I have been pondering whether I should ask this question for a solid couple of months now. I finally feel it's time to come out and bring it into the open, since I am getting no personal progression on this item (both in life experience and analytical satisfaction).

So here, my authentic asking of your opinions and answers, goes:

First off, to lay some amazing context here, I feel it would aid if you could please watch this quick 30 second clip of a man stopping a woman from jumping to her death.

My question is: How can I attract a situation, in a similar fashion, where I feel and am possibly viewed as a modern day good samaritan? I want to be a Spiderman.

Bare in mind, this is different to just a random act of kindness (which I'm not belittling). I'm after something in which case my beliefs would label as something extreme and big.

On top of that, it would be most helpful if someone could lay the foundation of the basic metaphysics at work here (I'm totally lost). What are the emotional roles of the man, the woman, their general belief systems and the heroic act itself? Though I have learned many things since joining IQ, I am still mind boggled over how something like this can play out on earth? Did the man attract his 'heroic act'? Did he even view it as heroic?

Oh, and yes, I can already anticipate much 'ego' harrament about this one, yet I'm still yearning to learn all about how some people are viewed as heroes with situations, and some aren't; ego answers are welcomed, just as non-ego perspectives are as well.

Is there anything I can do to manifest this, or is it merely just some "put this in the manifesting box like everything else" style material. If that's the case, I already am extensivley rehearsed with info on that, so no probs :)

Thanks cool people. And enjoy keep enjoying your life experience, wherever you may be vibrationally ^.^

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@Nikulas, I see you're after the same thing I am :-) I don't have full answer to this yet, but the man probably didn't see it as heroic, in fact he saw it more down to earth act than anyone else watching him. To heroes their acts are no big deal, to other it's a big deal, because they know they couldn't do it themselves. Where's the difference in there? In character of each of us. Those with strong character always appear as heroes to those with weak ones. Heroes act from their character - few..

(02 Aug '12, 09:25) CalonLan

...basic beliefs they believe in and find worth living for. You know you have that character built when you are facing decision between situation with possibility of doing what you believe to be the right thing and dying or doing nothing and living and you pick to do the RIGHT thing. Because it's better to die, than to live with knowing you failed to live up to your own character.

(02 Aug '12, 09:30) CalonLan

The problem is that you then have to attract a tragedy for someone else.

(02 Aug '12, 09:35) Fairy Princess

@Nikulas Wow - I have no idea what the answer is but +one for a thought provoking question. We have an awards ceremony once a year - Pride of Britain awards for these types of acts and time and time again the "hero" says that instinct took over. Most of them would be considered regular citizen types until their hour of need propelled them into the spotlight. I suppose if you put it out there as a request and then the perfect moment will seize you.

(02 Aug '12, 09:38) Catherine

@Fairy Princess, you don't attract other people's tragedy. They do it for themselves. You merely tune into the vibrational state where you are able to see and perhaps be where they are when the tragedy is taking place and thanks to understanding their vibrational plane you can go and offer a different perspective to them by saving their lives.

(02 Aug '12, 09:43) CalonLan

@Nikulas, you are really very beautiful. I'm so glad you're here, questioning and sharing. Appreciating you!

(02 Aug '12, 12:16) Grace

@Everyone- I'm enjoying the comments here, it's really very touching. Thankyou for the contribution.

(03 Aug '12, 02:29) Nikulas

@Nikulas- You are already a hero...You have kept alive when despair has overrun you...You write and are humble when you write...You have what it takes to change the world; be patient with yourself, and you WILL blossom. I recommend a movie to you to rent: THE CHOIR. It's French (English subtitles), but it is very good, and about an unusual hero...Thank you for being you. I praise God you are ALIVE!!! ♥ Hugs, Jai

(03 Aug '12, 18:06) Jaianniah
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While I can respect your joy for wanting to be a hero and helping people, saving people, BUT I don't want to attract situations into my life where someone needs saving.

I was first on the scene of a terrible nighttime auto accident. Car flipped over and was sinking in a swamp beside the road. I got down in the water because I heard muffled screaming from inside the car. It was a young girl, trapped and trying to stay above water level. I managed to get a door open, crawled in, could not free her, so I held her above the water until a wrecker arrived and pulled the car over.

Three other people died in that car. Two were killed outright and I could hear one moaning, but could not get to him. There was danger to me, I did not know if the car would sink deeper, trapping me also. There was a lot of spilled gasoline and oil. The fumes and smell of death were all around me. A friend, who was traveling with me, bent over to talk with me and started to light a cigarette. I yelled at him. He put it away, but I didn't know if others would be so wise.

I was felt an emotional detachment, focussing on getting the young girl distracted from the carnage around us. When the car had been pulled upright and she was ok, just a broken arm. It all hit me and I threw up.

Another time I had to shoot someone who was about to shoot a friend. The smell of burnt gunpowder, feces and blood have remained with me for the last 40 years. I was also detached emotionally and threw up later.

The movies make a hero seem glamorous, but in these situations, and a few others I am repressing, I felt like Jack Bauer in "24" (which I don't watch anymore). He saved a major American city, maybe an entire state from destruction, but lost friends, had to do dreadful things that he really did not want to do and lost his beloved wife in 24 hours.

When it was over, he went out to his car, broke down and sobbed. I understood.

No, I don't watch dramatic struggle movies like "24" anymore. Not only did they bring bad dreams, I seemed to be confronted with struggle scenes in my life, nowhere as bad as in "24", but bad enough! I regret bringing these things above into my consciousness.

I once saw a person drown. I can't swim except with fins which I did not have. It would have been suicide for me to try to save them, the water was deep and swift. I yelled for help, but I did not jump in and try to save them. I could not find anything to float on and paddle out to them. I did feel huge guilt after they went under.

But somehow, I asked for these situations. I wanted to be a hero. But the aftermath made it very hard to "enjoy". Would I do these things again? Probably. Do I want to attract these things into my life? Do I want to attract situations like this? I want peace, harmony and joy.

I need to go take a shower and meditate on Beauty and Joy. I have let Darkness come into me. But maybe some people will think through exactly what situations they want to attract and see if would really be worth it to them.

To me there is now a false joy in getting into a struggling awful situation and making it better. I would rather have good situations that do not need my struggling input.

If what I did made me a hero, I truly want be something else.


answered 03 Aug '12, 06:44

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Dollar Bill

@Dollar Bill - Nicely said. The glamor of being a "hero" and the reality of it are very different. In my days as a news reporter, I was on the end of making people out to be heroes (because people love to read about that kind of stuff). The reality was that they were people who found themselves in grim, desperate situations who were doing whatever they could just to cope. And we never reported on the aftermath e.g. people who were prevented from killing themselves often did so later anyway.

(03 Aug '12, 07:07) Stingray

@Dollar Bill Wow - you have been through a lot. Thanks for sharing it with us.

(03 Aug '12, 07:39) Catherine

@Dollar Bill You have been through some terrible experiences but did make a difference because you cared. This is true compassion and hopefully your testimony will awaken people that living on the edge heroism is not glamorous to the one that is the hero. Take Search and Rescue for example there are a lot of children they save but maybe as many that they find that drowned, or were half eaten by some animal, or worse found results of some serial killer. That is reality.

(03 Aug '12, 10:28) Wade Casaldi

@Dollar, @Stingray, @Wade- You know, perhaps I am missing out on something here, or perhaps I am labelling things in an abstract fashion. When I was in high school a poor, disabled kid would constantly get picked on by a gang of kids. It was tragic to watch, and everyone would say "c'mon, leave him alone," but be unattached to the situation. My first 'hero' moment (and the only 'fight' I've been involved in my life, after years of taekwondo training) was >

(04 Aug '12, 01:58) Nikulas

< when I stood up to this gang and really gave them a physical pay back. This is to illustrate (not to brag or talk myself up) what sort of hero moment I'm talking about. I was applauded by about 150 school kids watching, and even though we were all suspended from school, the principal told me I did the right thing. I felt good after this event. I cannot ignore this maybe disguised desire to be in that context of 'hero' again.

(04 Aug '12, 02:03) Nikulas

@Dollar- I respect you for sharing, and those true stories of your shook me up a lot, I had to get into the vortex before coming back. But yes, I understand your perspective and it most defiantly makes sense and clarifies some things for me.

(04 Aug '12, 02:05) Nikulas

@Dollar- I respect you for sharing your stories with us all, and I appreciate how you went to such length to illustate some very important ethics about 'hero situations' here. Let me tell you, your stories most defiantly shook me up after reading them- vortex entry was required afterwards.

(04 Aug '12, 02:07) Nikulas

I wish you love, peace and joy in your life. When going about your daily living, see,hear, smell, taste, touch and sense beauty surounding you in the simple things in life like a ray of sunshine, a smile or a good mealand you will soon experiance it in your life.

(04 Aug '12, 02:14) Paulina 1

@Nikulas What you are really saying is as I read that is that you want to do something to help people. This is honorable if the applause is unimportant to you. You could apply to be a police officer, fireman, or for search and rescue. Any of these make a difference; you get little thanks, except by the people you help. But if you are saying you liked feeling good because you helped someone, and liked the applause and want that back then being an entertainer would be a much better choice for you.

(04 Aug '12, 10:06) Wade Casaldi

@Nikulas here is a search and rescue movie that is very good.

My uncle and his wife used to do search and rescue and may still, I am not sure. They used their dogs and when anyone would get lost in the woods they would be called. I think it is a volunteer thing you get no pay but the thanks of finding that lost child or person.

(04 Aug '12, 10:25) Wade Casaldi

@Wade- funny you say that. I'm studying to be a nurse next year, and I also busk occassionally with tricking and dancing moves :)

Good clarifications buddy.

(04 Aug '12, 12:06) Nikulas

@Nikulas Ha there you go, the best of both worlds! People clapping for your dancing, and saving people everyday! :-)

(04 Aug '12, 14:26) Wade Casaldi
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Nikulas, By writing this question you have probably already set your Intention in motion:)

I would start right where you are.Start small, help out in whatever way you can and then appreciate that you can help out. 

The more you appreciate being able to help, the more the Universe would have to facilitate you in bigger and grander ways to help out.

By the way you already are a hero and an inspiration to some of us here:)


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Good words, Dr Satori.

You're a very thoughtful person, thankyou for the end remark. You should see the smile I've got on my face like some crazy happy Yogi right now.

(03 Aug '12, 02:31) Nikulas

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Haw haw! Looks like the best answer to me!

(03 Aug '12, 05:02) Dollar Bill

LOL! This is great!

(03 Aug '12, 10:14) Grace

@CalonLan this guy in this commercial is even cooler than the Fonze and 007 put together! LOL

(03 Aug '12, 10:34) Wade Casaldi

Loved it and yes there is the answer "Give A Little Love And It All Comes Back to You". That is all anyone needs to become a hero.

(04 Aug '12, 02:21) Paulina 1
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We need to define what heroism actually is.

Yes there was a movie I just watched that one man saved another man, he lost his life to save the other man. He did not think of his self, he saw what was coming but could not stand back and watch his partner get killed in an avalanche. Furthermore he knew this man had a baby on the way and a good woman while he himself lived every day alone because his wife died years ago. He couldn't stand back and let his partner die so he rushed and attached himself to his partner just as the avalanche fell. He saved his partner but when his partner came back up off the cliff he found the one that saved him was dying.

Now that guy was a hero not because he wanted his picture in the paper or to wear a medal or even to have a whole town to cheer for his saving his partner. No not for any of that but because he cared about others enough to make the sacrifice. He didn't live to see his picture in the paper or the store dedicated to him yet he was hero.

There are those in the Military that are heroes every day that sacrifice their own lives to save those of their fellow soldiers. They do not do this for recognition but because they care. They don't do this for medals, even though they receive medals and many times it cost their lives.

Then there are Firemen, Policemen, Doctors, Search and rescue service, Emergency Management, Nurses, even Security guards can be heroes. It is just about doing what is right and caring enough to do what is right.

There are everyday heroes, for example the homeless man that is hungry and the man that buys him a sandwich. That is a hero to that homeless man he made a difference.

There are other everyday heroes, like the person whom tells someone that drinks and is depressed about Jesus and this changes his life. He decides to repent and change his life and this changes his families life as he becomes a good man that knows he is not alone and what he can not handle God can handle. That person made a difference and is a hero to that family.

I have myself talked people out of suicide many times over the years on the Internet. To those people I may be their heroes because if it wasn't for me they would not be alive today. If they were not alive today all the people they affected since I talked them out of suicide they would not have helped. My actions affected many maybe hundreds or thousands because I cared about someone to do something about it.

I don't usually talk about this that I helped stop people from killing themselves because really I didn't do it to be recognized as a hero. I really didn't and still don't care about that title I just care about people.

While we are on the subject do you realize something you wrote on here may change or save someone's life and that makes you already a hero?

Two more everyday heroes that don't get enough credit.

The father that sacrifices his body, mind and time to work to support his family and the mother that sacrifices her body, mind and time to spend the day taking care of her family physically and emotionally. They could say I don't care I am going to party, the kids will be alright alone. No, they care about their family enough to want to make things livable maybe even good for their family.


answered 02 Aug '12, 15:44

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Wade Casaldi

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Love your answer Wade and yes you are a hero.

(04 Aug '12, 02:17) Paulina 1

Nikulas, I think that if you adopt and nurture the dominant thought that you would like to be of service, then the opportunity to be of service will be provided for you.

As you know, the Universe will give you a match to your vibration on the subject, so if you can be of service in some small way, any small way that presents itself to you, you will get the feeling that you are after. Then you can dwell on it, magnify it, and really enjoy the feeling. I believe that will increase the intensity and raise the vibration of the message you are sending out, (I REALLY want to be of service!) and increase the intensity of the the experiences you are offered, too.

I also think that having a very good look at why you want to experience this would be very helpful in defining and refining the request you are presenting to the universe.


answered 02 Aug '12, 12:26

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Dearest Nikulas, Being a hero is simple and the Coke commersial that CalonLan posted says it all. Give A Little Love And It All Comes Back To You. Truer words were never spoken. So now you know how to become a hero go ahead and spread love wherever you go. No I'm not talking of romantic love but love for life itself.

Smile more often and be more friendly and be aware and appreciate the world and beauty arround you.

Go ahead and watch that Coke commersial again bearing in mind that it wont be exactly like that but it will be a beginning to a life of heroism for after all in the world where dog eats dog to find someone that smiles apreciates and cares is a refreshing and heroic act.


answered 04 Aug '12, 02:33

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Paulina 1

Set the intention, or pray every day that you are blessing to somebody. I do that when I remember. While walking to church on Sunday, I noticed a woman standing on the corner trying to get accross the street, but the cars wouldn't stop. They are supposed to stop if someone is standing on the corner, every corner is a designated crosswalk here. So I waited for the appropriate time, stepped into the crosswalk, waited for traffic to stop, then waved the woman accross the street, she was on the other side. She said, "You're awesome!" and I continued on to church. I felt like a hero for that moment. Even if I didn't save any lives, I helped out another person where I could. I look for opportunities to be a blessing to others.

I also learned to only look for the ones that I can do something about. I have injuries, so I don't look for things that would hurt me more.

One time I was driving home and I saw a man in a motorized chair who had fallen over in his chair and was stuck in the street. So I went around the corner and parked. I got him sitting up so he could get his chair going again. I wouldn't have been able to pick him up, or move his chair, but I could push his upper body to an upright position.

Another time I was driving home and all of a sudden it started pouring, dumping down water, not even rain drops, buckets. I saw a woman and her child in a stroller stranded under an awning along the street. I stopped and helped them into my car and gave them a ride home. It was so drenching that I was soaked in the little time it took to open the back so she could put the stroller in.

Even silly stuff like I will open an automatic door for someone and wave them through saying, "Let me get the door for you," with a big smile. Even helping people reach or find things at the store. Making someone laugh when they are feeling down can feel heroic.

So if you have the intention to bless or rescue someone and then you look for opportunities, you will find them. Only create situations you can handle.

I am a little embarrassed sharing this. I am not bragging, just sharing some of my experiences. I also have always wanted to be a superhero and save people. I have hurt myself helping people before, so I learned to only attract situations where I can help. I also got tired of living in a reality where there were so many people that needed saving. Especially since I would like to make some friends and it would be nice if we were equally yoked so to speak.

For a technique, try this. Do Two Hands Touching then say, "I am super." Do THT

Say, "I can do great things." Do THT

Say, "I have great powers." Do THT

Say, "I use my awesome powers for good." Do THT

Say, "I allow myself to be great." Do THT

Say, "I can leap over buildings in a single bound." Do THT

Say, "I can see how powerful I really am." Do THT

Say, "I can see beyond the illusion of limitation." Do THT

Say, "I can remember all the great things I have done." Do THT

Say, "I salute the Divinity within me." Do THT

Say, "I salute the Divinity in others." Do THT


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Fairy Princess

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Good for you FP, thanks for sharing:)

(02 Aug '12, 13:17) Satori

@Fairy Princess This is true heroism. Everyday life making life better for others. This is helping bringing the Kingdom of God on Earth. There are the ones that do one heroic thing and get in the paper and get a medal but the ones that make a difference and are never heard of these heroes number possibly in the millions. We don't help for recognition. We help because we care.

(02 Aug '12, 15:09) Wade Casaldi

This is my favorite way to amuse myself. I like to do it in traffic. When a nervous driver is trying to get on a busy freeway, or change lanes or something, and everyone is being mean and won't let them, I stomp on the gas, cut off the meanies, and block them from the nervous driver so that they can get by. I have been shown many, many middle fingers, but I don't give a damn. :)

(02 Aug '12, 15:17) Grace
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Be humble, and ask God to use you for good.

Pray to be of any service to your fellow man or woman.

Then, set the intent out into the Mind of God, and watch what happens.

It is quite simple, in the end.

If you want God to use you, He most certainly will- on His terms, not yours, however!

Love you,



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"His terms, not yours"- What do you mean? God has desires, likes/dislikes, a personality, terms? I'm stumbled here; I thought that whatever my desire was, is also his.

(03 Aug '12, 02:35) Nikulas

@Nikulas-Let's say you like porn. I really don't think that God likes you liking porn. You see, God does have boundaries and rules; the whole point of rules is to keep us feeling safe. The Bible makes it abundantly clear what God likes and does not like...♥♥♥

(03 Aug '12, 02:49) Jaianniah
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