What was the very first thing that came to your mind when you read the question?

Was it material wealth? Spiritual? Dinner?

I think whatever came to your mind is what is important.

I will leave you to decide what it is I am talking about.

It seems as if we all want more than we have now. I am I right? We would not want to manifest or grow or even eat if we did not want to grow. But what is necessary for you to keep going or even GROWING?

How much is enough? I know some might say everyone needs (or is it wants?) are different. That is fine because I am asking YOU How much is enough?

I know I have put a lot out there but I am interested in what you feel is enough for you, or if you even know.

Think about it..


asked 31 Jan '11, 05:42

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jim 10

Michael, there is sufficient of everything under the sun, yet you ask what is enough. is it your mind or heart that seeks this answer? fred

(02 Feb '11, 02:24) fred

Yes Fred there is sufficient. Shall I eat until I am sick? Want and never be fulfilled? Always grasping, always reaching? For who? Me? To share? Just because there is enough food for me does not mean I shall eat it all or even most. When is one satisfied? Because there is sufficient amounts we are then tested of our satisfaction.

(02 Feb '11, 03:35) jim 10

Michael, does your want purposefully exclude any imput from your heart, or only occupied/ satisfied when desires wane. with every choice you make you are tested. on what egocentric belief do you base your decision/s, that is what tells you if enough. fred

(03 Feb '11, 02:29) fred

I (try to) live with out want. I always have what I need. The universe always supplies me with the tools I need to grow, appreciate and share. I am very well taken care of by the universe. My heart is content. It is my ego that needs to be fed on occasion.

(03 Feb '11, 02:56) jim 10

that is just what we are here to learn to harness the energy of our ego

(03 Feb '11, 11:27) fred
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To me enough is a description of contentment within the rate and pace of expansion or change within one's consciousness.

Change and expansion is a given, just like the journey from birth to death. However, the rate of this change is our choice, and often our struggle is in finding that rate or direction.

It is a subtle point of balance within the consciousness and it is not easy to illustrate it in ideas or phrases. It is easier to explain it with these following pictures.

A constant feeling of not enough

This is a state of mind where everything is not enough and you are trying to fill that void with everything you can find in the hopes of catching up to that feeling of contentment.

The Mind Overwhelmed

Here the individual is overwhelmed by the rate at which everything is coming at them and they are constantly overwhelmed by their circumstances, always trying find meaning within the madness. This is when everything accumulates.

Mind at balance within expansion

This is where you have found the point of balance within your own expansion where it feels like you have enough. This is not a permanent "enough". It is an "enough" within a constant rate of change where you are able to handle that change with comfort.


answered 02 Feb '11, 04:01

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The Traveller

Bravo. Enough last year might be too much now and enough today can be not enough some other time in my life. My contentment meter changes with my growth.

(02 Feb '11, 04:37) jim 10

Beautiful,traveler! .-.

(02 Feb '11, 04:56) all2gethernow

Hi Michael. Thanks for your question. I wanted to share this perspective for quite some time, but the right question didn't come along to trigger it. This is exactly how I have pictured the balance point of "enough" within myself and I'm sure it has occurred to many others as well. (and thanks all2gethernow)

(02 Feb '11, 05:01) The Traveller

log rolling? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Er2_t5Pb0CQ

(02 Feb '11, 13:21) ursixx

Great answer to a great question - Thanks guys :)

(02 Feb '11, 13:36) Michaela
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Dinner was the thought that came to mind It is truly because of the feeling of having enough food is familiar but temporary.Sets off new thoughts can one have enough? The thought of having enough money is limiting .The more money one has the more one can share and help others.
Spirituality is like gas in your tank.You will always need more as long as your using you vehicle. As with food your hunger does return. So enough must be a temporary condition.


answered 31 Jan '11, 08:16

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My immediate thought was money. I think when a person reaches the point of not thinking about is there enough or continuously checking the good old bank account to see if its changed, then you have enough regardless of the amount that's there.
I still keep opening the fridge door to see if the status has changed in there, eventhough I'm the only one putting anything into the fridge. I guess my feeling about food haven't changed to enough... yet.


answered 31 Jan '11, 11:12

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You asked "what was the first thing that came to your mind when you read the question?"

The song Never Enough :D


answered 25 Apr '22, 22:23

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