A number of books have been written about this, the most notable of which are The Tao of Physics, and The Dancing Wu-Li Masters.

Is there any real connection between quantum physics and spiritual concepts, or is it merely happy coincidences?

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See also http://www.inwardquest.com/questions/2189/does-prayer-really-consist-of-a-form-of-spiritual-energy-that-we-cannot-measure/2192#2192

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Ok let's try to tackle this one :-)

As I understand Quantum theory is that when you get two simingly diffrent particles in two distant corners of the Universe, if you change one of them in any way the other particle must respond to that change and ajust itself to the first particle. That's how I comprehend so bare with me :-)

So why is this? When the Universe was "created" let's say their was nothing but a single particle. This particle then, because it hadn't nithing else better to do, started multiplying itself, one by one by one .. As they became more and more particles some of them started creating more complex objects, for exmple physical objects.

It's needles to say that in this day and age scientists understand that uor bodies are not solid objects. In fact there are composed of billions and billions particles that are so close to aech other and vibrate in such a speed that they seem to be in place, not moving.

So you may think that All the particles that create our bodies, trees, lakes, fish, rocks, air, sun, pop corn etc. are diffrent particles. But they are not. They are the same particle existing simultanously in Infinite number of places.

In fact my first statement that it started dividing was somewhat inaccurate. The particle wasn;t dividing it was MOVING. It was moving with such speed that it seemed their were two of them, then three then four etc. In fact The Infinite number of particles are the same particle moving at infinite speed. As the spped is so fast that it seems that they are seperate, but in fact they are not.

So how does this apply to spirituality? Well if their just One particle it means we are All IT. It means we are ALL One, we are all connected, and the separation is just an illusion. So another time when you look at your fellow men with judgment, pet a dog, pick up a flower, drink some water, breath air, dream, remember that in fact you are only interacting with YOURSELF, which seems diffrent, but on a molecular level it's not, it's the same.

Chack out bashar on youtube


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Do you have a reference for this information?

(25 Oct '09, 01:47) Vesuvius

Start with this One and go further..


(25 Oct '09, 22:42) wildlife

Well, he said pretty much exactly what you said. There's no doubt that it makes for good spiritual theater, but I'm not sure how accurately it tracks with what physicists have to say about the nature of matter. It appears that Bashar is using some anecdotal information he got from reading some populist physics books as a metaphor for some of his own ideas, since the theories he is describing are not even generally agreed-upon among physicists.

(27 Oct '09, 01:30) Vesuvius

Oh so your looking to find a "R-A-T-I-O-N-A-L" explanation tying quantum physics and spirituality? I urge you to, and please be specific :)

(27 Oct '09, 23:57) wildlife
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It's because quantum physics is the only branch of science that starts to catch up with what the spiritual traditions have been saying for centuries. Modern spiritual teachers often refer to the newest discoveries in science so they can appeal to and motivate their "left-brained" students.

I myself am naturally right-brained but I enjoy scientific explanations. "What the Bleep..." is a good movie that balances metaphysics and spirituality very well. I also enjoyed this youtube video in two parts entitled "Where Buddhism and Science meet":



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Why do Stars sing? why does the universe sing? we are all in constant motion, nothing is really at rest. All is one and one is all, we are all connected and yet seperate. an atom, like our solar system has so much empty space, yet both will react to outside stimulus. If you get enough people together to pray, then something wonderful happens. Ancient witch doctors could kill with a curse because they and the victim believed it would happen. Yet modern science will tell you it is a matter of suggestion. in quantum mechanics they say you can change the outcome of an experiment by observing the events. Is it really a photon or a wave particle? By observing did I influence the outcome by suggestion to exhibit what I wanted to see. Your question is rather vague since you are really asking is their a GOD and does GOD have a sense of humor.


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Actually, the question is quite specific.

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sorry, but I consider the word "sometimes" to be rather vague and not specific, perhaps I am wrong. I think if you would have said " Is quantum theory spiritual or self serving." that would have been a better question to ask, but like I said perhaps I am missing your intent in asking completely and am looking at from a different perspective.

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I removed the word "sometimes" from the title of the question.

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The reason why quantum theory is associated with spirituality is the fact that everything originates from thought.

Thought is energy and it vibrates. The way we launch desires is by offering thoughts (vibrations/energy) and the universe (infinite intelligence) interacts with this energy and this energy gets converted into physical matter which is physical manifestation.

I do not have in depth knowledge of this subject. This website talks a bit more at length on this.


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Pink Diamond

I agree with Toshiro, Ancient and modern religeons and spiritual thought have been saying, describing and explaining infinite intelligence, God, Tao, The All, cosmic consciousness, christ consciousness, universal consciousness, whatever you call it, now science (quantam physics specifically) is saying , describing, and explaining in scientific terms the same thing and almost verbatim the same way. Like Toshiro mentions "What The Bleep Do we Know" is a great movie about this. Also, "The Tao of Physics" is a great book on the similarities of Eastern Mysticism and Science


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because quantum is about the light and the light can clone it self and can be anny where at once and experiance all possibility the light as no mass! that is why!


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white tiger

Because quantum mechanics is about reality and true spirituality is reality, not New Age PC BS.


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Johnny Noir

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