For example, I believe in Evolution, which is contrary to the Bible. How can I reconcile the two? I think that the story of Creation in Genesis is a myth that actually comes close to the theory of evolution in some respects- if one disregards the idea that everything happened in six days. How can Creationists disregard all the scientific evidence for Evolution? Spiritually, I do not think it is a "sin" to think this way...but many people really do disregard Evolution, and say it is a hoax. How do you all reconcile the two beliefs- if you do? Do you think that Jesus would support evolution?

I know this is a loaded question, but it has been bugging me for years...Jai

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The Theory of Evolution is one of the most widely studied theories in all of science. Like all good theories, it does not explain everything, but it, and its companion theory of natural selection, does have a firm scientific basis behind it.

Creationists disregard scientific evolution because it does not agree with their beliefs. The most optimistic estimates of the age of the earth according to the Bible say that the earth is about 6000 years old, which is not nearly enough time for evolution to take hold. Instead, some creationists embrace a theory called "Intelligent Design," which essentially says that the world was created (and continues to be shaped) by the thought of God. And I'm not sure they're wrong about that, given the discussions we have here about reality-creation and manifestation.

There are things that I don't understand about evolution, just as there are things I don't understand about the Bible and things I don't understand about reality-creation. But I do believe that evolution and the Bible can be reconciled, just not by people who insist on taking literally that which must unavoidably be interpreted.

Jesus supports truth. If nature works a certain way, then Jesus accepts that truth. But remember, this is the person who could turn water into wine, walk on water, and feed the multitude with two loaves of bread and a fish. Very likely, Jesus probably sees evolution as a point of view, just as he sees his relationship with the Father as a point of view. Jesus is the Son of God, but I believe that he also sees us as Sons and Daughters of God.

Jesus fed the multitudes, not because he understood Quantum Physics (although he might), but because he fully understands His relationship with the Father.


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well evolution as some lack they discover that the men came from another monkey and not from the monkey monkey! yes things evolve in nature! when there is something not working something is created to make it work! look at animal they have developped skill fang the ability to make new limb grow back etc.all those creation in the evolution! so evolution is basically to say that things grow!well the genesis can have happen in 6 day or all in the same day it does not matter god made it! 1 day is the time the planet does a complete turn did it turn right away at the beguinning or did it turn at the same speed? only god know!but if he made the thinks in a certain order you could put at in day to make it being understood! when something is over time and space and you are not it is difficulte to judge things that you can't see! as in how to reconcile the 2 there is many truth in the absolute truth!


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white tiger

white tiger, there is only one truth and if we don't know it yet than what we believe in is a relative truth based on the knowledge we can perceive. as the human unfolds and develops according to its plan, neither the bible as an historical document nor evolution as emphasized will be accepted. at sometime childs play is outgrown.

(14 May '11, 21:51) fred

fred there is many truth in the absolute truth i will give you example:

(14 May '11, 22:14) white tiger

fred:is the flower saying that only water exist saying the truth? and is the flower saying that water stop somewhere saying the truth? and is the flower saying that water and the sun exist saying the truth? so many truth can exist in the absolute truth!

(14 May '11, 22:17) white tiger
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