I met the concept of "Christic consciousness" on many contexts with or without references to improvement of human DNA (Earth' matrix, Sacred Geometry, 2012, improvement of human' DNA to 12 serpents, responsibility of enlightening, etc).

What do Jesusyou think about this concept? Are we truly need to realizing a so difficult desideratum until 2012? It is possible? How?

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I believe also (as Lorraine) that Jesus Christ was the totaly activated DNA humans because, being I along preocupied for the reason of Holy Spirit directly intervention into Jesus conception, I prayed many times for knowing. And I received, as an "instant subtle knowledge", the answer: the rayes of Holy Spirit have had a teleportage of genetical matter with 12 spirals of DNA. This confers a very high level consciousnes to adult Jesus, but He had need to complete His knowledge by learning and collaborating with Father (for receiving supplementary power) in particular circumstances.

(24 Feb '10, 13:23) Gleam

The "Christic consciousness" isn't the All Divine consciousness, it is only an interjacent stade which need a not easy toil for realizing; not just laying confortably and listening to a CD. I think and feel it needs conjugated complex efforts regarding not only a hign theoretical spiritual preparation, but just the materialization of DNA new spirals. This means a specific focussing,, a continuum of an adequate "modus vivendi" (including thoughts, feelings, intentions, etics, responsibility, attitudes and, not on the last line, actings), but also an unceasingly spiritual training.

(24 Feb '10, 14:32) Gleam

Regarding to the spiritual method, I am uncertainly. Maybe activating Mer-Ka-Ba vehicle and working with it; perhaps applying the combined method recommended by Hathors (the book "The Hathor Material, Messages from an Ascended Civilization" by Tom Kenyon & Virginia Essene; and the site of Tom Kenyon: http://tomkenyon.com/thoughts-and-observations); this method combines Kundalini - as Mother Earth energy, with prana - as Universal Father Life energy. Maybe you could propose another technique. --- PS. You can believe me or not, thinking about, ignoring or laugh. I assume your reactions.

(24 Feb '10, 15:15) Gleam

Thank you very much the help. Simon. Thank you for activating the linK

(24 Feb '10, 15:31) Gleam
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DNA is a winding staircase - see Blakes famous painting with the angels and saints coming and going via that means - Jacobs Ladder?

DNA has receptors, on the sides of 'the ladder' most of which are non active. It has been established that a positive mental attitude and response of any kind will enable more of these receptors. There is a belief in some quarters that this increases the abilities of the people concerned. Jesus did encourage people to turn the other cheek, 70 x 70 times if needs be.

Serpents are also considered wise... Be wise as serpents, said Jesus, and as gentle as doves.

Then there is the Ureaus.. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Uraeus

And the Nargals - The Chaldean and Assyrian chiefs of the Magi. And it was these 'Wise Serpents' that saw His star in the East and came to worship the infant we know as Jesus.

it is my belief that Jesus became the first to become fully activated.. all receptors firing so as to speak.. When this happens there is a change in the body and the 'holy oil' is released into the brain cavity.. Oil of Chrism. Jesus became anointed... by the sacred oil which He Himself produced by His perfection of Himself. He became Christed. Christ Consciousness is a form of Cosmic Consciousness ?

http://www.tantra-kundalini.com/index.htm - good diagram.


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Very interesting, I think I've also heard Jacobs Ladder refer to the spinal column. I'm very currious as to Jesus becoming fully activated and will have to look into that more. Does this have to do with chakras?

(24 Feb '10, 03:14) Michael 1

Kundalini - as Mother Earth energy, with prana - as Universal Father Life energy. Maybe you could propose another technique. --- PS. You can believe me or not, thinking about, ignoring or laugh. I assume your reactions. – Gleam

Gleam - I believe every word you say, I honestly believe your wonderful experience to be true. I stand in awe. I am a real fan of yours.

Freemasons - take note. Here you will find an explanation for "The Widow" and "The Widow's Son" (which is all of us by the way.. Fatherhood of God, Sonship of Mankind".) Mother Earth energy separated (or unconscious of) from the Universal Father Life Spirit.

The twelve spirals of DNA, the twelve tribes of Israel, the twelve signs of the Zodiac, the twelve labours of Hercules are all related. And it can take years of wonderful adventuring to start to unravel the mystery contained therein.

Michael.. re the Chakras... yes. Carolyn Myss has a great DVD on THE QUALITIES which help fully activate each chakra. Getting back to planetary body analogy.. might not the 'sweet influence of the Pleaides' be an oblique reference to the seven chakras.

If Jesus cracked the code - maybe we should look more closely to what he said and, just as importantly, what he did.


answered 24 Feb '10, 23:13

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