In general, is something that is helpful to me, helpful to you?

Does a concept belief that is good for me good for you?

How do we draw the line in the advice we give? We are almost always giving advice based on our experience but is that helpful?

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Barry Allen ♦♦

I'd have to say sometimes yes and sometimes no. We're all at different points on our journey - hence we find some answers helpful and others we just don't resonate with right now - either because we've surpassed that point of understanding, or we haven't reached that point of awareness yet.

If we are giving advice from a heartfelt place and with good intention, I don't think we can really go too far wrong. Advice given that has been learned from personal experience will carry more weight than advice given from a text, simply because the giver is coming from an authentic place. However, it is always up to the recipient to discern what feels helpful.


answered 21 Jan '11, 22:23

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Yes it is 2b2.

In fact i place more value on what works for others in a practical sense than i place on any amount of theory and rhetoric.

If someone tried something thats been good for them,then chances are it will be good for me and work.

Sharing of what works and what doesnt is surely vital for any development in this life.Sharing anything thats blessed you in any way is the least any of us can do for our fellow man.

Of course they may not accept this. Thats their choice.



answered 21 Jan '11, 11:48

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Monty Riviera

If one is not ready for the belief then it may be of little consequence,
also a common belief may be off the true nature of things, so again unhelpful.
yes, however, if what you hear rings true to your intuition then it is helpful,
so it is relative to the individual and the concept belief.


answered 22 Jan '11, 01:45

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I believe in the concept that two heads are better than one! Given that fact, we do need to share with each other to learn from each other, and to grow with each other.

Of course we would be using our better judgment in the final analysis, and we would be making decisions that are right for us, in our particular situation. So in essence the answer to your question is yes, if it suites the purpose, then it will work out just fine.


answered 21 Jan '11, 03:57

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Inactive User ♦♦

Yes. Anything that helps you helps us. How can it not?

No matter what others might think. We are in this together.



answered 21 Jan '11, 04:35

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jim 10

Okay Michael, you've got me curious - why the name changes ?

(21 Jan '11, 22:25) Michaela

So..When I first came here I was lostandfound then I wanted to use my real name. So I did. Then I saw that there was already a Michael and I did not want to confuse the 2 (or probably I didn't want to share :)). Then went to "dude". But ultimately, I change all of the time. People give me crap about it but I do not care. I change my mind, my beliefs, my ideas always. That is just who I am. And I love it. I am not really any-thing and it makes me feel free!! Thanks for asking. I also se no reason to hide my identity so I added my picture :)

(21 Jan '11, 23:27) jim 10

Good for you - Thanks for sharing :)

(22 Jan '11, 13:42) Michaela
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