My question is what can we do to protect old knowledge that is being edited right out of Re-released Manifesting books?

I have the 1969 hard back book The Secret Of The Ages, I was stunned to find out the on line version was edited without saying so, then I decided to look at the Re-released version I have in The Wisdom of Robert Collier, when I looked through The Secret of the Ages it looked exactly like the online version, whole parts gone completely! An entire chapter missing, there may be a lot more that is what I found so far.

Douglas MacArthur and what he said to his son gone, chapter nine gone!

My version has the treasure mapping chapter that is missing from the present versions I have seen so far.

Kevin Trudeau in my cd collection Your Wish Is Your Command said that happens now I fully believe it. What could be done to preserve this old knowledge that is trying to be erased from our ability to get?

asked 05 Feb '11, 04:10

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Wade Casaldi

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Barry Allen ♦♦

Thanks Vee for the edit, not sure what you changed but I saw it said improved formatting, and I am happy with improvement if it makes things clearer that is good. Thanks :-)

(05 Feb '11, 08:48) Wade Casaldi

I added “are we” to make it read as a proper question. I figured that it was an oversight.

(06 Feb '11, 23:16) Inactive User ♦♦

Oh yes thank you so much, I didn't realize those two words were missing. So many times I write and find I left out entire words, or for some reason used singular when I wanted plural. Again thank you so much for that much needed correction. :-)

(07 Feb '11, 00:23) Wade Casaldi
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when thoughts are put to words
they become arrested by
its author and loose life,
no longer growing

down the road the words are
translated or edited
by a different mind
possibly with varied life


answered 29 Apr '13, 21:58

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If I could, I'd press delete button and be done with all the needless thrash people call knowledge of the world.

(30 Apr '13, 05:40) CalonLan

calonlan, that is the way we learn, when and if the knowledge becomes knowing

(30 Apr '13, 06:33) fred

This is a good point, it may not be so much conspiracy as editors trying to in their eyes make the book better. Eliminate what seems to them to disrupt the flow.

(30 Apr '13, 14:12) Wade Casaldi

@Wade, yes Wade and it shows times over and over. The human's arrogance. People always seem to think they just know better than those before. They turn simple into complex for sake of better understanding causing even more confusion. Attempts to find the truth entangle us deeper in the lies.

If I ask you to go a certain way and cross a river. Maybe you build a bridge over that river and cross it. And think you accomplished what I asked you. But maybe, I wanted you to experience stepping...

(30 Apr '13, 16:06) CalonLan

...into that river and crossing through the stream. Because maybe that is the part which will make you understand the way I sent you. But if you build a bridge, never step into the liquid.... how could you understand?

So you see, it makes no sense to just re-write what has been written. For those who re-write it may not understand the lesson and in their transcriptions the lesson is lost. The shell remains, but is now empty.

(30 Apr '13, 16:10) CalonLan

wade, now imagine a society that thinks from right to left and has words without vowels. even if translated by its best minds, it see no more than half the boat. and that gets passed down by another few thousands of human earth years.

(30 Apr '13, 19:53) fred

calonlan, and they seems to always ask about the short cut, as if entitled to get the truth ahead of anyone else

(30 Apr '13, 19:56) fred

@fred Yes you are right but what book do we have that would last that long? I am trying to imagine that far onto the future. Maybe the paper would be turned color, like brown pages because it being thousands of years old. It is something to think about though, it probably would get messed up, falling apart after all that time.

(30 Apr '13, 20:04) Wade Casaldi

wade, i'm not sure anymore that it needs to be written, the light is inside each of us. the permanancy of the emerald tablet does come to mind, of which there are many varied intrepetations by many noted minds. and then again he thinks it be not the words as much who stated them. and that there is an abundance yet to relearn

(30 Apr '13, 21:23) fred
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Not sure if there is anything we really can do Wade. Maybe there is some secret within those missing pages that is being kept from the general population to stunt real growth? Since you're fortunate enough to have a copy with the original text intact, maybe you could peruse those missing pages and enlighten us to what is missing :)


answered 05 Feb '11, 14:49

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Well that would be hard here with this format of question and answers I was thinking though since the copyright on the old stuff is PD maybe I could scan it with one of those page to text scan things. My scanner only seems to think everything I scan is a picture or picture of a document.

(05 Feb '11, 22:02) Wade Casaldi

yes it could happen people are immoral and will try to do money with annything! some are in god some are in the devil!It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God."


answered 23 Apr '11, 19:54

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white tiger

I do believe the Eye of a Needle was a physical place as referred to in the bible but correct me if I'm wrong , I understood it to be a slim gateway ;-)

(27 Apr '13, 22:14) Starlight

@Starlight In Aramaic the word Camel and the word Rope look nearly identical. The correct translation is Rope however the meaning remains unaltered. Meaning very difficult.

(28 Apr '13, 05:14) Wade Casaldi

good post , I found the same thing to be true. It really had me mad as HELL !!! I looked at the world different every since. Look up doublespeak . I had looked up a word , shared the word and definition to my brother; not even a hour later I went to look the same word up in the same place that I had found it before.The definition was changed. That is one of many experiences I had found wrong with this world {the deception}. As I said earlier, look up the word doublespeak; that will shed more light on what you posted.


answered 01 May '13, 13:05

Popi%20Bearcat%20Gibson's gravatar image

Popi Bearcat Gibson

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