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I like Abraham-Hicks Getting Into The Vortex Guide and CD. I have copied the meditations into my computer and android phone, so I can listen to them anywhere, anytime. We ave been regularly using these for about a year, every morning. Find them very beneficial.

We also like mantras, like Om Mane Padme Hum and Ra Ma Da Sa, Sa Say So Hung

I see a LOT of others on YouTube that look good.

What do you use?

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Dollar Bill

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Barry Allen ♦♦

I made up this guided meditation to go after my stretch session.

Lay on the floor and breathe. Your head and neck are so relaxed that they sink into the floor. Your shoulders and arms are so relaxed that they sink into the floor. Your back is so relaxed that it sinks into the floor. Your hips are so relaxed that they sink into the floor. Your legs are so relaxed that they sink into the floor. Your feet are so relaxed that they sink into the floor. Your whole body is so relaxed that it sinks into the floor, taking the carpet with you.

Now you are so relaxed, that you float up, up, up. You look down and see yourself lying there on the floor. Now you move back and see the whole room. Now you move back and see the whole house. Now you move back and see the whole state/providence. Now you move back and see the whole country. Now you move back and see the whole continent. Now you move back and see the whole planet. Now you move back and see the moon, and past it, the earth. Now you move back and see the sun. Now you move back and see the whole solar system. Now you move back and see the whole Milky Way Galaxy. Now you move back and see many galaxies of different shapes and sizes. Now you move back and see the whole universe as a bright shining light.

Now the light gets bigger and bigger as you move closer and closer. You move closer and closer until you can see that it is you.

Now you feel yourself expanding as the universe.

Now just enjoy that feeling as long as you want and get up slowly when you are ready.


"L'Estoile Internelle"

alt text


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Fairy Princess

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pure magic @Fairy Princess thanks

(31 Jan '14, 06:16) jaz

With the exception of Abraham's Vortex meditations (which you've already mentioned), I don't personally use any guided meditations.

For me, when meditating, I will either use silence (with my attention usually focused in the middle of my head) or - to block out background noise when I don't have noise-cancelling headphones handy - a piece of meditation music that I've been using for many years...Aeoliah's Angel Love


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I listened to a sample on Amazon and ordered the CD. Very nice, Thank you, Bill

(29 Jul '12, 04:58) Dollar Bill

@Stingray-Thanks for the link:)

(29 Jul '12, 06:25) Satori

@Satori - You're welcome. @Dollar Bill - Hope you like it :)

(03 Aug '12, 04:27) Stingray
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Hi Dollar Bill

I use the Abraham guided meditations mostly.

I have also started using these free guided meditations from the Adonis site thanks to links from @Cory & @Stingray.I like the Self-Love Meditation.

I have this one from the apple site I use occasionally when Im out and about.Its an App called Breathing Ball.

@Dollar Bill- Here is another I have used a lot.Its for relaxation.I thought it was excellent Relax free-Andrew Johnston


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Thank you @Sartori I am checking these out!

(29 Jul '12, 05:14) Dollar Bill

@Satori, that link to the Adonis site is great! Don't know how I missed it before, got it bookmarked now, thanks! ;)

(29 Jul '12, 13:05) Grace

@Grace-Glad you like.I found them thanks to links from Cory and Stingray:)

(29 Jul '12, 15:38) Satori

@Satori just went back to these and found the site for the "Adonis" and Andrew Johnson no longer work. Do you have some new links? Also any other meditations you like as well?

(30 Jan '14, 19:20) Dollar Bill

@Dollar Bill Here is the link to Brad Johnson's Adronis site Conscious Matrix The self love one doesn't appear to be there.

(31 Jan '14, 02:55) Catherine

@Catherine - I got a 404 page not found on that link. :/ weird.

(31 Jan '14, 05:19) Grace

@Grace "404 page not found" ... pure magic, lol

(31 Jan '14, 06:42) jaz

@Catherine, there was a full stop (or period) after your url which was stopping it working. I have now removed it.

(31 Jan '14, 06:51) IQ Moderator ♦♦

@Dollar Bill- Hi Bill. Sorry, those links now appear to be out of date. I now mostly use Quantum Entrainment Techniques/meditations. You can download a few here for free:

I also occasionally use this short meditation based on the teachings of Eckhart Tolle. Here is a link via YouTube.

(31 Jan '14, 07:36) Satori

Thank you @Satori. I have DL these and will try them.

(31 Jan '14, 09:18) Dollar Bill

Anne and I are reading Tolle now. He mentioned a very interesting concept. He was talking about new levels of consciousness that can be reached only by an entirely new way of thinking, not evolutionary.

That the dinosaurs at one point began to metamorphose into birds. This was not evolutionary, but a quantum leap. They did not learn to crawl, slither, jump better -- they made a leap and FLEW.

(31 Jan '14, 09:23) Dollar Bill
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