I have ordered the "Getting Into The Vortex" Meditation CD and am awaiting delivery. I am interested to know what experiences others have had with it, so far.

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Barry Allen ♦♦

Amazingly enough, I just received it myself a few minutes ago (yes, really) and was just checking this website before trying it out. Will let you know shortly :)

(27 Nov '10, 11:04) Stingray

Oh! Then I await your opinion with bated breath! Thanks :-)

(27 Nov '10, 12:35) Vibrationsrus

Actually, I think I should better wait a few days to comment fully. Having looked through it, there's four guided meditations on the CD (General Well-Being, Financial Abundance, Physical Well-Being, Relationships) with the implication that you should listen to one every day in order. I've now listened to the first one and it's certainly very unlike anything Abraham have ever done before :)

(27 Nov '10, 13:13) Stingray

Ok, I understand it may take a while. I look forward to hearing about them. I read reviews somewhere and the majority of people are very pleased. A few are struggling with the breathing technique so that's something to fully get to grips with. Thanks for letting me know :D

(27 Nov '10, 13:56) Vibrationsrus

No I have not tried it, but I have tried other Meditation CD, so how is this Mediation CD- “Getting into the Vortex” different from other Mediation CD, when in fact they all appear to be teaching the importance of clearing the mind, and the breathing techniques?

I have read your answers, but I am still not convinced what is different about “Getting into the Vortex” Medication CD for me to rush out, and purchase it? Just my opinion!

(12 Dec '10, 21:47) Inactive User ♦♦

Has anyone actually heard Abraham coming through? I did and I didn't know what it was. It sounded like people talking.

(06 Dec '11, 03:14) Nicole 1
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The breathing sequence in GITV is 3 secs inhale and 5 secs exhale. You can follow this by the chord changes of the background song. In deep breathing, a short inhale and longer exhale is for relaxation. A long inhale and short exhale is for energizing yourself for challenging activities.

It is difficult at first to follow Esther's words and keep in synch with the breathing but if you get lost, a good rule of thumb is to keep slowly exhaling until she speaks. She always starts speaking at where you are supposed to inhale.

If she finishes a sentence in time for the next inhale, she will say, "Breathe in, breathe out." If she is out of synch, she will pause till the next chord change for inhale.

Those of you finding it uncomfortable is probably reacting to the fact that the background song is a 3-beat measure followed by a 5-beat measure, which is pretty jarring. But after a couple of days I got used to it and after about 4 or 5 you should be in synch. I got the download version which includes a track that is "Mostly Meditation," which I used to practice the 3/5 breathing rhythm.


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Patrick 1

Wow very helpful answer!

(12 Dec '10, 10:31) Vibrationsrus

Yes, very helpful. Thanks

(12 Dec '10, 10:59) Stingray

Very glad you posted this! We have been using "Getting Into The Vortex" for several months, every morning for 15 minutes (length of one meditation). The breathing you describe has added a new dimension for us. Focusing on the breathing helps keep us in the now and since you cannot focus on more than one thing at a time, it allows us to allow the teachings to come through with no resistance.

(09 Jun '12, 08:02) Dollar Bill
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I've recently began using the Meditation CDs.

I find it to be very relaxing which I’m sure is one of the purposes.

From my understanding the breathing is one of the most important parts. If you listen closely you'll hear Abe say don't worry about remembering or concentrating on the affirmations.

This morning it came to me that maybe the idea is to release resistance through the breathing pattern while the affirmations permeate the inner being.

It's certainly not easy to review such a product after only a week of use. I'll continue to listen because it's sooooo relaxing and Abe's works sound so good and soothing.

I hope everyone finds the good in the CDs :)

Also besure to read the User Guide it's very informative. You can actually read the entire user guide on Amazon :)


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Chris 2

Yes Chris, that is what I heard Abraham say when I first heard them speak of the forthcoming CD. They said that if your busy paying attention to the breathing then the rest of the CD will pretty much do the work for you! I was racking my brains trying to think what I'd heard them say. Nice one :-)

(29 Nov '10, 17:58) Vibrationsrus

I have been using the CD every single day for over 3 weeks. I have also read the book and listened to the first two tracks by Jerry and Abraham. I am a long time student of Abraham and I have to say this is the best and most useful offering from Abraham yet. And for me, that is saying a LOT!

Just as a meditation CD is is excellent. You do NOT have to breathe when it says to, develop your own deep slow breathing style. You do NOT have to listen to the words. If listening helps your meditation experience then do so, or not, or listen some times and not others. The words will eventually filter into your conscience.

What ever your practice, being consistent is important. At this point I look forward to it each morning! I can't promise how it will benefit you, but I find it hard to believe it will not benefit you in some way. It is hard to get from a low point in one's live to a high point and these meditations remind you that it is a day by day by day by day PROCESS, but that we should learn to enjoy the journey and remember that no matter what "good" comes into our lives, there will always be more for us to want so technically we are "never satisfied" but we can change from being unhappy all the time to a joyful expectation of what is around the corner.

Every morning as I listen I feel myself relax into a state of very little resistance and I just enjoy the moment so much! Like my little oasis part of each day. I have noticed that as my day goes on and I am uncomfortable about something or someone I hear "breath in... breath out... and I do and it helps! I am able to keep myself on a more even keel and not get so upset at things. I find my spirits higher in general and my whole outlook on life has slowly gotten better each day without even trying! I have more energy and while I'm not sure if I can tribute it to the CD, my arthritic knee is MUCH better and I have much less - often no pain and much more flexibility!

I'm can't promise anything or prove the Cd has helped me, but I sure do enjoy it and I know I am much happier and life seems to be going better than it was over 3 weeks ago.


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Marsha 1

"Being consistent is important"! Heartily agree. Motivation gets us started, but consciously devoting time makes it a very useful habit.

(09 Jun '12, 08:04) Dollar Bill

I'm coming a bit late to this topic as I've had the CD's now for about 5 months. I find them great to listen to first thing in the morning. The meditation sets me up for the day. I listen to one a day in rotation. A couple of times on a Saturday I've listed to the whole thing, which would take about an hour and 15 minutes. It's better though at the beginning to take one meditation and run with it for as long as it takes to feel empathy with it, then move on to the next one. I agree the rythm feels a bit odd at the beginning and requires some getting used to, but it is sooooo relaxing and I know that for me I always feel hope and encouragement at the end of it, and I'm not so stressed about the day ahead even if if I know I have issues to deal with. I say buy them, they are not that expensive and if you don't like them after trying them you can always give them to someone who might.


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Gerry Murphy

I'm only into my 3rd day using this, but I have to say I am not too used to the breathing pattern in the CD. I find myself extremely distracted by the odd rhythm, because I often end up holding my breath (or exhaled and still waiting to inhale)... sometimes the instruction doesn't come during the expected interval so I just go ahead anyway because otherwise I might suffocate. :D

Nonetheless, I did feel a greater sense of clarity after doing these meditations. I don't know if that's directly attributed to the CD or not - I have to try it for a while more.

Would love to hear from others too. The Amazon reviews speak glowingly of the positive effects of these meditations.


answered 29 Nov '10, 08:57

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Pat W

I'm on my third day also and am struggling with the breathing pattern. I'm finding the breathing instructions distract from focusing on the affirmations and it's getting to the point of being quite annoying. I've deliberately not read any other reviews yet to avoid tainting my own opinion but am going to check out Amazon now to see what I'm doing wrong :)

(29 Nov '10, 11:13) Stingray

Yeah, I can't concentrate on the affirmations either. Let me know if you figure out how we can do this better! :D

(29 Nov '10, 13:58) Pat W

This has reminded me that I actually heard Abraham talk about the breathing technique before the CD went on sale. I will look through my collection and see if its useful. If so, then I'll upload for you to listen to. Thanks for your comments.

(29 Nov '10, 16:58) Vibrationsrus

There are some useful ideas regarding the CD's breathing pattern in this thread: http://www.abeforum.com/showthread.php?19955-Specific-breathing-pattern-for-meditation-cd&highlight=breathing

(30 Nov '10, 09:18) Stingray

I checked that out thanks Stingray...interesting. Watched the video it linked to also. I'm still waiting for mine to arrive, I think Amazon said 6th Dec...oh well!

(01 Dec '10, 02:19) Vibrationsrus

I just want to add that I'm starting to get used to the breathing pattern, after finally figuring out how the music signals it. :)

(01 Dec '10, 02:39) Pat W

Oh that's great news Pat! See there's hope for us all ;-)

(01 Dec '10, 02:56) Vibrationsrus

For anyone who might be following this thread, here is Abraham's explanation of the breathing pattern: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1-4TqHp2BnE

(02 Dec '10, 17:07) Stingray

Thanks Stingray. This is a helpful video. I didn't know we breathed like that when we sleep - at least that's what Esther seems to say.

(04 Dec '10, 04:38) Pat W

Yep, interesting. I am wondering if there is a Fibonacci relationship going on with this 3/5 breathing pattern? http://www.inwardquest.com/questions/912/does-the-fibonacci-sequence-have-any-application-in-metaphysics/922#922

(07 Dec '10, 12:37) Stingray

Hmmmm indeed. :)

(07 Dec '10, 13:46) Pat W
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FWIW .... I listened to the General Meditations CD & I understand what you're saying about the breathing. But what has occurred to me is that I'm going to breath in the way that is best for "me" , not necessarily anyone else. As great as the info from Abraham is, they are not "the boss of me" (or anyone else). They would happily tell you this!! :) YOU get to decide how to breathe best for your own personal & unique physical body. The main point is to quiet your mind & thus release resistant thought. All the Best !! :) AllenH


answered 29 Nov '10, 14:42

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Allen H

Allen you are so right there. You HAVE to feel good, it is the only way into the vortex every time. Thanks for that reminder :-)

(29 Nov '10, 17:01) Vibrationsrus

Hi Allen. Thanks’ for your perspective. To modify one's breath without understanding its potential is like giving child gunpowder and a match stick. I hope some of these people know better to listen to their inner instinct always.

(09 Jan '11, 18:18) The Traveller

I am on my 7th day with Abraham's meditiation CD and have noticed very gently changes in my thinking and behavior. As soon as I hear the voices and music I start relax immeidately.

I do not always hear the spoken words or concentrate on the affirmations on the recording however Abraham - Jerry in the beginning of the segment state do not worry thinking what you have heard or remember listen to the signal to breathe.

So breathe!


answered 30 Nov '10, 22:19

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Thanks Marsha, still waiting for mine to arrive and by then I think I will have conquered the breathing technique before I even start ha! :)

(01 Dec '10, 02:20) Vibrationsrus

I think it takes a bit of getting used to for the breathing. I agree with Allen H that it might be a bit off for each person because our breathing patterns are so different, but it doesn't seem too far off from mine and definitely helps hold my focus in that place of allowing during that time. I really like it! Looking forward to the next one! :)


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Wendy S.

The breating is the main point behind the whole program. If you are just going to do your own thing then you are probably wasting your time and get little in the way of results. I have been using the program for a couple of weeks now, and lots of great things are starting to show up in my life, not to mention a totally new and peacefull state of mind which others are commoenting on. Make sure you read the book through before jumping into the CD as well, you need to understand the program before usining it!. This is the BEST PD program I have had so far, and I have many!


answered 05 Dec '10, 22:47

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Andrew 4

Andrew thanks for this most important answer. I'm pleased for you that the cd's are working well! I can't wait for mine to arrive.

(06 Dec '10, 12:32) Vibrationsrus

I recently purchased the CD and I LOVE IT! I am pretty familiar with the meditation process and admittedly tend to pass on guided meditations---however, this CD is right on it! Every single time (literally) I've used the meditation, it has increased my business sales by 50% that day or the next! I believe it's adjusting beliefs that I am wanting to change pertaining to money (or maybe it's my belief in the CD adjusting my beliefs is it!?!). I really feel more relaxed and in the moment since listening to the CD. I fully recommend it! :)


answered 16 Aug '11, 19:27

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We really love the meditations. Listen to one of them every day! Like a breath of fresh air. I have also been recently reading "Ask and It Is Given", by Abraham. I say "by Abraham" because they are writing it. They wrote the meditations, picked the music, they are speaking to us through them. Their goal is to help us understand how to use the joyful abilities we brought with us when we came here. They have no interested in telling us where we should go, just HOW to get to our greatest Joy.

Personally I had developed a dislike for channeling. I have seen enormous abuse in this area. What began with a channeler turn rancid when the channeler (person) began getting in the way. I heard one say, while in trance, "Discern ye my words very carefully because the vehicle (channeler) through which I speak is becoming impure."

The teaching became corrupted by the channeler and he began pushing people for bigger "love offerings" and hinting strongly that if you did not "give generously", you would leave whatever blessings you thought you had gained, at the door when you left his place.

I have also had a few very spooky encounters with spirit possession. The person that should be in that body was no longer there and something else, unpleasant, was in control! There was a particular incident, when I was a member of a powerful Celtic WICCA coven, that scared us all so badly that we had the people involved go to the Jesuits as they had better ways of dealing with possession and exorcism. It scared us and we did not scare easily.

My point is that I accept Abraham as an authority on how to get there, and as long as it feels good to me, I am gonna do what they suggest! I also, and hope he does not get the "big head" from me saying this, put Stingray in the same category of channeling teacher as Abraham.

I have added a binaural theta soundtrack that helps us achieve deeper meditative states. I am considering trying "Deeper than a Zen Monk", soundtrack as well.

I also think the meditations work much better when you listen with earphones. Get some good ones with sound canceling, so you will not hear outside noises.

There are a few things I question, like sometimes they say your good is coming to you. Puts this in the future tense? I like better that the good IS already HERE and unfolding in the now, but this may just be semantics.

Bottom line. I really like the Vortex Meditations. They are an important part of our daily lives, for me and Anne.

EDITED: Breathing with the Vortex Meditations. Esther Hicks mentioned that early on she learned to flow with Abraham when she first started channeling by focussing on breathing.

The music has a cadence that makes this easy if you listen for certain things. First when Esther begins speaking, breathe in. Then listen to the cadence. You will hear ding, ding, ding - then da-da ding, ding ding. Begin breathing out at the "da-da". This is your cycle. Each time you hear the da-da (double note) is your cue to begin breathing out or in.

The cycle is really a little different in that it has a 3/5 count. But when we follow the above it works very well. When your mind wanders, just gently lead back into the breathing cycle by listening for the da-da.

Esther tends to speak in short sentences that comprise a breath in and a breath out. This is another cue, but she always begins and ends (or pauses) speaking on a "da-da".


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Dollar Bill

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That's an interesting point you make about channelling - I have been concerned about that because the Hicks' get accused of being in it for the money but they are way less aggressive in their marketing than other channellers. My rule is - if they are asking anything of you beyond what you would normally pay for whatever it is they are offering - walk away. By that I mean pay a reasonable price for a book or CD or seminar but beware of paying over the odds. Always trust your gut instinct.

(09 Jun '12, 16:07) English Rose

@English Rose - This was considerably "more" - The 'impure' channeler told me that he had on $40,000 dollars of Gloria Swanson's jewelry. He brought messages from departed loved ones. There is a very good market if you can make this believable.

(11 Jun '12, 21:14) Dollar Bill

I'm rather pleased to have found this thread. I am a fresher with abraham and getting into the vortex but I must say I guess the somewhat odd rhythm of breathing here is indeed an essential distractor here. I guess the oddness of counting requires such attention that the conscious mind does not effectively attend to the filtering of affirmations as would be otherwise the case. An ingenious way of smuggling affirmations to the subconscious mind I think. Having learnt to reach the Alpha state of mind before turning to this method I have noticed that through this breathing technique I do reach alpha quite effectively. While abraham says concentration isn't necessary I do focus my attention solely on the counting, from 1 through eight and not the spoken word. I hope with time I'll eventually drop the counting but for now I need it. May you all remain in the vortex.


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Musa D

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:) Hi, I have been using the GITV cd for quite a while but irregularly, cuz I also meditate on my own. I got used to the breathing rhythm at about the 2nd and 3rd try. I personally feel this is a very healthy rhythm, 3 beats on inhalation- 5 beats on exhalation. Pranayama (yogic breathing exercises) also use longer time for exhalation. As I'm already used to pranayama, I had no difficulty with the breathing part. At first you will have to count consciously along the beats. 123..12345.. repeated. The beats are very noticeable though at some sections you may observe occassional fades. The music uses two chords, 1 for inhalation, other for exhalation. After some days of use, I have found that counting came almost automatically. The chord changes almost does the whole trick. And for the words, Abe says you don't need any concentration. Even if you don't follow the words, they will enter your mind and have profound effect on you. Those of you who have trouble with the breathing part, my advice is to not be disheartened. You will get used to it. You could also practise breathing like that own your own, off the CD. Happy meditation to all. :)


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Hello! Im trying to use this meditation CD, but got some problems. It does only "work" or make me feel better with one of all like 10 different headphones that Ive got, why could it be that way? Its really weird. It also does only work when I got the volume on a special level. I sit on a chair with my headphones on and just focus on my stomach-breathing, guess thats the right way?

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(01 Aug '16, 02:05) IQ Moderator ♦♦

I am just getting into the meditations myself after finding them on youtube. I feel I am benefiting from them, but was wondering about the fact that a lot of the affirmations in there are phrased in the future. i.e. "We want to let you know that is our absolute promise to you that the abundance you seek is coming." Elsewhere Abe has said that affirmations, to be effective, have to be said in the present tense. What do you think?


answered 30 Sep '16, 19:47

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