Why were humans born as two different genders from a universal perspective?

I have also often wondered how the opposite sex differs in terms of the Law of Attraction and our power and speed of alignment with our desires. Does the manifestation process differ at all depending on our gender?

Somewbody once told me that women tend to beat themselves up more than men over bad things that happen in their lives? To me, that implies that it is harder for women to elevate their vibration to one of happiness than it is for men. I don't think that is true. But what are your thoughts?

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Pink Diamond

I highly recommend the books "For Men Only" and "For Women Only" by Shaunti and Jeff Feldhahn. These are very enlightening and helpful books that clearly explain the differences each believes is only common sense to the other.

(19 Aug '11, 04:54) Wade Casaldi

Lol, this one's funny^^. Well be honest, other then some physical apsects, women and men are pretty identical. Now why women THINK differently than men is very, very simple...it is what they have been TAUGHT. For generations women have been TAUGHT that their position as a woman is to be subservient to their man (and this still goes on today in a MAJORITY of countries). So as you can see, this has had an impact on the "mentality" of women ALL over the world, it is a LONG, LONG process that has been going on since the BEGINNING (starting with Adam and Eve). So in a way, it has sort of become part of their "nature"- if this makes any sense. Unfortunately, that is why I think about 90 percent of women are dependant on a man. Lets be honest, how many times do you see a single independant woman around?? rarely. Even if the woman is independant, MAJORITY of the time she WILL be married OR be in a relationship. This attraction to men that women have has now become part of their "nature" due to the fact that this is what has basically been "programmed" into them since the begginning. So to break this process would take a VERY, VERY, VEEEEEEEEEERY long time. possible?? of course. probable?? PROBABLY not, lol.



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@Mebb, you took the words out of my mouth. Indeed the only difference is physical. As for mental and spiritual part, those are limitless, so differences can't be really seen or clarified. Maybe on 1-on-1 basis, but not in general. That's hypocrisy.

(17 Jul '12, 03:00) CalonLan

Yes I know what you mean, I have a book that says how different women and men are, like if a problem comes up a man asks a short question and wants a easy to apply quick answer.

But a women it said wants to be listened to and talk about the problem for maybe hours and not to get an answer that solves it but just to be heard for some reason.

But a guy wants an easy to apply usable answer.

If you say to a guy "here is what I do, or try this." The guy is happy and thankful, if you said that to a woman she calls you insensitive and not listening!


answered 27 Feb '10, 09:53

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Wade Casaldi

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Yes, it's almost as though Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus ;)

(27 Feb '10, 10:11) Stingray

lol that is not my book but yes agreed.

(27 Feb '10, 10:23) Wade Casaldi

Mine is a mens health one probably based on that book.

(27 Feb '10, 10:26) Wade Casaldi

I totally agree with you. When I am upset I just want to verbally vent at times, and my husband will always want to "fix" the problem immediately, when in fact I just wanted to be listened to and have often figured out a solution on my own.

(28 Feb '10, 02:10) LeeAnn 1

Ahhhhh thanks for the confirmation LeeAnn! lol Yes we do like fixing things, that is why when you blender stops working we get to take it apart like we know what we are doing, probably just a wire crossed or something I'll have it working again soon. lol

(28 Feb '10, 10:41) Wade Casaldi

I think it's OK that men and women have different styles of problem-solving--it creates balance, and makes like more fun.

(02 Mar '10, 23:18) LeeAnn 1

Yes that is true, it shows there are more ways than known by one side or the other to solve a problem. This is true for our brains as well right and left brain ways to deal with things.

(03 Mar '10, 09:31) Wade Casaldi

you know what wade if you would be a women and find a quick fix and tell another women she would not blame you of being insensitive and not listening.i have seen many things that a women can say to another women but that a men can't. Simon Peter said to them, "Mary should leave us, for females are not worthy of life."Jesus said, "See, I am going to attract her to make her male so that she too might become a living spirit that resembles you males.

(17 Jul '12, 01:18) white tiger

For every female that makes itself male will enter the kingdom of heaven." maybe women they should do the same and they would not be quick to judge and criticize.

(17 Jul '12, 01:22) white tiger
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A woman is fragile, whereby a man is strong. A woman is a mother, whereby a man is a father, and the head of the family. The woman cares for her whole family, and the man comes home to eat his dinner. The woman has more patience, while the man lacks patience. A woman is more content, whereby a man may be more adventures. A woman is made to be loved, and cherish by a man, while a man may seek variety. A woman loves with all of her heart, while a man tends to be fickle minded.

A man is a king in his castle, and the woman is considered to be his queen only under his command. A woman is considered to be the weaker sex of the two sexes, and receives less credit than a man for a job well done. A woman needs a man always, while a man needs for a woman is greater. But in the essence, a woman is the mother of all mothers in the whole wide world, something that a man cannot be.


answered 19 Aug '11, 04:09

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Inactive User ♦♦

well vee the man work all day to support is family so he cares for them and so yes when he comes home he wants to eat. the patience comment some women have no patience and some men have lots of patience. as for the men seeking variety not all men are like that but some women are i have know many women going out with over 7 guy at the same time. well the men is the father of the whole world so what.

(27 Aug '11, 23:32) white tiger

Your sexuality is a point of focus, and that is all. For those of you who need it said,I say it: A woman is as intellectual as a man. A man is as intuitive as a woman. You chose your sexual focus for a reason. The reason has more to do with the flexibility of consciousness than you presently understand. It has to do with the real nature of aggression and passivity, which you have allowed yourself to forget..... Birth is an aggressive experience. Passivity is based upon joyful recognition of natural aggression. To be carried along , each of you must be sure of yourself.

Source: The Unknown Reality Vol 1 (A Seth Book)


answered 17 Jul '12, 16:39

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"Have you then deciphered the beginning, that you ask about the end? For where the beginning is, there shall be the end. Blessed is the man who reaches the beginning; he will know the end, and will not taste death!"

(17 Jul '12, 16:47) white tiger

There are inherent differences in men and women. You can tell by looking at them. The same hormones that cause the physical differences, also cause non physical differences. Women in general more sensitive, nurturing, motherly, than men. Men in general are more protecting, providing, leading than women.

I grew up listening to the women's lib theories, so when I had my son, I wanted him to decide who he was, and not put the gender role on him. He was very compassionate and loved babies. I got him a little baby doll to love. He was such a good daddy and took it with him everywhere. When he left it at the memorial for my grandma, he remembered it when we were back at the house. We called and had her picked up. So, I got him a stroller to put the baby in (a natural next step for a girl). He never used it as a stroller, so I folded it up one day. Then he saw it there, with it's wheels, and grabbed it like a toy car, and said, "vroom vroom, truck." I always made sure he had the things he was interested in, and books about it also. I let him lead in what his interests were. I found him to be a loving, nurturing, kind, boy who loves firefighters and firetrucks and baseball, and football and army, navy marines themes, dinosaurs, martial arts, etc...

As far as men and women being listeners or fixers, I do both. I am a fix it person. If someone has a problem, I have 101 solutions, you pick the one that will work for you. However, when I need to talk things out, I need an ear, not answers. Sometimes answers, but usually just an ear. I often have an answer, after I ask a question. Sometimes I want sympathy, sometimes I just want to vent. But usually, suggestions from the other person get in the way of my process. Yet, I am so ready to offer solutions to other people's problems.

I am a single mom. I am very independant. This is scary to most people, especially men. So, when I am ready to be involved with a man, he will need to be strong enough to be able to accept my being a strong woman, yet sensitive enough to win my respect. I have faith that there is this perfect man, and when we are both ready, we will find eachother.


answered 18 Aug '11, 21:46

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Fairy Princess


well fairy princess men usely want a answer when they ask question. if they talk they do not want to be interrupted to make it shorth and sweet. but women they go at it for hours talking about their problem but they do not want answer because they do not want to see where they are going wrong and do not want to take responsability. i know many talked to me bad mouthing their husband or boyfriend i told them leave him then. they say i love him. is that why they bad mouth them for over 3 hours?

(27 Aug '11, 23:41) white tiger
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