It always happens that what I exactly visualize with good feelings really do manifest. I will give you one scenario. I always did visualize myself amazingly diving into the deep ocean with two of my close friends. 3 years ago it did exactly happen! and what was more fascinating was on the real event we were skin diving with the whale sharks. My question is this, when you re-visualize this event is it possible that it will manifest exactly as it is again?

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You mean in every detail? I doubt it.

Here's why: The butterfly effect. In any given moment of your "repeated" reality there are literally thousands of variables; the slightest change of any one of them will change the outcome, and cause your re-experience of the event to diverge from the original one.

Even if you could recreate the exact physical conditions of the original event, your perception (and the perceptions of your friends) is already colored by the fact that you already know what is going to happen. This creates an unresolvable paradox; you cannot recreate the original event without re-membering it, but you weren't remembering it the first time, so by definition your experience is going to be different this time.


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Nice answer Vesuvius :)

(18 Jan '11, 13:02) Michaela

thanks! really nice answer :) you really do have great knowledge and information

(18 Jan '11, 23:50) Angelfire 1

Do you think you can re-created the “Titanic” exactly the way it was?

It is unrealistic, since history does not repeat it self twice!

In my opinion there is only one original, and the second one is always a little different!

So, even you can create the exact desire as you previously experienced it, something in the enviornment will change to cause a change, therefore, you will not have the exact experience!


answered 19 Jan '11, 06:51

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