Is there a faster way to manifest?

Jesus Christ was the word of God manifest into flesh. So God spoke the word and Jesus was manifest into flesh.

Now I know God is God our creator for others you may say universal consciousness but i say God. But is there an faster way for us human beings to manifest something faster?

We are suppose to think and speak and know that it is. But how do you keep holding that thought and how can you make it light speed and make it manifest so much faster?

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(25 Oct '09, 05:22) Vesuvius

Excellent answers above. I too love speed and manifesting things now! lol Perhaps age, experience and better understanding laws of nature (cycles )... has tempered my desire for quick manifestations. I do find that my quickest manifestations occur(ed), most frequently with things that I give shortest "amount" of time and energy pondering over. Yes, the quickest things appeared when I had a sense of knowing it to be; just as sure as I know my name! Moreover, if I had to further analyze it, I suspect that whatever it was that I was trying to manifest; it came quicker when I was perfectly "in tuned" to that thing. What does "in tuned" mean? I think that is the key to Your perfect answer. The more perfectly "in tuned" you are with that thing (physical or non-physical !) ...the quicker it will come and without you trying to make it come fast. As Sting Ray pointed out, the element of need, will surely cause your "in tunement", to be off vibration with whatever you are seeking to manifest.

I used to believe that we could only manifest things if it is in "harmony" with the flow of the Universe. But now I am thinking more along the lines that, at any given time the potential for any given thing exists. The Universe is constantly flowing, not down one stream, but all streams! So, my logical mind tells me that any stream that I want to flow, The Universe is already flowing that way. So, anything I want to create, it is possible. Any speed I want to create at, does become subject and limited only to the physical or non-physical LAWS in which they must manifest within. So yes, I can speedily create (after all, I am a co-creator), however I, as a co-creator have entered into an agreement with my True Self and created laws in which to create with and thru. As a co-creator, my power of creation is equal to The Creator..but....subordinate in degree. So, yes, you can create speedy manifestations, by becoming that perfect vibration of that thing you are seeking to manifest... in conjunction with the Laws that shape and hold things together on our plane of existence.



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Yes, there are faster ways to manifest.

If you appreciate purely the thing you want, it comes faster to you. This is because the energy you flow towards something when in a state of appreciation is the purest form of the same energy that is also used to manifest it.

But I should point out something here. If you need it to come, you are now introducing an element of resistance to that same energy - and the need can prevent the manifestation.

So, in another words, the fastest creative stance is to appreciate the things you want before you receive them without having a feeling of lack that they are not there yet.

There are many such variations on this theme like the keeping of a gratitude journal, saying prayers of thankfulness to God at bedtime, tithing and so on.

But here's the twist...why do you want things to come faster?'s not because of a need for them, is it? ;)


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Of course it is an serious need for another person. I know needs says don't have and don't have will be projected instead of do have it.So it is like taking two steps forward and 4 steps backwards and dance of sorts that will not manifest only seesaw back and forth. Postive energies can be sent forth by others and change the directions of the flow and even change the current from negative to postive so i am sending them postive flow of energies to lift up their negative flow of energies and change their need into an have. The postive energies will flood them with light of financial blessings.

(26 Oct '09, 05:21) flowingwater

You attract what you ARE

You attract what you think about most, but you also become what you think about most.

Forcing affirmations and other techniques without changing the belief system might not work. We attract things to ourselves by tuning into the abundance (or infinite)

(22 Dec '09, 19:30) Perfection

When you stand back and think about it, the joy you get when your desire manifests is very short lived.

Therefore, from my point of view, the key process which you need to focus on is the journey from when you have launched the desire and the desire manifesting physically. To me, it is all about the journey and not about the physical manifestation, hence why I am not too bothered about how long it takes for things I have desired to come to me and I enjoy the excitement and the thrill of the journey.

But if you do want things to come to you really quickly almost as soon as you have launched your desire, my answer would be along the lines of what Stingray has answered above.


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This poem describes that journey of joy and excitement:

(25 Oct '09, 09:51) Stingray

Great poem indeed. I found it even more profound on the youtube video.

(25 Oct '09, 10:39) Pink Diamond
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What made Christ manifest in matter of instant wah his KNOWING.

I feel that KNOWING is the key to everything. Faith can you get you there, but it is the KNOWING that you will receive what you want.

One way of "training" your knowing is when you feel your getting out of control of yourself, maybe getting agrevated, angry, judgmental and so on just say to yourself

"I am.." "I am.." "I am.."

It's the mantra that will surpess all other mantra. It says "I exist. Without a shadow of a doubt. I can think that, I can experience that so I exist."

It's very powerful and very profound. Use it with caution. See the disclaimer :-)

P.S. Another thing is letting GO.. Just focus on the thing all of your attention and let it GO. That way it;s gona come faster. Living in the moment, in the NOW is another way because their is no time their it's no time to wait too :-)


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What do you mean Use caution with saying teh mantra "I Am"? Also isn't I Am might be saying I am God for God himself said when they say who sent you tell them " I Am" that "I Am" sent you. Shouldn't we stay away from that? So Focus and let it go. ok thanks

(26 Oct '09, 04:55) flowingwater

You are right faith will get you there but it isi the knowing that you will receive it without any doubts. For that is how the creator create it to be.

(26 Oct '09, 05:23) flowingwater

What caution? Where is the disclaimer?

(08 Oct '11, 13:05) Aphrodite
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You know, If God manifested Jesus, it took 9 months for God to become flesh. Thought I'd throw that in there.


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Jesus Christ is the word of God manifest into flesh. Jesus said when you have seen the father God you have seen I and when you have seen God than you have seen him (Jesus). That is alright that was the way the flesh could come into this physical plane through woman. No man has been born unless he came through woman so therefore Jesus had to come this way as well.

(26 Oct '09, 05:01) flowingwater

Jesus (The Word) becoming flesh was prophesied from Genesis 3:15

(19 Jan '10, 23:13) AboveBelow
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