Can the human mind understand infinity? If you can access the higher mind, the god self and reach the 12th realm of the 3rd dimension you could. Why? It is a continuum, limitless, no beginning and no end. Religions taught the earth was the center of the universe then finally came to the conclusion that it was not.
Fractal geometry… Search this. It goes forever.
If the human mind has difficulty comprehending infinity can it comprehend time?
If all humans died tomorrow would time and the aging process exist?
Does an animal age? Does a tree age? Do you measure that by numbers? If all the humans were dead would the animals still age?
Does the earth only age because the humans live on it? Would that continue if there were no humans on the earth? Is this only a human perception?
Why would you live on a planet without knowing that?
Time is simply a measurement. Aging is a perception based on evolution.
Is there a difference between the numbers we use for aging and the numbers we use for measurements?
If space has always been infinite then our universe has always been infinite. Even before the last big bang our universe was infinite.
If you were to build a house, where did it come from? Energy Existed before there was space.
Bring all this down to consciousness. How can consciousness expand?
There is no such thing as empty space. It is filled with consciouosness and energy. How does one expand consciousness? To start they must have a concept of infinity. Everyone wants to expand consciousness. How do they expand consciousness? What is expansion of consciousness and what is needed for expansion of consciousness?

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Kathleen Kelly ♦♦

Hello Assister, expansion of consciousness is the movement of our consciousness towards that state of pure unbounded consciousness that is our natural state.

Expansion of consciousness can be achieved through meditation ;

"Through intense deep meditation you reach a state that is beyond thought, beyond change, beyond imagination, beyond differences and duality. Once you stay in that state for a while and come out of it without losing any of it, then the inner divine love will begin to pour through you. You will not see people as different, separate individuals. You will see your own Self in everyone around you. Then the flow of love from within will you be constant and unbroken" Swami Muktananda

It is when we do things that we understand them :)


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blubird two

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we believe we understand it as
we do the reason for being here now.
it is not a number,a symbol or s thought,
but always there before all was manifested


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Nature has a way of protecting us from things we are not yet ready to understand.

Yes, humans can understand infinity and what it means.

No, not EVERY human can understand infinity RIGHT NOW.

Theoretically, yes, every human will be able to understand what it means (to some extent, though some more than others)

Realistically, no, not every human is meant to understand "everything", or anywhere near to it. And more importantly, no human should WANT to understand "infinity" OR "everything", not at first at least. There are FAR more important lessons to learn that "mother nature" wants us to understand first.

The information to which you refer is far too dangerous for "normal" humans to grasp, because if they did they would go with the "brilliant" plan of trying to weaponize every single thing they get their dirty mitts on, and would end up literally destroying the universe.

And so, "mother nature" purposely prevents those who are not meant to understand from doing so until they are "worthy" of the information.

Right now, the planet Earth and all of its inhabitants are in the process of (quite literally) ripping it apart, trashing it, and even on the verge of destroying it. And so humanity is faced with a choice, two options:

1: We must learn how to correct the damage we have done to our planet (AND OURSELVES, and the animals that we were charged with protecting and are failing to do so)[, or it will die, and we too will die with it.]

2: We will continue our selfish, wasteful, greedy, warmongering, hatemongering, EVIL ways.. And that'll be it. Those who are meant to survive will, those who are not meant to survive will not.

Unfortunately, the choice is not in any one person's hands alone. It is up to each individual to decide for themselves, but there is more to that story...

Even more unfortunately: the choice that the collective makes will punish everyone equally, and so if we cannot figure out this very simple message before it is too late, the foolish, the ignorant, the hateful, the bigoted, the evil, the racists, the sexists, the maniacs, the rapists, the torturers [DO bear in mind: We were charged with protecting life on our planet: As such; "sport hunting", or killing an animal because you feel like being a murder, not because you needed food / clothing from it, or because it was trying to harm you or someone else, will be judged just as harshly as those who would do this to a human], the dictators, the murderers, and all of these other types of people (one category: "evil") will be responsible for the destruction of EVERY ONE.

This answer is marked "community wiki".

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Fortunately the choice is in ONE persons hands and those are yours,mine and everyone that has concern about this beautiful planet.And after we have made the choice to love our home and show respect for all that is here.This will influence others to make the same choice.Never underestimate the power of ONE

(29 Dec '11, 10:25) ursixx

Eh. I suppose you have more confidence in yourself than I do in myself. Then again, it seems that this is a place where the ideas of 'tolerance' and 'freedom' are mostly just fancy words thrown around, rather than true beliefs.. And that is what scares me. Too many racists, homophobes, genophobes, etc..

(29 Dec '11, 10:46) Snow

well snow have faith drop the fear drop the belief that are in duality. if you do not trust in your self then who can you trust. people are what they are and they will experience what they make of their free will they have the responsibility of that. why judge them? you will be judge with the same mesure.experience and enjoy.

(29 Dec '11, 14:57) white tiger

@WT: I understand what you're saying, but the difficulty for me is that I am afraid of myself, and what I am capable of. I really don't know. I have a lot to think about on all of the things I've been told by the people here. Thank you again, as always.

(29 Dec '11, 21:54) Snow
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No, I don't believe the human mind can ever understand or comprehend infinity but I feel when we touch the true essence of our being we come close to understanding the soul nature of the universe where infinity is realized :)


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I'm not really sure how to say this, but I once comprehended infity. It was a gift I do not believe I deserved and my memory of it is hazy... I sat and wrote eight pages of my thoughts. It all made sense but I'm slowly figuring out the connections.

I will describe some parts of it, take it as you will. I realized that every essence has a polar opposite, an "answer". The meaning of life is to answer questions, problems. There is one problem however, that could not be answered. God began alone, but he wished to create a consciousness outside of his own conscious, which was impossible. So God did the impossible.

I spent an entire day writing out the solution to this problem, each time convinced I was finishing the answer, solving the problem, but it would continue. This was part of my grasping "infinity". But there is always a loophole. God created time in order to accomplish his goal. For he required a dimension in which a consciousness could form, a person could change. A consciousness could then become different.

We are all a part of God, but he created himself multiple times and used time to change these seperate parts. He also used life to forget his past, another asset given by time, for we could all be different but still remember we were the same. Some of you may dismiss this and assume I was tripping balls when this happened, but this actually happened while I had been in JDC for a month, stone cold sober. Dismiss me if you must but please think about this: matter is infinately divisble and each smaller scale is similar. We are all made of atoms.

If you know about the string theory, scientist believe all matter are strings that when twisted one way, they become something different. We are made of the exact same thing, all of us. How could we then be different? If you look at the human character, we are all extremely similar but we are shaped by our environment to produce different morals and views. Yet again another asset of time. God created(we created) time and space to accomplish this.

When we are born. We are yet again another sliver broken off from God, to become separate, I'm not sure whether we return when we die or if Gods outcome is something different but I know that either god is in the physical form of all matter, meaning he is finite so there is indeed an ending or if we do return as one when we die, the cycle is infinite. Oh well, food for thought right?


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Alec Kruppe Hofer

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Barry Allen ♦♦

@Alec Kruppe Hofer - oh yes i very much enjoyed the text, interesting reference to JDC, it certainly has a deep effect ... and by the way welcome to IQ :)

(07 Mar '12, 02:55) blubird two

Thank you, well I've had my fare share of messups and I could tell you some interresting trips I've had, but I finished a book last night that reminded of said experience so I searched the term "I once felt I had comprehend infinity" to see if anyone had had this experience. I'm not saying its the truth, I just thought it was interesting. This is the first website to pop up so I thought I'd right.

(07 Mar '12, 21:21) Alec Kruppe Hofer

Wow, that’s a multitude of huge questions Assister :)

I love contemplating and understanding these things, so am happy to offer my perspective.

Whenever I get perplexed, from reaching a certain level of comprehension and not having satisfactory solutions, I put the subject matter into a box labeled paradox. I leave it there and at some point answers make their way into my conscious awareness.

It seems as though the crux of your questions can be resolved by considering the following as being true:

There is only One consciousness which exists in a state of unconditional love. Everything comes from the One consciousness and always remains connected to the One consciousness. Outside (relatively speaking) of the One consciousness, everything that IS, is an illusion of our mind; it’s not real in the sense that the limited perspective of our mind thinks of as real.

Knowing this grants us the freedom to enjoy any and all of our illusions without getting caught up in the drama associated with them. I believe that this was the crux of the Buddha’s teachings and insights.

Can the human mind understand infinity?

Yes it can. Eternity and infinity, while being eternal and infinite, without beginning and without end, are still contained within the idea of the One consciousness. While scientists continue to invent and build devices designed to detect the smallest particle, such as the CERN collider, we will never find it because, ultimately, there is no particle.

Thus, due to the holographic or fractal nature of reality we can never reach the beginning or end of infinity, but we can understand it.

Time as we consider time is also an illusion of our mind, it’s an artificial construct which has no reality outside of our mind. It takes time for person (1) to travel from A to B, however, from the perspective of person (2) who’s standing further back, A and B can both be seen now, so time is not needed as it’s a relative measurement. The idea of space between two locations is needed in order for the idea of time to exist.

Hence, in truth, the only real time is now. And wherever we go and wherever we are within the illusion of our mind, we are always right here. So in truth there is only here and now.

Life can be seen as a game of remembering who we really are. In order to play the game of life on earth, we must have agreed to forget who we really are when we sent a piece of our consciousness into this space-time reality. If that were not the case, how could we play this game?

If you can see that and you want to see even more, then see also that the game of life is a journey back to the state of unconditional love. To move closer to that state, realize that it’s your own judgment of self and others which holds you apart from unconditional love.

Within the idea of unconditional love there’s no judgment, that’s what unconditional means. Hence, realize that by releasing all judgment as you move through life, you will naturally move closer to that state. While that may be easier said than done, the more we practice, the closer we are to it, so the better we feel and the easier it becomes.

So the expansion of consciousness is really remembering who we really are at our source, which is consciousness existing in the state of unconditional love ♥ :)


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Yes @Eddie, unconditional love..

(09 Mar '12, 15:56) ele

yes it can in the general meaning. but not in all the details. so experience and enjoy.

i forgot to say how does one expand counscience by knowing who he is and after knowing others. so experience and enjoy.

you might not believe me but over this mortal frame you are infinite being. so know your self is the most basic and profond thing that you should do. after comes know others. why you will ask? because if you do not understand your self how can you understand other? so experience and enjoy.


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white tiger

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Of course. The question is How to get to this information, and what to do with it. All of time exists at this very moment. Our choices shape the direction that takes. Seers and Mystics have seen time from beginning to end. It is up to us to match this vibration, and you will see all of time. Listen to your thoughts until they cease. Then meditate and you will be answered. The mind is the door.


answered 30 Dec '11, 03:57

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The Knights Alchemy

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