Consider: How important is it to get a good education, to get money, and what does education has to do with manifesting wealth?

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There are and were many fabulously rich people on our plane who did not go to college. To name a few... Mary Kay Ash, Bill Gates, Michael Dell, Rachael Ray, Mark Zuckerburg, Steven Spielberg and John D. Rockefeller. So it is obviously not at all impossible to bypass the normal flow of things in order to have riches.

But going through the university builds confidence in ourselves, increases our knowledge, and exposes us to people of a like mind who also enjoy knowledge, self confidence, culture, challenge, and are interested in living a wealthy life. It also gives young people a few more years to prepare for their adult lives, preparing and goal setting. It seems to be a good recipe for success, for most people, but certainly not the only one!


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I can appreciate everything you have said in your answer, great point, thank you!

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A great deal i would say.

My wife works for a family ( originally not very wealthy ) who sacrificed and sent there sons to a very good school.

Moreover they hired a specialist careers consultant to help them decide and plan their careers.Normally in Britain this is done by a school careers officer NOT a hired and expensive consultant ( my sister in laws a school careers officer)

One of the sons recently sold a hedge fund for a billion pounds.

I know thats only one isolated example but education and planning are vital components in manifesting wealth.

Do they always work out in making us

I also dont believe there the only factors.

But i believe they stack the odds in our favour to a great degree.



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I like your last sentence, and I feel the same way, thank you!

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Hmmm. What a waste it could be seeking knowledge for gains of wealth and prestige without first mastering ones own mind and self. For without self mastery, all the worlds riches will not ultimately serve us.

When I get better at this first task, I then might consider mastering physical entities.

Deep in the heart of Texas (clap clap clap)



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Self Mastery first, I am with you! Thank you.

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Education gives us the skills that society needs, in result we get an exchange medium called money, for our work.

Now if you are looking for a more border line magical way to get money, I believe it says in the Master Key System, that if you haven't put forth the proper work and means to earn it, the money will not be helpful to you and something to the degree that it may be destructive. (Sorry no reference, but it is in one of those chapters.)


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Yes, everything you have said in your first paragraph is correct, thank you!

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However, in my opinion along your lines, we should be studying why one person can make $1,000 in one hour of their time vs. someone who makes $7 in one hour of their time.

(28 Jan '11, 00:50) Back2Basics

I have said this for years, plus rich people agree with me, our schools should educate students on money and how money works. This from economics to investment to savings to interest and compound interest, to property, loans, grants, taxes, billing, CDs, money market.

I attempted to do it all on my own but I can tell you it is way harder and takes way more discipline to learn on your own, plus it is way more scary to attempt after all this is your money you put at risk.

I read the Richest man in Babylon, listened the Rich Dad Poor Dad, read the "Wall Street Journal guide to understanding personal finance." Even joining the S.O.S but all of this would be valuable if applied but when you read it and fear the risk so you only know it but don't apply it you may as well have not bothered learning it, it is just trivia until applied.

Even my CDs Your Wish Is Your Command talk about the most important CD as CD #2 training balance scale.


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Your answer is very informative, and speaks volumes, and of course I can relate to everything you have said. Yes, I agree the schools should educate the students on money, and how it works! Thank you.

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Link to The Richest Man in Babylon book in PDF

(27 Jan '11, 13:00) Wade Casaldi
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