A recent study came out on the correlation between looks and intelligence: Google results for "Good looking people smarter" What are your thoughts?

however, based on my own observations, I see it the other way around...

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I see a certain trend in your questions related to looks. Any particular reason?

(20 Jan '11, 17:16) Pink Diamond

Among other things, I am interested in cause and effects of looks.

(24 Jan '11, 16:32) Back2Basics
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I don't buy into the results from surveys - they're done on such a minuscule percentage of the population.

Personally, I don't think there is a correlation between one's physical features and their level of intelligence. I think we're all born with a certain level of intelligence that pertains in some way to our journey. However, I think we also have to remember that this level of intelligence can also be developed by choosing to do so - we all have the ability to learn and grow in some way.

However,more importantly, is expanding our level of wisdom - by doing so we are able to ascertain what to do with this God given intelligence to help both ourselves and others expand and grow.

Real beautiful people are those with a smile on their face and a light in their eye. They are utilizing their intelligence and wisdom to live a life of meaning - they know beauty has nothing to do with a perfect body or a perfect face ( according to society's standards ). They are living a beautiful life and their whole being is an emanation of that.


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But intelligence is a form of beauty! Intelligent people are the candy for the mind while physically beautiful people are the candy for the eye. And the most beautiful of them all is found within, for each and every single one of us is the most beautiful one of them all! So keep your heart open! Thank you, namaste


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There is really no real meaning to this as intelligence and beauty is all relative. For example, someone that may seem intelligent to person A may be classifed as stupid by person B, someone who may seem beautiful to person C may be seen as ugly to person D.


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Good point kakaboo!

(23 Jan '11, 07:19) daniele

That is a strange study, from movies like Revenge Of The Nerds to tv shows like Beauty And The Nerds the ones the most good looking were not the smartest ones.

I do however think it is a society stereotype and for some reason people try to go along with it. Like where is it written a computer genius has to have black horn rim glasses with tape in the center and pants and a shirt too short?

But you watch that show Beauty And The Nerd and you see there are real people like that, like they are trying to fit that stereotype for some reason, and beautiful women that only know how to get to the mall.

But fortunately by the end of that show it shows that people don't need to fit those stereotypes.


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Wade Casaldi

Good looking people are known to be treated better than others because of the human nature to want to be accepted by these people. The idolization of good looking people tends to have others want to be liked by them.

This just my take on this subject.



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jim 10

why do they want their acceptance?

(20 Jan '11, 01:38) Back2Basics

It might be a snowballing event. Good looking people seem to do better then I should be near them which in turn creates a better experience for them and so on and so on. (on the edit: next time you get a link, click the globe looking picture and paste the link in the box. It will then give you a light blue highlighted area to write what you wish to represent the link :))

(20 Jan '11, 01:47) jim 10
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