After reading the answer by Daniele, a question popped up in my mind regarding Law of Attraction and visualization.

As daniele said LOA is working for satisfying sexual desires while one sees playboy magazine. in that case, their desire is fulfilled and LOA does not attract real women in one's life.

Now the question is, when one visualises his desire suppose a car that he is driving his favourite car and enjoying the ride.

does enough visualisation make hindrances in actually physical manifestation of the car? as the person satisfying himself just by visualising about his favorite car.

I am sorry if i could not clearly write my question. anybody can edit it in proper way if needed.Thanks

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Thank you all who replied.I repect their knowledge and kindness that they ansered my question.

Actually my question was that the enjoyment of visualisation can stop the physical manifestation of the car.Do you people think it is possible?

(06 Sep '12, 03:26) Zee
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does enough visualisation make hindrances in actually physical manifestation of the car?

Think about this question. Dig deep within yourself and really think about this question... what is the answer that you believe is true in this scenario? That you deeply, absolutely believe? Whatever answer you come up with is what is true for you.

Visualization and LOA are not things that are seperate from us. They are just titles given to ideas. There isn't a list of rules that define and correctly pinpoint the truth of these ideas.

I did not truly grasp this stuff until I came to this realization. The only rules are the rules that I give myself.

Law of attraction is not something that is seperate from me. It does not exist outside of me. The phrase "law of attraction" is just a way of acknowledging my connection to myself and everything else.

We control our realities. That means we make the rules.

Visualization can do a thousand different things. It just depends on what you believe.

Do you believe visualization will help you bring new things into your life? Then it will.

Do you believe visualization will put a halt on something you want? Then it will.

You create your reality. You put everything you see in front of yourself. Nothing is "bringing it to you". You're doing it. You are a part of everything and everyone. I know that can be hard to understand.

To help better understand what I'm saying, refer to some of these questions and answers:

@Stingray's Hall of Mirrors idea. This is in regards to other people in your life and how they are reflecting different aspects and ideas of yourself to you. I put this here because I said that everything in your life is put there by you, which includes people. I think this idea illustrates that you don't necessarily control others, but they are apart of your experience due to your own beliefs at that point in your life.

@Eddie's answer about traumatic life events and why they happen. This answer goes very in depth into vibrations and law of attraction and how your thoughts and beliefs are effecting your reality. I put this here because I feel your question is asking if you are doing visualization correctly. I feel this will help explain why your beliefs and feelings are more important than the methods you are using.

@The Traveller's answer about vibrations concerning want. This answer explains that if you focus on the lack you will manifest more lack. This relates a lot to the first part of your question. You asked if you envision a car and feel satisfied during the visualization, will you still manifest a new car? I feel this answer will help here. Traveller explains when you have something, you no longer want it. This is where you want to be. The vibration of "wanting" something expresses lack of it, while the vibration of "having" something expresses you have it. You want to have it, not want it.

Hope this was helpful! :)


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@LapisLazuli - This is a really wonderful answer that has been overlooked. It is so clear and inclusive and so very well thought out. I appreciated your summaries and links to greater insights on the subject from three of our deepest thinkers.

This is a fine point that has always bothered me about visualisation and manifestation, and your answer has helped me sort out how I feel about it. Thank you. Terrific answer. + 100 for going unnoticed too long.

(10 Oct '12, 01:55) Grace

@Grace I am in agreement with you on this. Great answer @LapisLazuli

(10 Oct '12, 13:47) Cory

@LapisLazuli - You're right on! YES! Thank you! :)

(10 Oct '12, 16:05) figure8shape

@Grace @Cory @figure8shape thank you guys! I didn't know if it was clear or not, so thank you for the feedback=)

And @Grace, wow! Thank you! I'm really glad it helped you :o)

(10 Oct '12, 20:27) LapisLazuli
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You always know by how it feels Zee. If visualising feels good to you its bringing you closer to what you want. If it doesnt feel good it is probably hindering your manifestation.

If this is the case it's probably better to take your mind of your dream car completely and find something else to feel good about. Feeling good about anything else will bring you closer to your dream car, and everything else you desire in life:)


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@Satori This is a nice simple summary of using visualization. Feel good just because it feels good, and everything you desire will eventually work its way to you.

(10 Oct '12, 15:08) Cory

As daniele said LOA is working for satisfying sexual desires while one sees playboy magazine. in that case, their desire is fulfilled and LOA does not attract real women in one's life.

Then you didn't want to attract real women into your life in the first place. If a Playboy magazine can satisfy your desire, then a real woman was never needed. Thus you have one less attachment to hold you in its prison. And you shall not suffer from the lack of women in your life.

If playing with a toy can satisfy your desire to have a Ferrari, you can be sure you just got rid of attachment to another desire.

So caught up in the grant illusion called reality creation, always wanting, longing for, desiring something. And then suffering from not having it, then desiring even more. And all the time kept busy trying to find ways to fulfill our desires.

It is like playing a game, and thinking and contemplating that different twist of a dice will get you out of it. But as long as you keep on throwing those dices, you will keep on playing the game. You have to let go of them for the game to stop.

Now I see Law of Attraction is just another hindrance. LOA or Jersey Shore (Tv Show) is of the same nature, just a different wrapping. You are diving deeper and deeper into understanding of Law of Attraction, you are gathering knowledge on how things work. And it might appear so mystifying at times. But whether you try to understand and use LOA or don't care at all and rather watched (utterly brainwashed tv show like) Jersey Shore, you get the same result - still being caught up in the GAME.

What's the point of knowing or not knowing how to attract things? If the very NATURE of that knowledge leads you to ATTRACT THINGS. Attract what? Good things? why? So you can feel better about yourself? Because you place your value on things around you thus without even noticing make your HAPPINESS conditioned to outer things? You want to attract this car... but who are you?...and then you want to attract that mate...but who are you? WANT more money... but who are you?...

And blinded by a newly unlocked knowledge you go on and on attracting things. And so you keep on throwing that dice with a new twist these days. Hoping that the very next throw will take you out of the game. And the question who are you will be answered at last. Later on you will figure out a new way to twist it. And you will think - this must be it, the game stopper. But because the game keeps you busy trying to figure out how to twist the dice correctly, you never think of just letting go of it and laying it down. That is the only time, you get out of the game, which keeps you busy from finding out who you are


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