There are a number of healing methods we have discussed on this site. If disease or any sort of discomfort comes about because of our dominant vibration (the dominant feelings and emotions we hold), then healing methods can only offer a temporary cure.

This implies that as long as we hold the same dominant vibration, even if we get temporarily healed by some healer, sooner or later, we will get the physical manifestation again, whether it is the same disease or a similar sort of discomfort in our life.

So, should we be focusing more on changing our dominant vibration and that of others, rather than on healing methods?

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Pink Diamond

There is the Wisdom out there that it is ONLY by changing ourselves for the better, that we can change the rest of the world. I guess this applies to healing as well - So I think you have raised a really important point. Another word from White Eagle on this point, if I may... "You have to learn to seek first the kingdom of heaven, the place of stillness and quiet at the highest level of which you are capable, and then the heavenly influences can pour into you, RECREATE YOU and use your for the salvation of all human kind.

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People who only get healed temporarily have one of two problems. Either they don't want to get better, or they don't believe that they can. You can help them with either or both, but in the end it is up to the individual to change his mind. Otherwise, it is a violation of free will.

EDIT: I am of course referring to people who initially respond to non-traditional healing techniques, but who then revert back to their original state of illness. I heartily encourage those who might benefit from western medicine to use their family doctor. After all, sometimes you just need a splint.

People die, and not because they lack faith. Dying is part of our genetic makeup, a requirement of nature. But, for those people who don't respond to traditional medicine (i.e. they need a miracle), you can't open their mind for them. They have to do that themselves. All you can do is show them the door.

To put it simply, all healing (as the term is defined from a spiritual perspective) is healing of oneself.


answered 16 Feb '10, 21:41

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For a healing to work it has to be worked with. Like when Jesus did a healing he would say "go give thanks and sin no more." In other words change your life style and don't do what brought this on in the first place or it will come back.

I have experienced this with friends, I worked on these friends for stomach pains and acid reflux and took the pain away, then next month I had to go back again and work on them more, then the next I found out they were not changing their eating habits, they felt like we'll just have Wade take away the pain. That means that they did not want to change what they ate, how they took care of them selves so never giving the healing sessions a chance to take effect more than as a bandage for a open wound.

People need to work with you rather than just have you do everything for them, there needs to be some form of cooperation there. Even going to a hospital Doctors expect you to do something to get better, they put you in therapy to walk or what ever, they don't say "you lay there, I'll walk around for you."

Jesus never healed a crippled person and said "you are healed you can walk now but stay right here take it easy don't bother getting up, don't exert yourself, you continue being as you were, don't change a thing."


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Wade Casaldi

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Rani, glad to see you online again. Seems like I haven't seen you participate in awhile. True healing comes when the cause of the illness is cured. Most healing now days only fixes the symptoms of the illness. And since the cause wasn't fixed, the illness re-manifests. I think a combination of fixing the symptoms for relief is good, but there needs to be a realization on the patient that there is a mental cause for the illness.

I haven't had any colds or illness for 4 years, where I used to at least catch a cold once a year. Stinkin thinkin is the major causes of illness. I'm finished, I make it a point not to discuss health with others unless it is positive and about feeling good. Misery loves company, and talking about aches and pains just makes it worse.

In the Spirit of Health, I am RPuls


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Sorry Vesuvius, I could not disagree with you more. People suffering ill health do not need to have a guilt trip added to their other problems. And if it was that easy to heal - there would be no dead people.

Trees, animals, manufactured items - all die, and I am pretty sure that their demise does not come about from a poor mental attitude.

Scientists, with what instruments they have at hand, attest that no thing stays the same - everything is changing all the time. Energy can neither be created or destroyed - it is - and it changes. New systems, personal, national, universal build up and then break down for the next system to come in. Everything is cyclical.

I agree that mental attitude can readjust our personal physical body and with miraculous results, and I can only encourage everyone to 'give it a go' and 'believe with all your heart' - 'miracles' DO HAPPEN. But for goodness sake don't ever believe that everyone whose body dies has a poor mental attitude.


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I never said they have a poor mental attitude, although now that you mention it, that does describe it pretty well for some people. See my edit.

(16 Feb '10, 23:22) Vesuvius

The recurrence of illness is caused by a new lowering of vibrational level obtained within the healing process. This could have three reasons: 1. Don't wanting being better because the primary or secondary benefits of being ill (inspiring compassion, receiving the warm attention of family or professional entourage, to brisk up or intensify the losting love of partner, or just for financial privileges: illness help or pension, or for take an excuse by thesickness tor some own errors or omissions. 2. Bon't believing that the good results are truly obtained by the healing process leaded by the healer; this means that he/she "don't learned the lesson". 3. Don't maintaining the continuous preocupation for the own health; it is a very frquent attitude when the manis into the good feeling, or could be a problem of self confidece (as said Vesuvius.

I think the healer must pay attention for a prevention of these possibilities, before leave the client after a healing session.


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well i will comment from personal experience. at the age of 17 i was diagnosed with asthma, quikcly followed by acid reflux(proper medical term G.E.R.D.). and prior to that i was a "horse" as they say, perfect in everyway(not to be arrogant). anyways i suffered with this (and still do, but not as severe AT ALL) for 5 years. do you wanna know what made me feel better?? MY POSITIVE MENTALLITY!! for the first 5 years i was in COMPLETE depression and simply put, just didnt wanna live. i hated life and evryhting that existed in it. i felt like i was cursed and that i would NEVER HEAL. very very negative all the time. but finally after evrybody kept saying "its not that bad, be positive, what you have is MINOR in comparrison to what others have" it clicked in my head. i literally took that fear and depression and said " FU*K YOU, IM THE FUC*ING BOSS, WHAT I SAY GOES!" and i flipped those negative depressive thoughts and transformed them INto POSSITIVE STRONG(in an angry way) thoughts. and guess what?? i feel 10X FUC*IN BETTER!! now dont get me wrong, i STILL do have my days, BUT in comparrison to before?? HA!! im like arnold shwarzanagger now baby, I'M BACK! lol. so as you can see, MENTALITY DOES play a MAJOR ROLE within this subject.

p.s. i do reccomend natural herbs though, i took herbs myself. the combination of the 2 is TRULY incredible. mentality alone is EXTREMELY difficult and I think can only be accomplished by ENLIGHTEND individuals. shlama


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Thank you Mebb for sharing your story.

(17 Feb '10, 07:21) Pink Diamond

Perfect example of mind over matter! thanks, namaste

(24 Sep '10, 09:47) daniele
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