I'm a small business owner of two years, and I'm pretty much living the life that I envisioned before I started on this journey. The problem is, now I've evolved past where I am now, and I want to start focusing on evolving my vision of where my business and my life is going, but I have no idea where to start.

It actually took me a wile to get to the above epiphany. I've been feeling mildly frustrated with the way things are going for a while, and so I manifested feedback in the real world to let me know that. For a long while I just ignored this feedback (I should really know better by now!) and focused on working harder and spending more time trying to figure things out, instead of listening to what the frustration was telling me.

I just recently realised that my old vision is outdated, which is why I'm not able to fuel as much passion into my work as I used to. The reason I was successful in building a business under less-than-ideal circumstances to begin with was because I was so passionate about this vision, I spent so much time pumping emotional energy into it and it was so tangible to me that it couldn't not happen.

And now I'm kind of stuck. I need a bigger vision, one with enough juice to get me excited, but nothing is really doing it for me. I've felt this way in other areas of my life too - once I get to the place I want to be, it's a bit like "Ok... What next?" and I can't think of anything.

So, in short - how do I build a delicious vision of where I want my business to be when I have no idea where to even begin with this?

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I need a bigger vision, one with enough juice to get me excited, but nothing is really doing it for me.

I've been there a few times in my life too. And I found that there is always more and better and bigger even if you don't know what it is specifically right now. (How could it not be there if the Universe answers every request immediately when it is being expressed?)

As you've said, the way to get there is to feel the way there. There is something that you are feeling now about that topic. And on the other side of the spectrum there is something you do want to feel about that right now.

If you could pinpoint what it is that you do want to feel, it would be a very good start. You mentioned "excitenment". Maybe that's a start. Here are some questions and ideas to help find the feeling place:

  • If everthing was perfect and I knew what I wanted to do, what would be my first feeling?
  • What would I do first, second and third if everything was already perfect?
  • What would be the emotional benefit of being able to do all of that?
  • What do I like about that emotional benefit in general?
  • Do I feel those emotions in other areas in my life?

And as you ask yourself these questions and find the feeling place of them gently and gradually, the specifics start to fill in while you enjoy contemplating about those emotions that would be there when everything was perfect.

That idea is from Abraham and is called "being ahead of the manifestation".

Everything we want is because we think we will feel some good emotions when we have this or that. So the work is to find and feel the emotions before the manifestation is there. At first there will be not much juice in those emotions because we haven't practiced them much before. But they do get more intense, clearer and better as we practice here and there every day and as the Universe fills those emotions with more specific emotions, feelings, ideas and thoughts.


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@releaser99 those are some good questions, I'll play around with those and see what comes up. I definitely agree about feeling the emotions first. And I have to keep reminding myself that it takes a bit of practice for them to feel juicy :D

(19 May '15, 19:18) cassiopeia

well if it is only to fill a desire of course when the desire is filled, you want even more or something else there is nothing new there. why do you say that your old vision is outdated? is it that your business is doing something that is old as a product or service? or is it that your business model is old? every thing fallow a natural evolution or progression. example: man wrote on stone tablet, then they wrote on paper, now they wrote in computer or electronic device. for company as example you could look at ford they made car by hand with tools, after they started a building assembly chain, now they have computer to run those assembly chain.

every thing get better and progress of course if you stay idle and do not progress or evolve you do not know what is out there and what was your field of interest is progressing and you are out of the loop.

you said: For a long while I just ignored this feedback (I should really know better by now!)

and sometime if you have a business it is for you to make the next step to make your business evolve. some see this as a risk some other as investment in the future of the business.

some business in this world comes out with new stuff and new market, even when the market is not there yet because they know it is coming so when it arrive they are ready.

example: look at technology computer with multiple core to do multitasking and 64bit computing and terabyte hardrive. well they already started to do that in 2003 they where talking of technology in 2015. that paper was at Intel in 2003. is it what we are using now?

so you see they looked at what was the next step and evolution of the market and started to build for it.

so that their business could still prosper and evolve in the next era.

and you with your business what is the next step or market that is coming ?

if your business deals with old stuff it is ok also the old and the new are needed. in this world you have people that use old stuff and some that use new stuff. there is different need and different market. you just need to find that market and bring those client to your business.


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white tiger

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It's not that my products or business model are outdated - it's much larger and more abstract than that. Before I started this business, I would visualise myself being self-employed, working in a cosy little studio making beautiful products that people would love. That was my end goal. Now that I've reached it, I'm not sure what I want next...

(18 May '15, 17:43) cassiopeia

It's not so much about what the market wants as it is about what I want - I need to have a future vision that I feel passionate enough to work hard for again. And I know it won't come about by me trying to figure it out logically, I need to feel my way there, and that's what I'm having trouble with.

(18 May '15, 17:44) cassiopeia

Well you said my ideal business and business deal with number and are there to make money in the first place. you wanted to know how to have your vision I told you how other business are doing it. you are a women and logical is not to much your thing you are more about feeling. then what do you feel and what is your vision about the business in 15 year from now? what will happen in your little studio will it get bigger?

(18 May '15, 17:58) white tiger
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perhaps you begin to see
the illusion of that
chosen reality, the
ideal business vision

limited by nature


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