We have all heard about the experience of being at One with all. Have you ever felt this?

If so, how do you get past the sense that "your feet won't touch the ground?" ...when regular operating consciousness returns. When it's time to do the dishes...


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why is my question Red?

(22 Jan '11, 23:53) all2gethernow

It was only red because there were no answers yet. Now you have an answer and it's blue :)

(23 Jan '11, 03:49) Michaela

If your heart is pure and you ask the holy father the meaning of all this. you will not only feel it but you will ear and see it all.like he see it.From the beguinning to the end.I am the alpha and the omega, me and the father are one and the same.But i am telling you right now only the father can bear it it is to much for the children to bear. If i would put all the universe that exist in your brain with all the knowledge of everything,at the speed of light,could you bear it?

(23 Mar '13, 12:27) white tiger
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You just accept it as a touching wonderful moment, which you will remember always, and go on with your normal life. And you look forward, of course, to the next time that it will happen again.


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When it happens you won't be thinking that "your feet won't touch the ground"- You have to get rid of that fear filled thought by moving the thinking mind out of the way. The experience can only happen when your mind is completely still.


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One of my all-time favorite quotes:

“First enlightenment, then the laundry."

It's how I live my life. Wish I could find who to credit for it. All I can find is "Zen Buddhist saying." Anyone know better?


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@Grace - Reminds me of the old Zen saying:

Before I became enlightened, I chopped wood and carried water.
After I became enlightened, I chopped wood and carried water.

(17 Jul '12, 15:42) Stingray

New Grace saying:

First teeth-rattling personal breakthrough, then office paperwork. :)

(17 Jul '12, 17:00) Grace

I doubt that anyone will read this, but here goes...

I was driving out in the country, when all of a sudden, I looked at the whole breadth of the sky and the landscape (fields) and felt the Presence of God.

I felt Him very clearly in All that was around me, and even as I drove, I felt transported....I will never forget that time-perhaps ten minutes- when God chose to reveal a little of Himself to me.

When I got to town, I got to the grocery store, and grabbed a cart from the parking lot, and went in and shopped. Although the actual feeling had passed. I will never forget feeling the feeling>.

I came down to Earth quite naturally while choosing a bag of apples...

I have told few people about it until now. It was a hard feeling to explain. But your question seemed to ask for this recitation, so I told you about it. These moments DO come...but they don't seem to last. But I am glad for the memory.



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@jaianniah, I read it:) And let me tell you, it made me happy. We must share our triumphs, revelations, instances, whatever as it makes lots of people feel good reading them. I personally feed on the positivity:) Thank you

(19 Jul '12, 01:01) Xoomaville

I think the experience can be referred to as "awakening the kundalini energy" by some people. It occurred for me after meditating.

I was overwhelmed for a few hours after the experience had passed. You just need to start doing normal things again, as the experience soaks into your memory.


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absolutely agree

(02 Apr '13, 02:39) ru bis

You never see it coming. It is truly an Original moment (that lasts for a while, actually time stops) and to try to describe it would be pointless for I have a strange feeling that it comes about differently for everyone. Uh oh perspective again.

I feel I was fortunate enough to have a time suspended moment and the one word that set it offf was my meditation on the word.


All is good!


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jim 10

Thanks! I'll try that. It makes sense that it would be unique for each.

(23 Jan '11, 13:09) all2gethernow

It happened for me after meditating too. It was out of this world.

(01 Apr '13, 06:58) SR7

I think some people refer to this experience as "awakening the kundalini energy".

(01 Apr '13, 06:59) SR7
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Have you ever walked on sand on the beach bare foot on a hot sunny day, if so, how did it make you feel?

The story is once you get to that place: “all is one, and one is all,” you never return back to tell!

But I have had some very unique spiritual experiences in the moment, and I am still around!


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The idea is to have this be your dominant state while functioning in the world. There are many vehicles to get there as well as ways without vehicles. Here is a vehicle Snatam Kaur - The Sun Shines On Everyone a beautiful song. It is beautiful in rounds also, if you open it in two tabs at staggered intervals.


answered 17 Jul '12, 13:58

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Fairy Princess

FP, great song, just made my day, thank you so much :D

(19 Jul '12, 22:53) dreamersmiles

"First enlightenment then the laundry" ... yes this phrase really rings loud and clear for me.

Many years ago i was in deep depression, that is, i was beyond feelings of extreme sadness, hopelessness, guilt. I would just sit there feeling my head spinning, so my companion with whom i lived at the time took me to see a neuropsychiatrist. The moment i met this person i felt a lot better already, there was immediate empathy. She looked at me and said there was something intriguing, baffling about my condition. First she did an electroencephalogram, during the seance i saw flashing colors in my head. Then she gave me a prescription for diazepam, a tranquilizer used in the treatment of tension and anxiety and as a sedative, muscle relaxant, and anticonvulsant.

For the next three days i was very sleepy, then when i was sitting quietly i suddenly became a blazing sun, nothing else existed, neither time nor space, and i heard like a baby yell out, my consciousness was overwhelmed, obliterated by the incredible power of it all.

ffalt textff

Then it disappeared as quickly as it came. I looked around me and realized that everything was normal, the people that were sitting near me hadn't noticed a thing.

Of course at the time i said i'd been to see god, my companion said i was talking like a someone taking drugs.

Ever since then i've been "doing the laundry", that is, now and again spontaneously i relive and explore in depth this "experience". Each time it's different and each time i get deep insight.


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ru bis

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thanks especially to dr. marie antoinette belair, bordeaux, and all the others, take care

(25 Mar '13, 02:38) ru bis

blubird to ru bis; seems like a blazing love shield to me

(03 Apr '13, 01:33) ru bis

I have experienced the oneness... I wasn't lifted off the ground, I was the ground and the ground was me. There were no boundries of anything, everything was of one. When you experience this you lose every thought or idea you had of yourself, you are no longer "the false you" but a part a pure living being of everything else. Very magical, very energetic.


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beautiful :)

(01 Apr '13, 02:05) ru bis

The experience is a passing moment, but the wisdom from the experience is always there.

It was a tough transition for me to know what I know and balance my life.

You asked a question in reference to doing the everyday (and I might say... seeming trivial) life work; my answer for overcoming this is to find peace in every moment because it has the ability to make the mundane and chaotic: peaceful and vibrant.

To save time explaining: There's a video posted on the forum entitled "One-Minute Meditation: "How to Meditate in a Moment"". It's not my video. It's also on youtube posted by username becomingme. Watch the video, it might help explain overcoming the moments.


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na you can return vee you chose to come here! believe it or not!once you come back you see things in a different perspective! and have no need to go back you chose to come here so enjoy and make the best of it!

verily,verily,verily i tell you,the flesh is flesh but the spirit is spirit. very narrow is the door of truth and only a fee find it. blessed are the peace maker they will be called son of god. blessed are the pure of heart they shall see god. there is light in a person of light and it shine on the whole world if not it is dark.


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I had a recurring dream for years about flying back from America on my own which was strange because I would never go anywhere with out wife and kids and had a really bad phobia of flying in my dream I new where I sat on plane and would see myself turn my head from looking out of window with the biggest smile I could ever imagine the dream always had a really overwhelming feeling back in April 2015 this came true the smile was my awakening from that moment onwards have seen the beauty of the world that had never noticed before I came home a different person to going away my friends and family thought I had gone crazy or nut but I hadn't they talked me into seeing a physicist the physicist said I had been enlightened they call it a spiritual phenomena and that I had not gone crazy she told me to carry on with it with meditation and in November 26th 2015 I finally reached enlightenment WONDERFUL now just want to keep learning more and more knowledge.


answered 05 Jan '16, 15:23

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