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Think of a coin, it has a head side and a tail side, they are considered opposite sides of a coin. It is still one coin, we live n a world of opposing beliefs, beliefs of what we want and what we don't want. Chasing what we like and running from what we don't like. The more we place a belief in things being good we end up also believing in things being evil, so everything becomes a battle in mind of opposites (Yin and Yang). But when you look at Yin and Yang they are one symbol, not two, just like a coin, one. Here and there, one, this and that, one, myself and everything else, one. If we look at a yardstick and see the inches as degrees of seperation even the difference between one to thirtysix, it is still one yardstick. That could be the difference between all good and all evil but still they are two extremes of the same, all knowledge, and complete ignorance, still one, the greatest morality and the greatest depravity still one, the greatest opulence and the greatest poverty, still one.

So here is the exercise, think on everything and think on its opposite then join them as one. Everything including the most extremes, to join all opposites you place yourself beyond them and at the same time you are them, you find everything is one, there only is one. Location is nothing, for location to exist you need duality that is the illusion of separation. Even fear and hope are two sides of the same coin, they are one.

If you do this, think of your dreams when you sleep; you experience everything as if it were separate from you, every person and thing and you interact with everything as if it were separate from you, but now think is anything in your dream separate from you? In your dream you travel distances you experience here and there, yourself and others, yourself and objects. But you wake up and say oh that was a dream I had and you give it no heed you may even dismiss it. Who's dream was it? Your dream. Who created it? You did. If you created it, who were all the other people in that dream? Your creation of other than yourself. As a matter of fact everything you experience is your creation of other than yourself. If I am here, there must be a there out there. If I am afraid there must be something other than myself to fear so I create something to chase me, something to fulfill that belief of I need to fear.

Years ago I was dreaming I came across some ghouls, I started running, they started chasing me, I started flying,they flying after me, I was going through walls to get away, they followed they could do that too. After this very fast chase went on for a while I got frustrated and angry. I stopped and faced them and I yelled STOP, this was authority STOP as a command not a cry. They all stopped and were looking at me. I was looking at them too. I said, "What is your problem!" They said, "Problem, there is no problem." I said, "Why are you chasing me!?" (Learn this well, here is their answer) They replied, "We thought you wanted to be chased, you ran, so we chased you." (In other words the fear of persuit had to create the experience of pursuit otherwise there is no reason for the fear.) I said back to them, "You thought I wanted to be chased? No! Be gone!" These sorry looking appologising ghouls just vanished like a puff of smoke they were gone.

All those ghouls were not something other than myself, the distance I traveled did not exist, the conversation I had was to awaken myself that I am creating the entire experience through my belief and expectations. If I believe myself a victim I'll experience myself a victim, if I believe a victor then I'll experience that, either way it doesn't matter,both teach me what I am, as both I am creating; it is just a reversal of roles of the same play. I am the good guy,I am the bad guys attacking myself, it is all me in my dream. I can go to my most extreme dreams of ultimate good vs ultimate evil and even with great supernatural powers fighting back and forth, it is all me teaching and awakening myself to who and what I am. If I am all of that I can also say I am none of that because that was all illusion of separation and duality.

Everything is one consciousness.

Here is a very good link I just found that expresses this clearly, it embodies my old God Consciousness Experiments and what I've learned years ago through my studies of the The Secret Doctrine of the Rosicrucians (Book by William Walker Atkinson). This is much older called Avadhuta Gita.

Here is the link

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