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I found video's on You Tube about quantum physics applied to mind power. It talks about how our thoughts affect our body and environment.

There is 10 parts of 10 min. each! I take a week to watch them all. But I really suggest those videos to everybody. Especially to new comers, those videos explained very well how powerful thoughts are and how they affect our body cells and environment.

Hope you'll enjoy it!

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Thanks mojo... but you didn't include the link :)

(27 Jun '11, 02:01) Michaela

I was just going to say that>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

(27 Jun '11, 02:03) Jaianniah

LOL I was tired when I wrote this yesterday:o) Thanks Jaianniah to finish my uncompleted work ;O)

(27 Jun '11, 15:51) mojo
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Here is Part One of the Series that Mojo is referring to....Enjoy!

This is actually the movie, "What the Bleep Do We Know?" You can buy it on Amazon.....Actually, Wade and I are going to watch the whole thing right our our time.....(Watch the Video, and you will understand this last bit of commentary...)


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Here is a good link for the Living Matrix, I have this DVD and it is very good, I also have Eric Pearl's DVD on Re-Connection.

Here is an 8 part version of The Living Matrix

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answered 27 Jun '11, 02:05

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Wade Casaldi

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This is "What the {bleeo} do we know"

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