From a human perspective, answering questions appears to be more difficult than asking them. We revere, honor, thank and place on pedestals those who provide us with the answers.

However, from a metaphysical or reality-creation perspective, the asking of the question is more important because in the birth of the question, there is also automatically the birth of the answer.

However, the answer is usually out of vibrational reach of the asker at the moment of the question's there is a need to "find" it or "search" for it somehow.

But this search, metaphysically-speaking, is ultimately only a search for vibrational attunement, not a physical search for the answer.

According to the Abraham teachings, this process operates as follows:

  • Step 1: The question is asked (or desire is launched)
  • Step 2: The universe immediately responds with the creation of the vibrational potential that matches the desire or question
  • Step 3: In aligning our dominant focus regarding that topic with that of the vibrational potential that now exists as a result of the question being asked, we allow the answer to enter and manifest within our reality (i.e. we get our desire)

So question-answerers, I could argue, are merely acting as conduits to allow already-existing vibrational potentials to manifest while the askers are truly breaking new ground.

It seems to me then that the ones we should be placing on pedestals are the question-askers, not the question-answerers. :)

What do you think?

asked 24 Oct '09, 13:59

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I think neither one is more important than the other. Remember we are human beings asking a question... but the question and its answer already exist(ed)! Before you conceived thought to even think of the question or answer. One exists because of its compliment; already.

On another thought, I do believe that we as humans don't originate most of our own "earth shattering" thoughts...questions or answers. I think we (the question "asker") are used as conduits of the The Infinite Intelligence to continue to bring knowledge, understanding, growth to human beings. I think the question "answerer", are nothing more than Infinite Intelligence receiving and disseminating that knowledge amongst itself (human beings). How can one be more important than the other : )


answered 25 Oct '09, 14:44

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For me, answering questions is way more important than asking them. because when I answer questions I learn from myself as I learn from others. but when I ask, I only get to learn from others.


answered 30 Oct '09, 08:25

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I am a follower of Abraham Hicks too. If the answers already existed then we would not be required in the great adventure to further the expansion of all-that-is. We are ALL the ones asking questions by our exposure to contrast, and therefore should all be on pedestals. According to Abraham, we are - we are loved and supported by all-that-is, infinite intelligence, because of our being here doing just that. In other words, we have God's love, and that is what really matters. What more of a pedestal could we ask for? :>)


answered 24 Oct '09, 15:02

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edited 24 Oct '09, 15:33

I agree with Street Santo that neither one is more important than the other. The whole point of launching the desire (Step 1) is getting the manifestation of the desire (Step 2&3). So, the whole point of asking the question is to get an answer.

So, would you ask a question if you knew there was no way the answers could get to you. So, from my point of view, if there were no question answerers, there would be no point asking the question. In other words, no point in breaking new ground as you say.


answered 25 Oct '09, 17:15

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Pink Diamond

Well the answer is already within you, but the way Universe may "give" you the answer is by inspiring another individual to give it to you. So it doesn't matter HOW you get the answer because that is simple, from YOU :-)


answered 26 Oct '09, 00:24

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I don't think no one should be on an pestal but I think the question being ask is very important because if the questions never gets asks than the thought processes of the answer never ever gets started.

So, If someone anyone ask how did that rock get over there. Than the small crowd of people you may be talking to just in conversation might stop and think why is that rock there and they had never thought of that before so now you have place an question mark of why and maybe an few ponders and try and find out why is that rock over there.

In doing so of trying to solve why that rock is over there it brings up many more questions from different ones trying to answer that one question so now you have several questions ask trying to solve the answer to the one and so it goes on continually.

So the question is more important to be ask and than to solve the question the answer is also very important just on an slight less degree than the question being ask. There may be many answers to one question because it depends on where you are looking at the question at. That is why sometimes it takes many centuries before an complete answer is found to an questions because several people have worked on it maybe during their whole life times and each one of them has an piece of the puzzle of the answer to the question and you have ask many more questions trying to get the answer to the one question.

It is kind of like the question which was here first the chicken or the egg. Of course it was the chicken. So the same is for the Question and the Answers the Question is first and most important than comes the answers which are very important as well just an slight less of an importance.

For without the questions beings ask you wouldn't ever have the answers. Thats the begining of the thought processes and energy waves sent out to connect with the super subconscious mind of God to find an answer to the question being ask. Its how creativity gets started and on and on.


answered 30 Oct '09, 00:18

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