Any guidance for pursuing art as a calling? My art career has been like a miracle so far, but I fall just short of making a living. I feel moved to do it, and had visions about the work selling that have come true.

Areas I'm spiritually weak are; manifesting wealth, withstanding negative energy attacks, and my unpredictable subconscious (where "I do things or forget appointments because of bad feelings I carry"). I wish I could explain more, but this is pretty much it.

I trust the spiritual community for advice. Any help for this humble artist is appreciated.

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everything you do is your choice. stay in the truth. you have pointed your weaknees now you know what to work on or where your imperfection are. you know everything is a virtue and also could be a problem it depends what is needed at the moment. example: someone can be very patient and another one very impulsive. depending on the situation both can be a virtue and serve them or not serve them. why is that? it depends on what is needed on the moment. do you need a well though response. or do you need a impulse yes or no on the moment. so if you know where you are weak that is the part that you need to perfect.


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white tiger

I get what you're saying, Thanks White Tiger.

(02 Apr '12, 09:23) AlicianFields

Hi, and welcome to IQ!

If you are a good artist, then you are doing the very best thing you could do with the Gift that God gave to you. Don't give up; perhaps you could find a small part-time job to supplement your income a bit until you can make more money at just Art.

In the meantime, think about two things: The first is strengthening your spiritual side. It sounds like you are a little afraid, perhaps, but here at IQ you will find all the right tools and people to help you find your Path to a Higher Power...Meditate and Pray a lot- try to enhance your spiritual side, and it will flow through into your Art. I highly recommend a book called "The Artist's Way" by Julia Cameron. This will give you the keys you need to get going on this path. Please look into this book!

Secondly, I do not know if you have considered college, but I have a Minor in Art, and I found the experience of taking a few classes in Art at my local junior college wonderful! Now, I cannot draw very well, but I found out that I was very creative, and that I had more talent than I thought. My teacher there really helped me with improving my style, and taught me a lot about the specifics of making good art. Have you thought about this?

Whatever you decide to do, please keep at it. I admire anyone who can make their way in Art!

Bless you,



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Wade Casaldi

I'll read The Artist's Way. When I came across that book the first time, I wasn't ready for it. I've been going through Rick Jarow’s The Ultimate Anti-Career Guide, which is inspiring for anyone looking to change their paradigm.

Thanks for the guidance Jaianniah.

(02 Apr '12, 11:52) AlicianFields

You are welcome!!!

(02 Apr '12, 22:35) Jaianniah
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