17 May '11, 06:43

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